>Feng Rui was in Qiu Mingquan’s body, and his senses were connected, so he immediately felt a hot pain with this blow, he became furious.



–This shrew, hitting his host, wasn’t this hitting him!?



“Don’t go hard with her, play the victim.” He gleefully came up with an idea.



Qiu Mingquan hesitated, but he really listened to his idea, he screamed miserably: “Ah! It hurts!”



“Aunt Wang don’t hit me, I didn’t mean to! I’ll give you all the water in my house.”


He cried harshly, turned his hand and hugged Aunt Wang’s leg again, hands picking at the ground haphazardly, his hands were full of mud and dust and he gleefully wiped it on Aunt Wang: “Aunt Wang, don’t hit me!”


Aunt Wang’s face turned red, and when she saw that her new pants were covered with mud, she was on the verge of explosion, so she hurriedly wrenched Qiu Mingquan’s hand: “Get lost!”


“Don’t hit me! Don’t hit me!”


Aunt Wang was so fat that Qiu Mingquan’s little body looked especially pitiful by her legs.
This time, some neighbors couldn’t help looking over.


Liu Qinhua walked over quickly, pulled Qiu Mingquan, and blocked him from Aunt Wang with a glare: “Aren’t you ashamed? You’re an adult hitting a child.”


Aunt Wang shamefully retorted: “Don’t meddle, you may not even have business today!”



Liu Qinhua’s family ran a hairdresser’s store, and business people were always superstitious, she immediately jumped up: “At least I won’t hit an orphan! Those who are unconscionable will be struck by lightning!”


In the courtyard, the sound of shouting, women’s cursing and cock-crowing flew up.



President Feng looked curiously through Qiu Mingquan’s eyes and was quite a bit shocked.


In his life, he had always lived a privileged and decent life, and had never been so close to such a vivid atmosphere.


Qiu Mingquan shrank behind Liu Qinhua and pulled her back: “I’m fine, thank you Aunt Liu.”


He used to be introverted and reticent, but this sincere thank you made Liu Qinhua’s heart soften.


Lowering her head and touching his soft black hair, Liu Qinhua waved proudly: “Your hair is so long, come tomorrow, I will give you a free haircut!”



The hot water on the stove was boiling, Qiu Mingquan changed the steamer and put the sweet potato rice on it, and the rice started to bubble with the fragrance of sweet potatoes.


At this time, Aunt Wang’s husband Wu Dagen, who was cooking on the side, let out a violent cough.


“Hey, what’s wrong?” Aunt Wang turned around and saw a stream of black smoke coming out of her stove with a strange, foul smell.


Wu Dagen suddenly let out a roar: “Which little brat pissed on my honeycomb coal!?”



The surrounding neighbors burst into laughter, and those who were close by took a bushel fan to prevent the smell of urine from drifting to their homes, and said with a smile, “Uncle Wu, your kid is also a naughty and mischievous, what if he did it?”



“Aigoo – which little bastard, so unethical and heartless!” Aunt Wang smelled the foul smell and watched the black smoke rolling, she was so angry that she jumped to her feet, and her big, strong voice was heard all over the yard, “If I catch you, I’ll beat your ass up!”


Qiu Mingquan stood in front of her, “I did it.”


Aunt Wang froze, she didn’t understand for a moment.


The boy in front of her had a clear voice, and his dark eyes were condescending: “My family has been losing coal balls recently, we’ve lost dozens of pieces.
Last night, I peed on my briquettes, just to see who would steal them.”



The neighbors’ ears were perked up, and they all understood, everyone laughed out loud.



This Qiu family little boy, who was usually sullen, was quite smart.


Aunt Wang tensed her big face turned red: “Bah! It’s none of our business if you pee on your own honeycomb briquette! My boy does the same!”



Qiu Mingquan suddenly threw out a killer: “I gouged a small corner off my family’s coal balls.”


He picked up a piece of his own coal with his backhand, and the missing corner was clearly visible.


Then he tilted his head and showed an innocent expression, “Aunt Wang, where is your briquette?”


He stretched out his hand and was about to lift the coal ball by Wu Dagen’s feet, Aunt Wang hurriedly screamed: “Stop!”


The surrounding neighbors all understood and laughed non-stop, Liu Qinhua was overjoyed and slapped her palm: “Aiya, it’s true!”


Aunt Wang raised her eyebrows and turned her head to Qiu Mingquan and scolded him: “Little brat, no father to teach, no mother to control! What trash!”


Qiu Mingquan smiled lightly, and his snow-white teeth were unexpectedly sharp: “If my parents taught me to steal, I’d rather not have.”


In the previous life, when he heard such words, his young mind was naturally hurt and he felt inferior, but now it had long been unperturbed, ah.



Wu Dagen was honest and didn’t know what his wife had done.
He was so ashamed that his red face seemed like it was bleeding.



He went to his own coal pile, reached out and moved a few briquettes, walked to Qiu Mingquan’s door, and put them down without saying a word!


He took one trip after another, carrying fifty whole pieces, before he stopped.


Aunt Wang was furious and blurted out: “Why should he be paid so much! I took at most a dozen -” the large courtyard of young and old all laughed out loud.



Liu Qinhua grinned, laughing: “Look, what a habitual thief.
If you don’t admit it, let’s call the police to investigate, my son is working in the police station, just arrest her!”



The eldest son of Liu Qinhua’s family was 19 years old this year.
He went to the secondary technical school of police officers early.
At that time, the secondary technical school came out with the identity of a cadre, and almost all of them could be assigned to state-owned enterprises and public institutions.


Like the eldest son of Liu Qinhua’s family, when the technical secondary school results came out, he entered the police station.
That was really a matter of family glory.



By the faucet, Liu Dongfeng smiled naively, “Mom, we can’t catch people casually.”


Liu Dongfeng was only 19 years old and had strong eyebrows and eyes.
After several years of training in the police school, he had long been strong and healthy, which made him particularly dazzling among the weak boys and girls in the 1980s.



Liu Qinhua looked at her son, full of pride: “Small thieves are also thieves, you have to protect the people!”



Liu Dongfeng smiled widely, then gave a military salute: “For the people!”



At this moment, there was a strange sneer at the gate of the courtyard.



“Alas, no one went to work this early morning.” Four or five men in high spirits swaggered into the door.
The leader was a man in his thirties, and his face was full of flesh.


The man stood at the door, looked around, and suddenly kicked down the nearest coal stove!



The pot smashed down, his sweet potatoes and porridge all fell to the ground, the burning flames of the briquettes broke into pieces, hit the cold ground, and quickly extinguished.



“It’s good to be at home.
Have you considered everything I mentioned last time?” The man looked around with a sneer.
He swung the thick wooden stick in his hand and shook it at will, making a sharp noise.



Qiu Mingquan suddenly clenched his fist.


“What’s the matter? What’s the matter?” Feng Rui was acutely aware of his unusual feeling.
Since his rebirth, he Ha’s seen Qiu Mingquan as calm and good-natured.
Now, he could feel Qiu Mingquan’s grief and indignation that he could no longer suppress.


It was like a strong molten slurry was about to spray out and burn the man in front!

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