The calm situation in the corridor did not last even for a moment longer.
That youth who had just donned a black shirt took a step forward without saying a word and already crossed that several dozen feet distance in the corridor, arriving in front of Xie Boan who was opposite him.
His right hand clenched into a fist and his qi activity surged.
In an instant, his fist already smashed ruthlessly toward that middle-aged man who came with ill intent.

Having thrown a punch, there was a sudden gust of wind, and the snow outside the corridor scattered everywhere.
Feeling the instant arrival of that vigorous qi activity, Xie Boan ’s expression changed slightly.
But, he was in no hurry to take action.
Standing with his hands behind his back, a stream of clear wind poured out from his sleeves to block this heavy punch.

This was the demeanor befitting an immortal cultivator.

Moreover, he did not believe that this young martial artist could pose a threat to him.

Seeing that the other party was so haughty, Chen Chao just lifted his head and glanced indifferently at the middle-aged man who was calm.
That punch was still thrown like that.
Exerting strength with his feet, the stone bricks on the ground instantly shattered.
After two berserk auras collided, qi activity scattered everywhere in all four directions.
The accumulated snow in the courtyard was akin to being punched heavily by someone at this moment.
There were immediately countless snowflakes that flew between heaven and earth.

Crushing the light breeze with a punch, Chen Chao already closed in on Xie Boan who was in front of him.
Without hesitation, his body tensed up and qi activity flowed.
He lowered his shoulders and slammed into this middle-aged man who had previously said that he was going to kill him.
At the same time, he bent his knees slightly and was already prepared to attack a second time after Xie Boan was knocked flying.
But what happened next made the youth somewhat dazed.
Despite having lowered his shoulders to accumulate power, he failed to collide with the other party.
Instead, the other party had one hand pressed on his shoulder.
Then, by taking advantage of the momentum of his collision, he slid several dozen feet away in an instant, and just happened to arrive in front of Xie Nandu.

Floating to a stop, fist wind passed by his two flanks, and his clothes fluttered non-stop.

It was just that without waiting for the other party to stabilize his body, Chen Chao already stamped his feet forcefully, his body shooting up.
Arriving in front of Xie Boan again, he clenched his fist tightly and threw another punch down.

Xie Boan smiled slightly.
Flicking his sleeves, a stream of boundless qi poured out of his sleeves, knocking away the qi here that belonged to the youngster.
Then, he reached his hand out and grabbed Chen Chao ’s collar, while his other hand was filled with powerful qi as he slapped towards Chen Chao ’s head.

While he was doing these, Xie Boan was sneering incessantly.
Although the youth in front of him had a decisiveness that did not fear death and he also knew the logic of striking first to gain the advantage, the gap in cultivation realm was still a natural chasm.

A Spirit Platform martial artist like yourself, even if I use 50% of my strength, what can you do to me?

It was just that when he extended that hand, the youth opposite just happened to stop his figure that was moving forward and forcibly leaned back, narrowly avoiding his grabbing.

Xie Boan narrowed his eyes slightly: a little interesting.

He failed to grab Chen Chao ’s collar.
Naturally, his follow-up move also missed.
Although that palm that swung down failed to smack on the youth ’s head, the powerful and majestic qi still smashed a deep hole in the ground.

It was unbelievably shocking.

That deep hole was right in front of Chen Chao.

After standing upright, this young martial artist immediately drew his saber without any hesitation.

The broken saber that was completely black was drawn by him at an incredible speed.
The blade swept across the scabbard, making a sound that was incomparably melodious to Chen Chao ’s ears.
But, Xie Boan furrowed his brows.

”A broken saber? Truly a country bumpkin without anything good! ” His figure instantly dissipated.
When it converged again, he already arrived in front of Chen Chao.

Immortal cultivators naturally understood that they had to keep a distance when fighting with martial artists.
But, Xie Boan only regarded the Chen Chao in front of him as being of a lowly realm.
Even if he was fighting him face-to-face, there would not be any problem either.
Hence, he arrived in front of the other party without a care.
A palm wrapped in a mighty force casually greeted the chest opposite.

You dodged the previous palm by a fluke, what about this time?

It won ’t be so easy.

It was just that after he confidently sent out this palm, that youth opposite did not get hit as he imagined, but narrowly dodged it again.
At the same time, he swung his saber.

A moment later, the two people each took several steps back.

When Xie Boan lowered his head, he discovered to his astonishment that the hem of his clothes had been sliced apart by the saber.
At this moment, it was swaying incessantly.

Xie Boan suddenly roared in anger, ”Courting death! ”

Immortal cultivators had always looked down on martial artists.
This was no longer a secret.
Having his clothes sliced apart by such a martial artist whose realm was lower than his was undoubtedly a great humiliation to Xie Boan.

Hence, after this moment, not only did he already give rise to the determination to kill Chen Chao, he did not want to delay any longer.

He took a step out and instantly arrived not far in front of Chen Chao again, flicking his sleeve and smashing towards the young martial artist opposite.

Shrinking Earth to Inches, a rudimentary divine ability like this was virtually a daoist magic that all immortal cultivators knew.

But, it was beyond the reach of martial artists for all their lives.

Chen Chao did not have the energy to think about those things.
It was just that when Xie Boan waved his sleeve to hit him, he also threw out a punch at the same time, smashing toward the other party ’s chest.

The punch that was destined to be futile reached halfway there before it was stopped by the sleeve.
That punch that carried the force of a thunderbolt merely made the other party ’s body sway, while he himself flew out backward, falling into the courtyard.

”Little thief! Today is the day you die! ”

Xie Boan gave a cold laugh and executed Shrinking Earth to Inches once more, arriving in the courtyard.

”Don ’t! ”

Xie Nandu who did not make a sound the entire time suddenly yelled out.
But sadly, Xie Boan had long become determined to kill Chen Chao.
Hence, no matter who spoke up at this moment, he would not pull back.

But when he really looked in the courtyard, he did not find the youth who fell into the courtyard.

He furrowed his brows.

In the next second, alarm bells went off.

A streak of saber qi surged behind him and a black-colored saber light flashed past.

Chen Chao who had already jumped onto the roof at god knows when already leaped down and slashed his saber out! The saber momentum was swift and decisive!

Xie Boan suddenly turned around, but in the time that it took for sparks to fly off a piece of flint, he could no longer do anything else.
He could only stagger back in a panic.
That broken saber ’s edge still sliced through the front of his clothes at this moment, slicing the front of his clothes into ribbons!

That black-colored broken saber was of an unknown origin.
But its actual sharpness far surpassed the average sword cultivator ’s flying sword.

Chen Chao gripped the saber handle tightly.
When his first saber attack failed, he was not in a hurry to unleash a second move after that.
Instead, he instantly shot several dozen feet back and beckoned his fingers from afar.

It was full of provocation.

Facing this young man ’s provocation, Xie Boan laughed from extreme fury, ”Little thief, I ’ll definitely grind your bones to dust in a bit, never to be reincarnated! ”

”Give it a try. ”

Only at this time, did Chen Chao who never said a word from the beginning, open his mouth to say his first sentence.

Furthermore, he was still totally unconcerned.

The young man ’s attitude made Xie Boan furious.
Having narrowly escaped death several times, shouldn ’t the other party be cautious and very scared?

Xie Boan took off that tattered robe from afar, revealing the clothes on the inside.
In reality, he who had not been injured from the start of the battle until now was still in an advantageous position.
Victory should have been within his grasp.
But several infallible attacks failed to net him the results that he wanted.
How could this be acceptable to him, a Divine Trove immortal cultivator?

His heart was currently burning with a fury that was rarely seen in his lifetime.

Except, when he looked at the youth opposite of him, he actually discovered that he still had a totally unconcerned look.

Do you really think that I can ’t tear your corpse to shreds, you Spirit Platform martial artist?!

In the small courtyard, qi activity instantly surged.

Xie Boan took a step out, and the water vat in the courtyard that was full of mossy water suddenly shattered.
However, the water inside did not scatter everywhere.
Instead, it floated to midair strangely, like a river flowing!

Immortal cultivators had diverse daoist magics, their methods were of an inexhaustible variety.
This was not something new.

Chen Chao who was looking at this scene was indifferent.

In the next second, the river flowed toward Chen Chao.

The broken saber in Chen Chao ’s hand sent out a streak of saber light, cleaving this river apart.
The clear water landed on the ground and splashed in all directions!

After cleaving apart that river, Chen Chao immediately started sprinting toward Xie Boan.

This young martial artist who had always been fighting with those demons years ago displayed incomparably firm will at this moment.
Even when facing an endless stream of tricks from the other party, he still remained level-headed.
After dodging the other party ’s so-called certain-kill means one by one, he still danced around Xie Boan.

This scene made Xie Boan ’s expression become ugly to the extreme.

He could not care less at the moment.
He just wanted to kill this youngster in front of him as quickly as possible.

But sadly, the youth in black in front of him was like the most cunning pond loach from start to end.
Each time Xie Boan felt that he could definitely capture the other party and easily crush him to death, the other party would evade his killing move time after time.

Repeating this cycle several times, Xie Boan ’s patience was also completely squeezed dry.

After stopping, Xie Boan looked at the youth in black who was not far away with a pair of complicated eyes.

Disregarding the level of this youth ’s realm, just this rare level-headedness during a great battle was sufficient to widen the gap between him and his peers like a natural chasm.

He frowned slightly.

Xie Boan stood in the courtyard with both hands raised up.
A majestic aura poured out of his clothes continuously.
One stream of qi activity after another stirred up heaven and earth around the small courtyard, sealing off heaven and earth.

Then, the entire courtyard started shaking non-stop.

Jumping up, the youth in black who reappeared on the roof slowly gained a footing.
Then, the small courtyard weirdly stopped shaking.

Heaven and earth seemed to have returned to tranquility anew.

Chen Chao just looked at Xie Boan who was standing in the courtyard and said calmly, ”Are you trying to demolish my house? ”

Without waiting for Xie Boan to speak, the youth continued on his own, ”Since that ’s the case, time for you to die. ”

Hearing this, Xie Boan ’s expression turned dark and was already ugly to the extreme.

The youth jumped down once more.
Xie Boan ’s aura surged, getting ready for everything.

But, an unbelievable thought suddenly arose in the mind of this Divine Trove immortal cultivator who had always thought that he would kill this youth opposite him in this battle.

A hint of panic suddenly appeared in his eyes, ”You ’re not Spirit Platform Realm?! ”

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