In the dimly lit hall, it was very hard for that pile of fire to illuminate the entire house with the light that it required.
The great hall ’s door was opened and cold wind poured in, kicking up a lot of sparks.

The flame caused the youth to have a long silhouette.

The youth in black turned around and looked at the young girl who barged into the great hall.
There was some suspicion in his eyes, but it instantly dissipated.
But the moment he turned his head, it also allowed the young girl to see the youth ’s features clearly by borrowing the light of the fire.
He had delicate features and could not be said to be handsome, but that pair of eyes were particularly beautiful.
They seemed like two bright stars, making it hard for people to forget after one glance.

”Rushing on a journey? ” ”Doesn ’t seem like it. ”

The youth in black raised his eyebrows and muttered to himself, ”Someone still dares to appear here alone at this time, I admire you a bit. ”

The young girl looked at the youth in black before her eyes rather nervously, uncertain about the other person ’s identity.
According to records, some demons who had attained a certain level in cultivation could transform into a human.
Ordinary people could not differentiate them at all.

When the youth in black saw that this young girl was just standing on the spot, looking at him rather nervously, he figured out the reason in just a second.
Just as he was about to speak, the wind suddenly howled outside the door.
A cold wind poured into the great hall together with the blizzard.
The entire hall instantly became bone-piercingly cold.

Demonic energy that filled the sky flooded into the hall.
The young girl ’s expression immediately turned ugly.

While the youth in black became inexplicably excited.
After waiting all night, there was finally work to do.

In the next instant, a blood-red mass flowed into the hall along with the wind and snow, appearing in front of the two people.
When that cloud of scarlet blood mist dissipated, the true face of the demon was revealed before the two people as well.

That was an extremely ugly demon.
It was blood-colored from head to toe and covered in scales all over.
It flashed with dark red light and its four limbs were born with extremely sharp claws.

Looking at this ugly demon, the eyes of the young man in black began to shine.

While the color on the young girl ’s face had already faded completely.
Her petite face turned snow-white, like a fragile pear blossom.

The moment she saw this blood demon, she already knew that it was impossible for her Uncle Song as well as those guards to have survived.
There was some pain in the young girl ’s eyes.

When that savage-looking blood demon saw the young girl, it revealed a look of satisfaction too.
The flesh and blood of this young girl was definitely the best that it had seen in years.
Just the smell made it feel extremely comfortable when it felt that fragrance.

After eating her, it would definitely be able to take another step forward.
At that time, taking human form would not be a wild wish!

Except, he soon noticed that youth in black who had been sitting in front of the fire.

As well as the saber hanging at his waist.

That saber was very short.
It was half as short as the Great Liang Dynasty ’s standard length saber.

A broken saber!

In an instant, the blood demon thought of a legend that had spread here.

Just as it looked towards that youth, that young man was also looking at it.
Furthermore, he was even smiling.

The blood demon immediately felt its hair stand on end.
It opened its mouth and cried out strangely in horror, ”It ’s you? ” !

The youth in black stood up.
Looking at this blood demon, he grinned and said, ”Of course it ’s me. ”

With this one sentence, it completely confirmed the identity of the youth in black.
The blood demon ’s expression was ugly to the extreme.

As he said, the youth in black rubbed his hands excitedly, ”Tell me, where are your kind hiding? ”

The current appearance of the youth in black made the blood demon incredibly angry.
But it did not dare to take another step forward.
Instead, the two blood-red eyes were sizing up the surroundings as it already had the intention of retreating.

Even if it still coveted that young girl ’s flesh and blood greatly, at this time, it was very clear that with this youth in black around, what it had to consider now was how to live.

That blood demon did not hide its actions which were caught by the youth in black.
He raised his eyebrow and said in amusement, ”Want to leave? Why don ’t you try it? ”

Before his voice faded, the blood demon opened its mouth wide and spat out a large mouthful of blood mist.
Demonic qi surged and the entire great hall instantly started shaking.

The blood demon in front of them was rather formidable to begin with.
If that was not the case, Tutor Song would not have died at its hands previously too.
At this moment, it suddenly launched an attack.
The density of the demonic qi was truly unimaginable.

When the youth in black saw the demonic qi, he nodded his head with some satisfaction.
Then, he took a deep breath and performed a shoulder-turn lunge, clenching his fists tightly.

The young man ’s entire body instantly tensed up at this time and stored up power.

”Break! ”

Throwing a punch out, the blood qi that filled the sky was instantly blown apart.

The hair on the youth in black flew up.
He was like a human-form ferocious beast.
The terrifying aura under his black clothes swept out in waves, pushing the wind and snow pouring into the great hall into disarray.

When the blood demon who had just retreated to the entrance of the great hall was struck by this fist, blood flowers instantly burst forth from its body.
It fell into the snow in the courtyard, its life and death unknown.

By the time the young girl made out the figure of the youth in black, he had already arrived at the entrance of the main hall.

The young man ’s black hair moved in the wind.

That tall and slim back view was reflected in the eyes of the young girl, leaving her somewhat absent-minded for a while.

She had never met such a youth before.

Arriving outside the hall, the youth in black leaped and landed on top of a large half-exposed incense burner in front of the great hall.

The broken saber had already returned to its sheathe and was hanging at his waist again.

The blood demon lay in the snow.
Those eyes that were looking at the youth in black were filled with resentment.

”Why are you looking at me with those eyes? ” ”You ’re making it seem like you guys are the victims. ”

The youth in black looked at the blood demon indifferently.

”This place isn ’t under your jurisdiction! Why are you here? ” !

Since he knew that legend, the blood demon naturally did not dare to go near that forbidden place.
But, there was still quite a bit of distance away from that county town.
Why did the youth wearing black who was in front of him appear here?

”I was hunting. ”

The youth in black felt a headache and appeared even more despondent.
Reaching out to massage his head, he said very seriously, ”You guys refuse to go over to the county town.
So, I can only come out and find you. ”

The blood demon gnashed its teeth in hatred.
For the ordinary people of Great Liang Dynasty, human-eating demons like them were the real devils.
But here, to these demons, the youth in black who carried a broken saber was the devil.

Seeing that the blood demon did not speak, the youth in black suddenly had a gentle look and asked softly, ”Is there a possibility that you ’ve changed your mind and want to tell me where your companions are hiding? ”

The blood demon ’s expression became extremely complicated.
Suddenly, it jumped up and pounced toward the young man.

Except, in the next second, the young man ’s saber moved.

A streak of blade light flashed past.

An ugly head shot into the air, carrying with it a large amount of fresh blood.
It was just that by the time it fell down, it was split in half by that youth in black.
He reached out to grab the bright red demon bead inside of that blood demon ’s head.
After glancing at it, he tucked it into his bosom.

By the time he turned around, he just so happened to see that teenage girl standing at the entrance of the main hall, looking over.
Except, she was still gripping that silver pin in her hand.

The young man grabbed a handful of snow and wiped the body of the saber clean.
Only then, did he return the saber to its sheathe.



”I ’m not a demon. ”

Jumping down that rather old incense burner, the young man dragged the blood demon ’s corpse and brushed past the teenage girl.

Throwing that corpse into the fire, the flames immediately grew bigger.
It also brought a lot of warmth to the entire great hall.

Seeing that the teenage girl was still standing at the entrance, the young man waved his hand at her and yelled, ”Are you really going to stand at the doorway all night? ” ”You barely managed to survive.
Are you in a hurry to freeze to death here? ”

Hearing this, the teenage girl who did not speak the entire time stopped hesitating.
She soon arrived in front of the fire and sat down.
Feeling the warmth transmitting from the fire, her tensed emotions eased up considerably at this time.

Very soon, the young man smelled a very fragrant vanilla scent.
It made the young man who dealt with demons all year round feel a bit strange.

”It seemed to be very scared of you. ”

The teenage girl finally opened her mouth to speak, her voice sounding very pleasant.
She reached out to re-tie her hair and that silver pin was reinserted into her hair.

The youth smiled and said something incomprehensible, ”I wish that they weren ’t so scared of me. ”

Lifting his robes, the youth removed that black waist token that had been tied there all along and passed it to the teenage girl.

The teenage girl hesitated for a moment, but she still took it.
By borrowing the light from the fire, she could clearly see that some words were engraved on the palm-sized waist token.

Tianqing County Warden.

Turning it over to the other side, there was only a name.

”Chen Chao. ”

The young man introduced himself at the same time.

After the teenage girl heard, she lowered her head and opened her mouth gently.

”Xie Nandu. ”

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