The Great Liang Dynasty ’s era was not very peaceful.
When the kingdom was established, millions of civilians were drafted to build the Great Wall in the north.
Every year, half of the taxes were used to maintain the Northern Frontier Army ’s expenses.
But, for over 200 years, Great Liang could only maintain its defensive position in the war with the Demon King ’s Court.
They could only prevent large numbers of demons from crossing the Great Wall.

In the face of those demons that rampaged within the country ’s borders, a position called warden was set up in the local area during the founding emperor ’s era so as to protect the local area.

Except, apart from those demons that rampaged within the Great Liang Dynasty ’s country borders, there were many sects too.
Cultivators on top of the mountains looked down upon the human world, viewing lives like grass and all life as livestock.
Because their cultivation realm was not powerful enough, these wardens who were originally set up in order to protect the local area had long become useless.
They could only turn a blind eye to those cultivators from major sects who killed the innocent indiscriminately.
Even for some powerful demons, they stayed far away from them and did not dare to provoke them at all.

Only Chen Chao this warden was clearly different from the others.

Ever since he came to Tianqing County three years ago to replace his predecessor who met with a violent death, in these three years, there were scanty few Tianqing County civilians who died at the hands of demons.

Especially in the recent two years, with the increasing number of demons killed by Chen Chao, stories about not provoking a youth in black who carried a broken saber started spreading long ago among the demons within a radius of hundreds of miles.

In the eyes of Tianqing County ’s civilians, Chen Chao was a youth who was harmless to man and beast.
But in the eyes of those demons, he had long already become the greatest devil.

As a result, he became unable to find another demon in the county town.
Hence, he had no choice but to go out on a snowy night to ’hunt ’.

If not, how could he have rescued that teenage girl in this run-down mountain god temple?

By borrowing the light of the fire, the night was drawn-out.
Since they both could not sleep, the two naturally talked a lot.

However, the two people were both not stupid.
They were very cautious during the process of the conversation.
Neither one revealed everything about themselves.

When wandering the world, the biggest taboo was to have a hearty talk with a mere acquaintance.

Chen Chao roughly learned about the cause and effect of how the teenage girl ended up in the mountain god temple all by herself.

”What ’s the plan going forward? ”

Chen Chao took the initiative to ask.

Xie Nandu said calmly, ”On my journey northward to the Divine Capital, my family will send me to Tianqing County.
The north will send people to come and fetch me.
But, it seems like it won ’t be that quick anymore.
I ’ll write a letter to them.
During this period before they send people to pick me up, I want to stay with you.
Because this…
is the safest way. ”

Very straightforward.
She did not beat around the bush at all.

In the entire Tianqing County, there definitely would not be a place safer than staying by this young man ’s side.

Chen Chao frowned.
Protecting the local people was his duty.
But, this did not mean that he was obliged to be this girl ’s…

”Clearly, you ’re in big trouble. ”

Since the other party had already made her stance known, Chen Chao was more direct too.

Although he did not know the teenage girl ’s identity, judging from the events that happened before, as well as the information that the teenage girl revealed, this girl was definitely trouble.

Xie Nandu did not refute it.
She just continued, ”You ’re a martial artist.
As far as I know, martial arts cultivation is extremely difficult.
The skygold currency that ’s spent to temper the body isn ’t a small sum.
With your paltry salary, it ’s not enough to support your expenditure. ”

It struck Chen Chao ’s sore spot.
There were numerous immortal cultivator sects in the world.
The martial arts path was the hardest to cultivate.
Just the skygold currency expended on tempering the body was a huge sum.
Therefore, the vast majority of martial artists in the world chose to join the imperial court.
What they sought was the large amount of skygold currency used for martial cultivation.

Chen Chao frowned and said, ”How do you know that I don ’t have another way? ”

Xie Nandu shook her head and said with a slight smile, ”It might be sufficient based on these demon beads.
But now, how many demons are there in the vicinity for you to kill? ”

This was another one of Chen Chao ’s sore spots.

Along with the increase in realm, the skygold currency that Chen Chao required could no longer be satisfied by killing a few demons.
Moreover, there were likely no more than a few demons around Tianqing County anymore.

He had been struggling with this for a long time.

If not for the fact that he was really unsuited for immortal cultivation, Chen Chao absolutely would not have chosen to be a martial artist.

Putting aside that cultivation was slow, after those immortal cultivators had the ability to ride the wind, martial artists would have a natural disadvantage.
Because it was very difficult for martial artists at this stage to approach those immortal cultivators.
Even if one ’s physique was unparalleled in the world, what was the use?

Only after reaching a higher realm and being able to similarly ride the wind, could a martial artist resolve this disadvantage.
The cultivation of martial artists was difficult to begin with, how many martial artists in the world could really reach that stage?

Killing that blood demon previously looked simple.
But, only Chen Chao himself knew how much it cost him to repel the blood demon with that punch just now.

Returning to his senses, he did not speak immediately.

”You saved my life.
Even if you don ’t acquiesce to my request right now, I won ’t forget this favor either.
Honestly speaking, my identity is considered decent.
If I can reach the Divine Capital alive, I ’ll definitely prepare a big gift for you. ” Xie Nandu frowned slightly, appearing somewhat wronged: ”However if I were to die here, there won ’t be a gift.
You might even be implicated… ”

She had a pitiful appearance as if she was still thinking for Chen Chao.

Chen Chao narrowed his eyes.
Looking at her appearance, he wished to dig a pit for this girl and bury her.

Scheming against me?

However, he still smiled quickly and said, ”I never cared about any gifts.
I ’m warmhearted and compassionate to begin with.
I ’m also famous in Tianqing County for being a good person.
Since you ’re all alone, am I still human if I don ’t extend a helping hand? ”

In the end, even though he knew that this matter might drag him into some trouble, Chen Chao was willing to take a chance after weighing the pros and cons.

After all, it was really difficult to earn a large amount of skygold currency in a remote small county town like Tianqing County.

Xie Nandu smiled and seemed to have believed Chen Chao ’s words too.
She said rather seriously, ”Actually, being my friend is definitely not a bad time. ”

Chen Chao also smiled.
Except, whether he was cussing her in his heart or not was unknown.

In the latter half of the night, Chen Chao clearly became a lot more talkative.
Except, Xie Nandu still did not divulge much information under his continuous veiled questioning too.
Seeing that it was already dawn, Chen Chao who was a bit tired gave the teenage girl a deep glance.
Standing up, he prepared to descend the mountain and return to the county.



The blizzard never stopped.
There was still accumulated snow on the long streets of the county town.
There were not many pedestrians, but those children could not help but pass through small alleys in groups, laughing as they formed snowballs with the snow and had a noisy snowball fight.

How could they care about heavy snowfall weather? They also did not care whether or not they would be beaten with bamboo boards by their unsmiling fathers because of their wet cotton clothes.
Even if their tiny hands were red at this moment from the cold, their noses running non-stop, they were full of joy too.

Xie Nandu carried an oiled paper umbrella as she walked next to Chen Chao.
Glancing at Chen Chao who already had a head full of white frost, she immediately shifted her gaze.
She smiled as she looked at those children running around in the distance, listening to the laughter.

She was also rather happy at this moment.

In the past decade or so, what she had done the most was reading.
How could she have seen such a scene in that manor? Even in heavy snow weather, the elders in her clan would only set up a themed exam based on the heavy snow.
How could they let them have a snowball fight?

By the bridge in the distance, hawkers selling roasted sweet potatoes were shouting from time to time.
Their voices were drawn-out and rhythmic.
It also followed a regular pattern.

These marketplace sights were commonplace to many civilians.
But to her, it was an unprecedented feeling.

But, she did not feel discomfort at all.
She was just filled with newfound curiosity toward everything around her.

By the time she crossed that small bridge and arrived in an alleyway, a medium-sized sweet potato was already in Xie Nandu ’s hand.
Holding the sweet potato, she started using her snow-white fingers to carefully peel away the outer skin.
Looking at the golden-colored flesh that was revealed, her eyes were actually somewhat glowing.
Biting off a tiny piece of the flesh, the burning hot sweet potato emitted heat in her mouth without restraint.
It burned her lips red as if the finest rouge was used.

Looking at this scene, Chen Chao became somewhat absent-minded without rhyme or reason.

Such a lovely girl, everyone would love her, right?

Shaking his head and converging his mind, Chen Chao took large strides toward that alleyway called Peach Blossom Alley.
The alley was not large; with just seven or eight households.
The one that was furthest in was his home.

Arriving at the entrance, he placed the oiled paper umbrella at the doorway.
Chen Chao fished out a key from his bosom and was about to open the door with familiarity.

Right at this time, the door of the house opposite suddenly opened.
A medium-build man with a beard stubble walked out with a large bowl.
Plopping down on his own doorstep, he darted a look at Chen Chao.
Then, he glanced at the teenage girl in the alley who was holding a sweet potato and eating it in small bites.
Immediately, he opened his eyes wide and yelled at the top of his voice, ”Chen brat! Became capable huh! After not seeing you for several days, where did you abduct such a pretty wife from? ” !

The man ’s voice was not soft.
The moment he yelled, the seven to eight households along Peach Blossom Alley virtually opened their front doors without prior agreement.
Dozens of pairs of eyes looked towards the entrance of that house deep in the alley from their own front doors.

Chen Chao who was just about to open the door, his hands stopped in midair.
The corners of his mouth could not help twitching somewhat helplessly.

As for the Xie Nandu behind him, her petite face turned slightly red.
It was unknown if it was because she was burned by the sweet potato or something else.

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