The rain in the Divine Capital did not reach Tianqing County.
But people who did not belong to Wei Prefecture would arrive in Tianqing County.

It was still that mountain god temple.
At this moment, a wind arose and several people arrived floating and landed in the mountain god temple.
Of the two people in the lead, one of them was a middle-aged daoist nun.
She was precisely Guo Xi ’s master.
The other person was called Li Huo, the middle-aged daoist nun ’s fellow senior brother, who was also Guo Xi ’s sect uncle.

The two people were currently leading several Three Streams Manor disciples and had already arrived here.

After landing, the middle-aged daoist nun had a dark expression and said with some sorrow, ”Senior Apprentice Brother Li, Xi ’er has been here before. ”

The two people ’s cultivation realms were sublime.
They could naturally detect the traces prior to this and knew that Guo Xi and the rest had stayed here.

Li Huo nodded his head and consoled, ”Junior Apprentice Sister Wang, don ’t be sad anymore.
Now that we ’re here, could it be that that scoundrel can still run away? When we find that scoundrel, we ’ll bring him back to the mountain and let Junior Apprentice Sister Wang deal with him as you please. ”

The middle-aged daoist nun nodded her head and immediately urged, ”Then what ’s Senior Apprentice Brother still waiting for? Since we know that the offender didn ’t run far away, why are we still stopping here? ”

As qi refiners, the two people had a multitude of means.
They had naturally determined the area that Chen Chao was in a long time ago.
They knew that he still had not left Tianqing County up till now.

Li Huo furrowed his brows and said, ”That ’s the issue.
Since he killed Xi ’er, doesn ’t he know that he has caused a terrible disaster? Why is he staying and not leaving? ”

”I assume that it’s because that scoundrel is wildly arrogant.
Since he dared to kill Xi ’er, it can long already be seen that he must be someone who doesn ’t care about anything.
It ’s also understandable that he hasn ’t left yet! ” The middle-aged daoist nun ’s eyes were bloodshot when talking about Chen Chao.
There was also a lingering resentment.
She wished to kill Chen Chao immediately and avenge Guo Xi.

Li Huo frowned rather unhappily and shook his head as he said, ”Junior Apprentice Sister, this matter isn ’t so simple.
Don ’t be rash, it ’s always good to be prepared. ”

”Senior Apprentice Brother! ”

The middle-aged daoist nun stared at Li Huo and said angrily, ”A puny little miscreant, what are you scared of him for? Since Senior Apprentice Brother is scared, then this Junior Apprentice Sister will go and avenge my disciple on my own! ”

”Junior Apprentice Sister… ”

His voice had yet to fade when the middle-aged daoist nun turned into a streak of white light that suddenly rose into the air and swept thousands of miles away.

Li Huo stood on the spot, fury written all over his face.
The remaining Three Streams Manor disciples also exchanged glances.

Who could have thought that that Sect Aunt was actually so stubborn? She actually did not even listen to Sect Uncle Li ’s words and left on her own.

”Sect Uncle, what do we do now? ” A disciple opened his mouth and said rather worriedly, ”Sect Aunt has left rashly, if something happens, how will we explain to Sect Leader? ”

Li Huo gave a cold snort, ”Already at this age and she ’s still so impulsive.
If it wasn ’t on the account of her pain of bereavement… ”

His words suddenly cut off.
There was already a figure coming from afar in the sky.

”Fellow Daoist Xu? ”

Li Huo looked up and saw that the person in the lead was someone that he was familiar with.
It was precisely the South Heaven Sect ’s Xu Yu.

Xu Yu slowly landed and greeted with clasped hands, ”I pay respects to Fellow Daoist Li. ”

Li Huo nodded and got straight to the point, ”You all came to capture that criminal too? ”

Xu Yu nodded and did not hide it.
He said calmly, ”That evildoer killed my South Heaven Sect ’s member.
I ’m under orders to bring him back to the South Heaven Sect.
It ’s just that since Fellow Daoist Li has already arrived first, Fellow Daoist Li will naturally want to bring that evildoer back to the Three Streams Manor.
It ’s just that if it ’s possible, can my South Heaven Sect send people up the mountain to jointly interrogate him? ”

Although the opinion previously in the mountain was not like this, he did not plan on being so unyielding in front of the Three Streams Manor.

Li Huo smiled bitterly and said, ”I ’m afraid that even if you and I go now, we won ’t be able to bring him back alive either. ”

”Why is that? ” Xu Yu frowned, somewhat confused.

Li Huo shook his head, ”Junior Apprentice Sister Wang has already left.
If there ’s no accident, that youth definitely won ’t survive. ”



A gust of wind suddenly howled in Peach Blossom Alley for no reason.

The man who was originally sitting on the doorstep stood up at the same time the wind blew.
Then, he closed the door.
Furthermore, he latched the door very seriously.

”What ’s wrong? ”

That robust woman was packing up last year ’s dried goods in the courtyard.
She wanted to see whether or not to dry them in the sun and saw that man close the door.
Furthermore, he even latched it.

”Don ’t speak. ”

The man walked over from the entrance and sat down on the steps under the eaves.
He grumbled, ”A crazy woman came, that kid is in big trouble. ”

Outside the door.

A figure already arrived at the opposite door.
It was precisely that middle-aged daoist nun.
At this moment, she was holding a whisk in her embrace since god knows when.
Arriving before the door, she just flicked her sleeve, and the door to that courtyard shattered with a loud bang.
The door turned into wood fragments and blew into the courtyard along with a gust of wind.

Long before this, the lock to this courtyard door was destroyed by her disciple.
After she, the master, came here, she actually demolished the door with a wave of her hand.

The temperament of this master-disciple pair could be seen at a glance.

The middle-aged daoist nun ’s expression was indifferent.
She walked into the courtyard and said angrily, ”Why haven ’t you come out yet?! ”

Nobody answered in the courtyard.
The middle-aged daoist nun already came into the courtyard.
She waved her sleeves and the courtyard who was only just repaired began to wobble slightly at this moment.
The stove in the corridor instantly left the ground and crashed into the inner room.
Several wooden pillars in the corridor rose up and the corridor instantly collapsed.
Blue tiles fell down one by one, the shattering sounds lingering incessantly.

The middle-aged daoist nun surveyed the surroundings and was just about to speak again when a figure suddenly shot out of the shattered tiles that filled the sky.

A hint of saber light already appeared!

The middle-aged daoist nun had a sneer on her face.
Waving her sleeve, she was just about to stop this saber light, but in the next moment, things exceeded her expectations.
When that whisk of hers came into contact with that saber light, many silk threads broke off when it met with the saber, falling to the ground.

The middle-aged daoist nun was shocked.
The item in her hand was not ordinary in the first place.
How could that saber in the opponent ’s hand sever it with ease?

He was not those sword cultivators who possessed overwhelming killing power!

After the silk threads fell to the ground, the middle-aged daoist nun also became able to see the face of the person opposite.

He was precisely Chen Chao.

Just one glance and it made fury in the daoist nun ’s eyes surge again.
Previously in the Three Streams Manor mountain, what she saw in that image brought by the mountain-returning light was that this person killed Guo Xi.

However, it was merely one glance when a handful of white powder suddenly appeared between the two.

At the same time, a choking smell followed in the wake of it.

The middle-aged daoist nun hurriedly held her breath.
At the same time, her whisk churned.
Wrapped in her lifelong cultivation, she swung at the powder, wanting to disperse it.
But immediately after, she felt a chill coming from in front of her chest.

A broken saber had actually already closed in on her body at some unknown time.

The expression of the middle-aged daoist nun changed slightly, but she did not panic too much.
She just tapped her feet and her entire person retreated several dozen feet to the back.

The broken saber did not chase relentlessly.
When the middle-aged daoist nun retreated, Chen Chao had already crashed through the shattered tiles that had yet to fall and landed on the roof in the distance, and headed for the southeast without even turning his head back!

Everything happened extremely quickly; it was just an instant.

The middle-aged daoist nun could not afford to care much.
Rushing forward, she chased after in the southeast direction.

Along the way, the middle-aged daoist nun swept past the rooftops of Tianqing County.
When she landed occasionally, just one foot and she would crush the roof of a house, causing tiles to fall and beams to collapse.
Miserable cries lingered incessantly.

But the middle-aged daoist nun did not care, she only had Chen Chao alone in her heart at this moment.

Several times after that, when she was almost closing in on Chen Chao, he would often jump off the roof and burrow into the alleyways, and he would soon disappear.

If not for the daoist nun ’s cultivation realm being extraordinarily high and that she also had a secret art, she would probably have long let Chen Chao escape.

It was just that even so, under the pursuit, the middle-aged daoist nun had no choice but to stop to replenish her qi.

The old qi was depleted and new qi had yet to birth.

The daoist nun who landed on top of a tall building looked around with indifference, trying to lock onto Chen Chao ’s figure once more.

As a result, in an instant, the beam of the house shattered.
Chen Chao burst through the roof and rushed over.

In an instant, the two people were already less than several feet apart.

At this moment, the middle-aged daoist nun could already see the look in the youth ’s eyes.

It was full of killing intent.

Other than killing intent, there was no other emotion.

The youth who tempered his body all year round picked the right timing and lowered his shoulder to slam, and just happened to crash into that daoist nun ’s chest.
At the same time, the broken saber in his hand simultaneously swung, brimming with killing intent!

Being slammed in the chest, the qi that the middle-aged daoist nun had just mustered up actually showed signs of scattering at this moment.

The middle-aged daoist nun really panicked at this moment.
She did not expect that this youth was actually able to determine the timing when she replenished her qi.
Furthermore, he seemed to be long prepared and already prepared a certain-kill strike here!

Qi refiners did not pay much attention to tempering their bodies.
At this moment when the two of them were fighting, no matter how high her cultivation realm was, it was an indisputable fact that her body was weak.

Furthermore, her qi had scattered at this moment and failed to re-condense.

The middle-aged daoist nun tapped her feet and her figure moved slightly, wanting to forcefully leave.
But, her ankle was grabbed by Chen Chao.
Exerting strength in his arms, all the strength in his body poured out at this moment, locking onto that daoist nun ’s ankle like an iron lock.
Then, he tugged hard and directly smashed her to the ground!

The middle-aged daoist nun ’s body began to fall uncontrollably.

Chen Chao who had a resolute face narrowed his eyes.
When the middle-aged daoist nun fell down, he threw a punch.
The surging qi crashed forth like raging tidal waters crashing against the shore!

The middle-aged daoist nun was smashed heavily on the chest by the punch and a hint of blood seeped from her lips.
Her entire person fell heavily to the ground like a broken kite.

Countless buildings were crushed and she was eventually buried in ruins.

Except, Chen Chao who had succeeded in his attack did not pursue relentlessly.
After taking advantage of his strength, he held the broken saber in his hand and landed on the roof not far away.
He did not look behind him as he turned and headed northwest.

His figure was swift and in a few leaps, he already disappeared; akin to a wild monkey that was about to scurry into the forest.

A moment later, a shrill cry came from the ground.
Countless houses in this area instantly collapsed.
Streaks of white light shot to the sky.
Meanwhile, the middle-aged daoist nun who was dusty and dirty in appearance stood up.
Waving her hand, her whisk swept up countless falling blue tiles and they shot in the northwest direction one after another; akin to a series of flying swords crossing realms.
If someone looked up at this moment, they would naturally discover that this scenery was a magnificent sight!

In the next second, the entire Tianqing County heard that daoist nun ’s miserable scream.

”Miscreant! I ’ll definitely pull out your tendons and flay your skin! I ’ll tear your corpse to pieces! ”

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