Chapter 48: Court of Judicial Review

The party passed through the last few checkpoints and only after going through the increasingly smoother road, did they finally arrive before this grand city.
The tall city walls were far from what a county city like Tianqing County could compare to.
That massive city gate was also quite shocking.

The city walls were so tall that they seemed to reach into the clouds.
Either way, it was difficult to see clearly when looking up.

Song Lian rode his horse in front of the city gates and still accepted the routine checks, even though he was the commander of the Divine Capital's Left Guard.

Then, the party passed through the city gate gap that was a full several dozen feet wide and entered this massive city.

It was just that very soon, Song Lian discovered that many civilians actually gathered on both sides of the street.

Song Lian furrowed his brows.
It was naturally not some secret when his party would be entering the Divine Capital.
But, this did not mean that these ordinary Divine Capital folks would know.

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But now, they had been waiting here a long time ago, what did this indicate?

It was naturally that someone had leaked the news long ago.

Song Lian smiled.

He turned his head to glance at the youth in black inside the prison wagon.

Chen Chao lowered his head as if he felt a little embarrassed with so many people watching him at this moment.
But in reality, he did not want to expose this face to too many people's eyes.

As an outstanding demon hunter, Chen Chao naturally knew what was the most important when hunting demons in the mountain.

One, it was to show weakness.
Second, it was to hide oneself as much as possible.

It was just that there were too many people at the moment.
Countless lines of sight converged, landing on his body like beams of light.
Even if he wanted to hide, there was nowhere to run.

Some noisy voices sounded out, all talking about Chen Chao.

Song Lian ignored it and Chen Chao kept his head down the entire time.

The party continued proceeding.
Song Lian sat on the horse expressionlessly and slowly headed in the direction of the Court of Judicial Review.
There were many civilians on both sides of the street.
Some knew about the news in advance, while others simply came here to watch the show.

They had already entered the Divine Capital now, the brightest place in the Great Liang Dynasty.
Even if someone wanted this youth dead, they would not choose the dumbest street assassination either.
Even if they really had this idea, he, this commander of the Divine Capital's Left Guard, was present.
Unless the arrival was a Nepenthe cultivator, otherwise, nothing would happen.
Therefore, Song Lian would not worry about anything.
Ever since he stepped into the Divine Capital, his mission had already been completed.

All he needed to do now was to bring this youth into the Court of Judicial Review's prison and everything would be settled.

Whatever happened to this boy after that would have nothing to do with him.

Thinking of the Court of Judicial Review, Song Lian nodded his head.

That place was really not a good place.



The Court of Judicial Review was situated in the depths of Ningyuan Street, in the northeast direction of the Divine Capital.
There was no one around and it was rather quiet.
The Court of Judicial Review's location was not considered bad in this enormous city, but it was not considered good either.
But, it was an extremely important place in the Divine Capital.

There were many stories here.

During the founding emperor's era, the winds of corruption prevailed in the first year.
After the emperor learned of it, he had once flayed dozens of corrupt officials here in a fit of rage.
At that time, during the Divine Capital's imperial court, there were actually cases of officials rising three ranks consecutively in one month for some time.
Furthermore, there was more than one case.

When it reached Emperor Taizong's era, this emperor succeeded the throne at an early age.
The premier, Song Ying, held great power and authority.
He had no respect for superiors and acted in an arbitrary fashion, cultivating his inner circle.
His limelight was unprecedented in the Great Liang Dynasty for a time.
Later, when Emperor Taizong took over the reins upon coming of age, this premier was imprisoned by Emperor Taizong in merely a few years.
It implicated as many as hundreds of people who all died in the Court of Judicial Review.

During Emperor Lingzong's era, there were several major cases that involved a number of officials.



Since the Court of Judicial Review was established, people had always been dying.
It was also a place where the complexions of the Great Liang Dynasty's officials turned pale when talking about it.

Hence, the Divine Capital had always had a saying: after entering the Court of Judicial Review, wanting to come out again was not an easy task.

Song Lian arrived before the gate on horseback.
Before the underlings at the entrance opened their mouths, this Divine Capital's Left Guard commander took out his waist token, “I'm the Commander of the Left Guard, Song Lian.
I was ordered to go to Wei Prefecture to bring the felon back to the capital.
Now that the felon has arrived, can the Court of Judicial Review please swiftly take over.”

The Court of Judicial Review had naturally heard of the Divine Capital's Left Guard's reputation.
Hearing that it was the commander, one of the underlings immediately answered, “Commander Song, please wait a minute.
We'll inform His Excellency right away.”

As he spoke, there was already an underling who jogged in to inform that Court of Judicial Review's high official.

Song Lian was not in a hurry.
Instead, he rode on his horse and came next to Chen Chao's prison wagon.
He took a look at this boy who became a little energetic.

His injuries had pretty much healed on the way up north.
Now, he looked like he was still lethargic.
It was just because of psychological reasons and had nothing to do with the body.

“This official will hand your saber over to the Court of Judicial Review.
If you have a chance to come out, you can get it from them.?”

Song Lian looked at Chen Chao and said with some vicissitudes of emotion, “I somewhat underestimated your means.
You could actually even influence many civilians in the Divine Capital today and let them all know that you've arrived in the Court of Judicial Review.”

Chen Chao replied feebly, “My saber is good stuff.
Is it safe being placed in the Court of Judicial Review? If anyone takes fancy on it and secretly steals it, even if the Court of Judicial Review wants to compensate, they probably can't find a saber as good as mine…”

Song Lian furrowed his brows.
Chen Chao hurriedly said, “I said long ago, there's a girl in the Divine Capital who likes me.”

Song Lian laughed coldly.
Although along the way, he had already seen the countless scenes of writing letters and receiving letters, how could he believe that the person writing to him would be a woman?

It was just that Chen Chao was not willing to say, he could not be bothered to press on either.

Chen Chao suddenly looked at Song Lian very seriously and asked, “Does the Court of Judicial Review have those foreign land cultivators' people?”

Song Lian was taken aback.
He truly did not expect that this boy would actually ask about this.
He thought about it and said in a low voice, “There are many agents in the Great Liang Dynasty.”

What agents?

Of course it was double agents.

Eating food from the imperial court and working for foreign land cultivators, those were double agents.

Chen Chao said with a sorrowful look, “Then if they randomly find a reason to kill me in the Court of Judicial Review, then turn it into a suicide for fear of punishment, where would I go to reason things out?”

“In theory, you'll already be dead at that time, you won't need to reason things out either.
that's a good question.”

Song Lian said with a slight smile, “If you're locked up in the Left Guard, I have ways to help you.
But this is the Court of Judicial Review, even if it's me, I'm also not willing to stroll over here when I'm free.”

Chen Chao did not speak.

Song Lian said, “Your matter has implicated so many people, don't they want you alive? Don't worry.”

Chen Chao looked at Song Lian and asked seriously, “Is that really so?”

“What I'm afraid of are not those big shots.
They have status and position, they naturally know what kind of consequences actions would lead to.
But for those guys who are living at the lowest level, their lives are worthless.
If something is done, so be it, at least it's just death.
Why would they care about anything?”

When someone was poor until they were only left with their life, then they would be the bravest person in the world.
They would dare to do anything and not care about whether it could be done or not.

Song Lian did not answer this, he just glanced at the Court of Judicial Review's gate.
Many feudal troops were already walking out to bring Chen Chao in.

Chen Chao's expression was a little ugly.
While the Divine Capital was the brightest place under the sky, this Court of Judicial Review was a relatively dark place under this brilliant sunlight.

“I want you to do something for me.”

Chen Chao looked at those feudal troops coming out in a single file.
He was indeed a little worried.

Song Lian asked, “What is it?”

“I still have one last letter that I want you to deliver to…
my friend.”

Chen Chao took that letter out of his bosom.
He had long made some preparations regarding the Court of Judicial Review.

Song Lian teased, “It's not that girl who likes you?”

Although he said that, he still reached out and took the letter from Chen Chao's hands.
The two only interacted along the way, but Song Lian saw many things on this youth in front of him that were different from others.

The things that were different might let him survive in the Court of Judicial Review.
As long as he could walk out of the Court of Judicial Review one day, who knew what his future would be like?

But, Chen Chao said very seriously, “Your Excellency, please make sure to deliver this in person.
I don't want to hand my saber over to the Court of Judicial Review, I'll worry.
Give it to that person along with the letter.
Please help with this, Your Excellency.
Take it as looking on the account that you and I are under the command of The Warden.”

This final letter was also the most important letter.
Chen Chao thought for a long time and did not send it out.
But at this point, he had no choice but to send it out.

Song Lian rarely saw this youth in front of him being so serious.
He nodded and said, “I can.
But you owe this official a favor.”

Chen Chao smiled and said, “I definitely won't forget it.”

“Deliver it where to?”

Song Lian also wanted to know who this youth had always been writing to.

“By the South Lake, the academy.
My friend is called Xie Nandu.”


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