My Conquest System

Chapter 2: Shriek

An 18 year old boy in a black suit could be seen in the backseat of a car. His name was Alex, he was just like any other normal boy with black hair , brown eyes and not too fat or too thin with a height of 59.

He was talking with his mother(JENNY) who was seated in the frontseat next to his father ( ROBERT) who was driving the car .

Robert was a manager at a very newly trending textile company and Jenny was a housewife.

Robert had good relations with the boss of company ( BEN ) and thats why they were invited in the party at Bens mansion which was located outside the city to celebrate the successful establishment of the the company.

So Robert was bringing his family to the party. Alex was kind of a lazy person so he initially refused to go with them but after his father gave him a very kind lecture about his laziness and importance of social networks , he made his choice to go with them to save his hairy ass.

He had completed his school just a month ago and was planning to enter a college. It was because he liked to study very much…

Not because his parents always nagged about his future…..

Yeah ….. Its not like he wanted to play games and watch anime all day…..

…. So leaving that aside

He was a virgin but he had a few girlfriends but it never lasted more than a month , not because there was something wrong with him …

It was just that whenever he was outside with his girlfriend he couldn help but look at a busty milf passing through and nobody wanted their partner to look at other during their time together.

Alex also knew that it was his fault and he accepted that the girls had all the rights to break up , so he never tried to find petty excuse and all his relationships ended on good terms.


Currently his father was talking with a guard who was checking the invitation card , After the guard checked the card , he handed the card back and signaled the other guard and he opened the large metallic gate.

Robert took the card and drove the card inside .

What Alex saw inside left him speechless . It was like those rich people houses displayed in the movies .

Beautiful gardens, a large swimming pool , a Huge mansion in the middle and it even had parking where all the guest parked their cars.

Alex was not not the only one surprised as they all three of them looked in awe at the beautiful place.

Robert drove the car toward the parking . After parking the car Jenny looked at the front mirror to see if her makeup was alright and then everyonegot out of the car.

Alex was looking at the parked cars and some of them were more expensive than his whole familys resources. It was not like he was jealous or anything, Cars and Women were every mans dream so he was just admiring the view.

Under Roberts lead they made their way toward the mansion gate where two guards in black suits were standing . The guards had quite a fierce aura around them and after checking out the nvitation card once more, they opened the gate and sound of soft music entered Alexs ears .

Robert stepped inside followed by Jenny and Alex .

They were inside a huge hall and there were approx a 100 people inside . Some were sitting at tables , some dancing in the middle of hall , waiters were constantly bringing food and drinks at every table .

All three of them marveled at the scene in front of them .

Robert looked around for someone and then walked toward a certain direction. Alex and Jenny followed him unconsciously and soon found them in front of group of men and women standing talking to each other .

They all had a air of high class around them and didn seem to bother looking at Robert and his family and continued as if he was not even there.

Alex was slightly pissed at their behavior but didn seem to mind too much as they didn do anything to his family.

He believed that every person had their own mindset so he just decided to ignore them.

Soon he saw a man and a women in his thirties made their way out of the group.

The man looked like he was in his middle thirties, he wore a black suit with golden design on it which quite matched his appearance. He had brown eyes , a well trimmed beard and brown hair .

The woman by his side wore a red dress and you could tell by looking at it that it cost a fortune.

She had red eyes and jet black hairs and a petty face. She looked extremely pretty with her sexy figure .

She had ample breast , wide hips with a slender waist .

Alex found her extremely beautiful due to her figure but what took his breath away was the smile on her face . He forgot to breath and kept looking at her mesmerizing beauty.

The women seemed to notice this and but didn seem to mind and kept smiling.

The man shook Roberts hand and said with smile ” So you finally came Robert , I was starting to think you wouldn come. ”

Robert also smiled and said in joking manner ”How can I not come Ben , I love my job you know. ”

Robert and Ben both laughed and then Robert turned toward Alex and Jenny as he introduced

” She is my wife Jenny and my son Alex. ”

He then gestured toward the Ben and the woman in red ” He is my boss Ben and lady by his side is his wife Rose ”

Jenny greeted Ben and Rose and Alex quickly followed her lead.

Alex repeated the name Rose inside his head over and over again. He was sure that he would never forget her name.

Robert and jenny engaged in a conversation with the couple while he finally managed to pull myself together enough to not embarrass myself.

Alex continued to listen to the conversation but he noticed Ben taking quick glances at his mother and smirked but tried to hide it .

No one but Alex noticed it and he checked his fist and anger grew inside him as he recognized the look on Bens face even though the other was trying to hide it.

It was a look of nothing but complete lust .

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