My Conquest System

Chapter 3: I Accept


I saw how Ben was staring inappropriately at my mom and anger swelled up inside me .

He was not just looking lustfully at her but it was as if he was looking at an object made for his entertainment.

How can he look at his friends wife that way? trying to control myself not to make a scene .

I knew even if I tell him straight at his face to keep his eyes to his wife (Rose ) , It would not have any effect other than embarrassing my family.

Who would believe a 17 year old boy saying a rich pig was looking at his managers wife (Jenny) lustfully.

I moved toward my mom and held her hand . Mom turned toward me smiling kindly and patted my hand with her other . I could tell by her face that I was not the only one who noticed Bens behavior.

She then continued talking while holding my hand as if nothing happened . But how can I do nothing ?

I turned my eyes toward Ben and looked sharply at him. He seemed to notice it and his face slightly distorted but quickly returned normal.

After that he didn looked at my mom and continued conversing normally.

As the initial greetings came to a stop ,Rose took my mom with her to meet the other ladies present there and Ben took my dad with him.

After finding a chair I sat down and started using my phone .

Time continues to pass as I kept using my phone , sometimes looking around to check on my mom and dad.

Dad was standing with three other men talking and sometimes laughing.

One of them was Ben and by listening to the people talking around me I came to know that the other two were his business partners Roy and Mike . They both were around the same age as my dad.

Mike was a short man with black hair , black eyes . It could be seen from his blue suit that he was very overweight. It could be known easily by observing hi m that he was just like those arrogant rich man with superiority complex shown in the movies. Mike was the owner of many famous hotels in different cities.

Roy had an indifferent expression toward everything as if whatever happening around him doesn concern him. He was wearing a red suit with his brown hair and eyes his 511 fit physique looked good. Roy had a huge business of exporting and importing luxurious cars.

Ben , Roy and Mike stood side by side as different people got up from seats time to time and greeted the three of them. My dad was also by their side and talked with everyone who came toward him.

I kept using my phone and looking around in the party.

3 hours passed and it was around 9 pm when Ben along with Roy and Mike made his way toward the center and clapped his hand . The music stopped playing and everyone turned their attention toward the three men at center.

It was time for the ending speech and Ben started ” First of all , I thank all the handsome gentlemen and beautiful ladies for attending the party. ” It was just like all cliche successful persons speech about how thankful he was for their support and all.

But the only thing that I found somewhat true was how he mentioned his love for his wife as he thanked her for being in his life.

I looked toward the gorgeous woman in red sitting with my mom and three other beautiful ladies.

Two of them at same age as of my mom and a girl about my age .

I was awestruck at the beauty of all three of them, not a single one inferior to Rose. I only came out of my awestruck state when I heard clapping sounds.

Rose smiled at Bens words but I felt something wrong about that smile. I wasn sure what was wrong but it looked like somewhat forced, different from how she smiled when she greeted others . I didn know why but my heart clenched seeing her smiling that way.

Slightly shocked at what was happening to me I shook my head and didn think much about it.

The speech finally ended and everyone lifted their glasses . After that people started leaving but not before they congratulated Ben and said their goodbyes.

I moved toward my dad as mom joined me along the way. We reached dads side and my eyes urging him for leaving the party.

Dad nodded toward me and we moved toward Ben but before we could say anything Ben took the initiative ” Robert my wife wanted to talk more with your family . Please wait in the waiting room. ” he gestured toward one of the rooms present on the opposite side of the mansion door.

My father nodded and took moms hand as they moved toward the room. I also followed them albeit reluctantly. As dad opened the door and we entered I looked at the spacious room with a table in the middle and couches surrounding it from all four sides.

We sat on the couch with dad and me at the sides and mom in middle as we waited . After almost 20 min the door opened and I saw Ben , Mike, Roy enter the room. I was slightly surprised as I didn expect Roys and Mikes presence. They closed the door and sat on the couch opposite to us .

Dad and mom were also surprised as we expected only Rose and Ben to come.

Ben started some small chat but I didn focus on that . I was looking at Mike who had his gaze fixed at mom and I found it was the same as Bens, both filled with lust .

I clenched my fist so hard that my nails started to dig inside my palm.

Roy had also lost his indifferent expression and was smirking. I wanted nothing more than to beat the shit out of those scumbags but mom grabbed my hand . I looked toward her found that she was also uncomfortable but her eyes met mine as if saying Everything will be alright.

My hand relaxed as I took a deep breath but anger and hatred was still visible in my eyes.

I turned my head toward dad as he called my name ” Alex take the key and bring a blue file placed at the backseat of the car. ”

Not wanting to leave them alone I turned toward mom and she nodded. Taking a deep breath and grabbing the car keys from dad I got up and left the room but not before looking at those scumbags as if warning them.

I waked through the empty hall toward the exit and found the guards weren there but didn think much about it as I was still very angry at those three scumbags.

As I was halfway through to the parking the anger receded a little and I could think properly again.

I kept feeling something was wrong and couldn put my finger on it.

Suddenly my eyes widened as an image of smirking Roy and lustful Mike appeared in my mind.

An extremely bad feeling surged inside me and I turned around to rush back at full speed .

Now everything became clear

The absence of Rose, empty hall, missing guards ,inappropriate gazes of those three scumbags, asking us to wait .

FUCK It can be a coincidence .

As I was running I kept prayingMom ,Dad please be okay , Let this all be a coincidence .

Just when I was around 100 meters away from the door


I heard multiple gunshots, followed by an extremely painful shriek of my mom.

”NOOOOoo ” was the only word that flew out of my mouth as tears flowed out of my eyes without me being aware of it.

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