My Conquest System

Chapter 4: TIME TRAVEL

The shriek resounded through my mind again and again. Multiple scenarios played in my brain and the horror inside me multiplied.

The only things I could hear was the blood pumping inside me , the gunshots and painful shrieks .

All things aside from the door blurred from my vision as I kept running toward the door.

As I was just in front of the door I didn slow down , Forming a X shape with my both arms in front of me I jumped towards the door . The door flew open and the next thing I remembered was heavily crashing on the floor but my brain didn even register any pain and my eyes scanned the surrounding until it landed on the two bloody figures on the floor.

I didn need to look twice as I recognized them in an instant, they were my mom and dad.

The flow of tears in my eyes increased as I tried to get up and run but fell on the floor again and again .

Crawling , running I made my way toward them , I saw my mom looking at me as blood continued to flow out her body. I moved and grabbed her hand that was trying to reach me .

”Momm e-everything is going to be a-alright. I will take you and dad to hospital right now. ”

Just as I moved to pick her up her other hand landed softly on my cheek . I immediately turned to look at her face and found her lips moving , a very weak voice came out from those now blooded lips.

”R-run I don have much time anyway . S-save yourrself and you dad . J- just leave m-me here. ”

”No nothing is going to happen to both of you. ” my tears landed on her face as I held her head close to my chest.

I wanted to pick her up but just as I moved my arm around her neck , the hand on my cheek hit the solid floor.

I lowered my gaze and looked at her lifeless eyes. My shaking hands touched her face as words flew out ” M-mom? ”

”Mom s-say something. ”

” No no no , Mom wake up , please I am begging you . ”

” Please say something , I promise I will listen to your every word . Just please get up Mommm… ”

I held her close to my chest as my embrace around her tightened .

I couldn understand what to do and looked around for my dad to come and help.

A blooded figure of the dad lying on the floor entered my view , I hurriedly but softly put moms body back on the floor and crawled toward him .

Just as I was about to reach dad , my hands slipped and I lost my balance , my face landed on his chest.

I tried to put my hands on floor to lift myself up but slipped again due to the blood.

”D-dad get up , we need to help mom. ” I said as I kept trying to get up

Hearing no reply I uttered in horror ” D-dad? ” but nothing happened.

Wanted to check on him I focused to listen to his heartbeat but the sound never came. I wanted to speak to him again but I couldn muster up the courage, afraid to confirm my guess .

It was as if my entire had world crumbled , tears continued to flow as I kept my head on his chest , embracing him.

I kept praying that all this was just a horrible dream but a series of laughter broke me out of that state.

Flipping my head toward the source I discovered three figures . Each of them holding a gun and looking at me as if all this was just a show.

They were Ben , Mike and Roy.

Before I could even think, my body was already moving toward them.

”BASTARDS , I WILL KILL YOU ALL. ” an angry cry resounded through the hall.

But before I could even reach near them they lifted their guns and fired a series of bullets.

I crashed on the floor but didn feel the slightest amount of pain.

My gaze filled with hatred and anger remained on those bastards . No matter how hard I tried I couldn move any part of my body.

I could feel my eyelids started to get heavy and my vision blurred.

Just when I started to loss consciousness I heard something that forced my eyelids to open and my hatred to grew to unknown limits.

”Thats what you get when you don know your worth Robert.

Sigh. …

We just wanted to taste your wife once .

Its a pity you killed this bitch before tasting her Mike ” Ben uttered.

” I offered her money but instead of thanking me and opening her legs. She slapped me .

That lowlife set her and her familys death in stone at that moment. ” Mike shouted

” That she sure did my friend. Now don ruin your mood , lets go to our usual place to calm your lust down.

But before that Ben call someone to fix this up and bury them in the usual location. ” Roy talked in his usual tone.


Those ignorant but pretty fools don know the ways of the world. Even now they think we are discussing about work . ” Roy continued

Listening to all this I once tried to move my body.

I wanted them dead at all cost .

But before I could even move a finger my consciousness started to fade and just when I was abot to enter complete darkness time seemed to stop and I heard a mechanical voice

(A/N : * means the mechanical voice inside Alexs head)






Thinking that I was just hallucinating due to excessive blood loss I wanted to just join on mom and dad in death but just when I was about to give up the hatred inside me urged me to grab my last hope for revenge.

If I ever get a chance again, I swear to you mom and dad that I will do whatever it takes to make sure that those bastards will die the most painful death .


Just as I answered complete darkness embraced me.

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