My Conquest System

Chapter 5: Beginner\'s tutorial

As the sunlight entered through the window of a room , A boy who was sleeping on his bed suddenly gasped for air as he sat up. His eyes wide open unlike any person who just woke up from sleep.

As he was gasping for air his eyes scanned the surroundings.

He was shocked to notice the familiar room because the last thing he remembered was the hall of a mansion .

A painful cry left his dry throat as he remembered his last memories ”No Mom Dad ”. Tears flowed out his eyes as the images of their bodies appeared in his mind.

This boy was me(Alex).

”BAM ” in an instant the door of my room flew open and two worried voices entered my ears ”Alex ”

My head shifted toward the source before my brain could even process what they said and in the next instant my body moved the fastest it could .

The next moment my arms circled around them.

These two were none other than my mom and dad . They were shocked by the sudden events but that didn stop their arms to circle around me.

” W-what happened baby? Are you alright? ” the worried voice of my mom resounded through the room but I only tightened my arms around them in response.

Silence spread through the room and the only sound coming was of my crying. The only thought remained inside me was to continue hugging them and never let go.

Mom and dad didn understand what was happening but tears started to come out of Moms eyes and dads eyes slightly watered as they also tightened their embrace.

I could only stop crying after 10 minutes ,gathering the courage to lift my head and look toward them . Both had a worried look on their face , mom was still sobbing.

Dads hand landed softly on my cheek as he said ” Why don we sit down and you tell us what happened? ”

Feeling the warmth from his hand I wanted to cry again but stopped myself before I nodded.

We sat on my bed , with me in the middle and mom dad on the sides.

Everyone calmed down but mom and dad still held my hands . Little by little I could think properly.

Many questions appeared in my mind.

Was it all just a horrible dream? No no it was all too real for it to be a dream .

Did I somehow managed to come back in time?

No its impossible .

Just as I was thinking about the possibilities the lovely voice of my mom interrupted me from my thoughts ”Are you okay baby? What happened? ”

The soothing feeling that voice caused inside me almost caused me to tell her everything but my rational part told me not to. At least not until I was sure whether it was all a dream or reality.

But looking at their worried looks I knew I had to give them some explanation.

Taking a deep breath my brain started to come up with different excuses

I dreamed that you had an accident. No no no something to lighten up the mood.

” I dreamed that you kicked me out because I kept watching anime. ”

yeah I knew it was bad but it was all I could come up under that pressure. But it worked just fine ,the worried look of both of them were replaced by a relaxed look and that finally turned into an angry look.

What came after that was nothing important just an hour of their love showering session .

Initially it was about to end in 20 min but when they saw me smiling the whole time, it escalated to an hour.

I was so happy just by looking at them that I couldn stop smiling .

Just when the session ended and they were about to leave my room I stood up and hugged them again.

They both sighed and hugged me back as a happy smile formed in the face of everyone.

”I love you mom dad. ” I muttered

” We also love you son , now stop making your MOM emotional. ” dad replied as he emphasized on the word MOM , I just laughed seeing him acting all tough when corners of his eyes were still red.

Mom kissed me on the cheek ” Now get ready and come down to eat breakfast. Okay? ”

Nodding toward my mom I released them from the hug and they left the room.

Sitting back on the bed a sigh of relief exited my throat .

Just as I was about to start brainstorming again on the situation I heard a somewhat familiar mechanical voice




”Fine ” replied my startled self.

But the surprise didn lasted for long as I thought my brain was playing tricks on me due to exhaustion.


I pinched myself and realized that it was not some kind of hallucination. I immediately got up from the bed and bent to look below ” Caught you. ”

I said but didn find anyone. Immediately turning toward the bathroom in my room I opened the door and entered inside ” This time for sure. ”

But the only living thing I saw was a frog hiding in the corner ”TURRRRR ”

After that I checked all the possible hiding spots but still didn find anything.


Startled at the sudden voice I lost my balance and fell on the bed

Thinking about the situation to my maximum capacities I reached only two conclusions.

Either the wiring in my brain is damaged or

No , It can be like what they show in some animes.

Thinking further I decided to take my chance as there was no one was there to make fun of me even if I was wrong.

Taking a deep breath I said

”Umm, System are you there? ”



My eyes widened in shock as I heard the mechanical voice inside my head.

I immediately took my phone from the bed and looked at the date .

The shock inside me multiplied and then everything clicked inside my brain

The incident at the mansion, the mechanical voice at my near death state , the fact that mom and dad is alive.

Yes that must be it.

I calmed myself before I said

” No , everything is fine .

System did I travel back in time? ”


After listening to the answer I closed my eyes and opened them after a minute but this time all the excitement, happiness, relief turned into hatred

”Ben , Roy and Mike You better be ready because I give you the most painful death ”

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