My Conquest System

Chapter 8: At the party again

I felt I was looking at a totally different person but just as the disturbance calmed down, that feeling disappeared.

Maybe its just my imagination. I thought

I made a sorry expression on my face and gave them the excuse that dad and I previously prepared

” I am sorry for her absence. She was not feeling well so she decided to stay at home. ”

Ben didn seem to mind but Rose spoke ” Oh, Is she alright ? ”

” Its nothing serious Lady Rose. But I appreciate the concern. ” I smiled after I replied.

[Roses affection: 3(+1) , Horniness: 3(+1)]

Then Ben started talking with my dad. Rose sometimes talked in between but mostly remained silent like me.

The conversation continued for about 10 minutes and Roses horniness kept rising.

[Roses horniness(+2)

Horniness (+3 )

Fear: 2 (0 +2)




Horniness: 18 ( +3) ]

Rose had a slightly red face and she kept stealing glances at me.

Every time she looked at me the feeling of her being a different person reappeared.

At first I thought it was just my imagination but after the third time I was sure something was wrong.

I couldn figure out what it was , So I just decided to ignore it for now.

I looked toward her and as our gazes met I smiled in the most charming way I could and she immediately averted her gaze.

It was cute to see her act embarrassed.

Ben then took dad to meet the other guests and there was only two of us left.

Rose said with a slightly red face and didn look toward my face ” I should go and meet the other ladies. See you later Alex. ”

Just when she was about to turn around and leave, I said

” Lady Rose your face looks red. Do you need any help? ”

Rose turned to look at my face which had an expression of worry and smiled beautifully . She said

” No, I am just a little tired so no need to worry. ”

[ Roses Affection: 10 (+6) , Trust : 5 (0+5)]

I nodded.

Rose turned around and left toward the seats where the other ladies were sitting.

I watched her perky ass swaying as she walked and I involuntarily gulped.

What kind luck does that bastard have to get this fairy as his wife?

[Bens luck: 8 ]


I didn ask that as a question but nevermind.

I also sat on a chair which was close enough for the skill to continue working and took out my phone but only pretended to use it.

System show Roses status .

[ Rose (female)

37 years

Family members: Ben(husband), Rita(daughter)

Current status: Slightly horny, confused, embrassed

Social status : wife of the owner of Rose textiles.


Love: 0


Fear: 2

Loyalty: 0

Horniness: 18

Depravity: 0 ]

Under the continuous use of the skill Roses horniness kept increasing and she started taking longer and more frequent glances at me.

I met her gaze many times and she always looked away immediately like an embarrassed bunny.

As her horniness kept rising, the sensation I felt before became stronger but no matter how much I thought I couldn figure out the meaning of that feeling.

The women around Rose noticed her increasing red face and asked her if she was alright ?

Rose nodded and reassured them that she was okay but that changed when her horniness rose up to 50 .

[ Roses horniness: 50(+2) , affection: 18(+2) , fear : 5(+1)]

Finally she couldn control herself , She stood up and made her way toward the stairs leading to the first floor.

My eyes lit up and I knew the moment I was waiting for had arrived.

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