Chapter 7 : Promise With The Dance Princess



When a performance troupe, which is rare in the royal palace, comes, nobles invite them in and hold an event if the performance is not particularly questionable.
Then invite the main nobles and comfort them.
It is the policy of the current king aiming for an open royal palace.

Miriella's father is absent from today's event.
Duke Fowders, who is busy as the Vice Chancellor, has avoided jobs that seem unlikely to cause problems.
However, recently, Leon, who has ended his shut-in life, has come to be used as a representative.

This also has the meaning of showing the face of the Duke in order to get Leon, who is not the heir, to marry into a house somewhere, but neither Leon nor Miriella are aware of it.

Miriella was grateful to her father for having more opportunities to openly go out with Leon.

Sitting in the seats prepared, the two stared at the stage like other nobles.

The performance started with a high-pitched greeting from the chairperson.

Dancing clowns, dancing falling cherry blossoms.
There were many large dogs in the tent, but today there was only one.

And the dance of Noel and others that Miriella was waiting for begins.

Around her, she heard the whispers of nobles who looked at dancers with a smile, saying, “Cute.”, but Miriella's eyes were serious.
Although they look the same, the decorations of each dancer are slightly different.
Partly because of that, Miriella was able to tell the difference when she first met Noel.
She wonder if the other onlookers can tell the difference.

For Miriella, Noel was still the best dance princess today.

Because it was different from inside the tent today, there were no swings, and instead there were more tightrope acrobatics.
The acrobat, who crossed the rope with a tight balance and moved lightly on top of it, received more cheers than the girls danced.

In this way, the performance at the royal palace ended safely, and the troupe gave their final greetings as usual.
The onlookers applauded generously.

“Oji-sama, I'm going to see Noel.”

The venue was filled with the air of the circus troupe.
Some of the fortune tellers were working outside the tent, and the nobles were also forming a line.

Leon agreed while munching on the food that was served in a standing style.

She wander around the hall that will be the venue, and try to go out to the terrace.
From the terrace on the first floor, there is a garden that spreads out in the royal palace, and in the back of it, she could see the performers changing clothes and relaxing after the performance.

When Miriella was about to go over there happily, she heard a voice say, “This way,” and when she looked, Noel was sitting on a bench a little away from everyone else.

Apparently she was also waiting for Miriella.
She greeted Miriella with her usual charming smile.

“Thank you, for coming.”

“Today was also really wonderful.
I was so moved that I almost cried.”

The two of them smiled embarrassedly and looked at each other.

After changing clothes in one corner of the garden, the members are eating food brought by the royal palace servants and drinking alcohol.
Gazing at it vaguely, Noel held the hand of Miriella, who was sitting next to her.

Thin Noel fingers are light and weak.
Miriella also gently grabbed it back.

“Miriella told me when we first met, 'Your dance is the best.'”

Miriella nodded.
I still think so, is what she thought.

“Circus dancers are supporting characters.
When small children dance together, they are cute and popular.
That's why we don't have big dancers in our company.”

Oh I see.
Now that you mention it, yes.
There are jesters, acrobats, acrobats, and animal masters, but no adult dancers.

“We are a circus after all.
No matter how hard I try to dance, the work I did ends as a child.”

“Even though you're so good at it.”

“No matter how hard ones try to dance, there is no future.
So even if the chairman and the adults scold and praise me, they will not look at each of us properly.”

Noel had a slightly sad face, but she quickly returned to a smile.
Miriella didn't know what to say at a time like this, she was speechless.

“That's why it was my first time! I was told that you are the best.
I was happy.
There was someone who could see me properly, I thought.
I was picked up by this troupe without parents.
As for the name, I was just given the name of a child who ran away from the troupe, so it was suitable.
That's why I didn't particularly like the name Noel.”

Put Miriella's hand on her pants (lap) and Noel speak with her voice tinkling like melody.

“Miriella said it was a cute name and called me Noel a lot, so now I have come to love this name.
While dancing, I thought to myself I'm so glad I did my best.”

Tears floating slightly in Miriella's eyes are shining reflecting the light leaking from the terrace.
Noel gently wiped it with her free finger.

“When I grow up, I don't know if I'll do acrobatics, be a street performer, or run away from here, but I won't stop the dance that Miriella praised me for.”

Saying that, Noel removes the silver ring she wore on her wrist.
It was a delicate bracelet with many glittering scarlet glass beads embedded in it.
She puts it on Miriella's lap and then looks at her face.

It's cheap, but will you take it?”


“I want you to have it so that we can meet again.”

I hope to see you again.

Noel's feelings were happy, and Miriella's smile returned.

“We'll definitely meet again.
It's a promise.” (Miriella)

Miriella touches the fabric of her dress skirt.
A thin pouch of the same color as the dress was hanging there, and Miriella opened the pouch and took out a single handkerchief.

“I also prepared a gift for Noel.
It's a handkerchief that matches my favorite one.
Though I'll lose to the Dance Princess's bracelet.”

“Miriella, is it okay?”

“Of course……Ah, but in exchange, I have one request,”


“Would you like to be my friend?”

To Miriella with a serious expression, the disappointment Noel is feeling bursts out.

Noel stood up while pulling up her hand that was still connected.

“What? I thought we were friends long ago!”


Nee, Miriella, it's the last time so why don't we dance together.”

The two face each other while holding hands, listening to the soft music leaking from the terrace.
With Noel's raised hand as a signal, the two small silhouette began to spin around.

Miriella, who doesn't even know ballroom dancing yet, moves around without taking a knowing step. However, when she follows Noel's light and slow steps and bounces, it became more and more fun.

“This is fun!”

“Right? You're good at it, Miriella.”

At that time.
Feeling the presence of someone peering at them from the terrace, Noel peers at that side while dancing.
Noel, who was accustomed to being watched, noticed that gaze was directed more at Miriella than at herself.

However, Noel didn't want to tell her that and this last moment would come to an end, so Noel continued dancing until Miriella stopped.







“I made a friend.
Ufufu.” (Miriella)

In the carriage on the way home, Miriella was smiling the whole time while staring at the bracelet she was holding.
She was sad to leave, but she promised to see her again.
She's sure she will meet again someday.

Leon said, “Well, you don't need this then” while taking out a piece of paper from his pocket.

“What is it? that thing”

“I was thinking that Miriella would cry today, so I have prepared this.”

On the paper Leon spread out, there was a picture of Miriella wearing a dress and Noel, who was beautiful like a dancing princess.

“Oji-sama, is this me and Noel?”

“It's a manga illustration, so it might not look like much.”

“Nuh-uh! She look just like Noel! Thank you, Oji-sama.”

Noel has gone to her next performance, but she became her first important friend.
Besides, there is also Leon who worried about her like this.
I am such a very happy girl, as she think that, Miriella wrapped her bracelet around her hands.


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