Chapter 10 : A person named Alejandro

Alejandro Reyes.

He was the heir apparent of the Reyes Trading Company.

Alejandro is now a commoner, but according to her past life, about six month from now, his father will receive a title of Baron from His Majesty the King and become a member of the House of Barons.

Reddish brown hair, and amber eyes.

His long, gentle wavy hair was tied lightly in a single strand and swept down his back, giving him a somewhat aristocratic appearance even before receiving a noble title.

Although he has an ordinary face, he is the son of a wealthy merchant family, and he had already helped the family business and accumulated achievements, so even as a commoner, he was popular among girls regardless of whether they were nobles or commoners.

But when she thought back, Alejandro was always by her side.

Always on their side.

That’s right, mainly on Natalia’s side.

…she had never really thought about it before because there was no romantic atmosphere between the three of them when they were spending time together.

Beatrice remembered Natalia happily talking with Vivian and the others about going to watch the mock battle, and Alejandro watching from behind the door.

And Alejandro’s dazed eyes at that moment.

Even though it was not directed at her, her body trembled just remembering it.

Two weeks have passed since that day after school.

As promised, Vivian and her friends went with Natalia to watch the mock battle, and Natalia apparently received a confession from one of the students in the Knight Training Department there.

But it was not from Leopoldo, as Beatrice had expected.

For that matter, though, Beatrice was seized with a strange sense of guilt.

The man who confessed his feelings to Natalia was the male student whom Beatrice had witnessed that day through the infirmary window and who had invited Natalia to watch the game.

The male student was apparently a third son of the same family of Viscountship as Natalia.

Since he has no title to inherit, he apparently chose to become a knight.

Natalia did not have any particular fondness for the male student, and she had only turned up that day because she was called.

The result of his confession did not result in a relationship as it was, and Beatrice felt a bit complicated about this as well.

They decided to be friends for the time being, and they have met several times since then during lunch time or after school.

Incidentally, it was not an uncommon event to hear a student from the Knight Training Department confessing or being approached by a student on the day of the mock battle.

Vivian, now Beatrice’s friend, was also one of those who was confessed to.

“But in my case, he had already asked me to marry him.”

Vivian’s cheeks blushed with shyness.

That’s right, this seems to be the time of year when all the daughters of the nobility are eager to find a good marriage partner.

It was common practice in this country for students to decide on a partner and become engaged by the time they entered the academy and graduated, or by about a year after graduation.

Even in those cases where the two households have already privately discussed it, they use the opportunity to observe their personalities and compatibility at the school, as Vivian’s case this time.

Through it all, it’s usually normal to find a fiancée while still enrolled at the school.

If a student is about to graduate and still hasn’t decided, it is often because there is some problem with the student or his/her home.

That’s right, for instance, like Beatrice, who is suffering from a disease that has no hope of being cured.

For example, like Leopoldo, the household that would be in a massive debt.

In a sense, Natalia, whose family is poor, is also classified as rather problematic.
However, from the point of view of someone who aspires to be in a knighthood for a lifetime, such as the person to whom she received a confession this time, or the son of a commoner, the presence or absence of a dowry would not be a major obstacle.

The lower the title, the less likely you are to find a partner, and the less likely you are to find someone later on.
And if a high-ranking nobleman has some problems, if he finds a good match early on…

After thinking about it, Beatrice suddenly realized something.


So why, before her rebirth, did Leopold approach Natalia instead of a lady of a wealthy family?

Is it a matter of right timing?

Even if he had no money, even if the Marquise’s family went under, he still couldn’t resist love at first sight?

Would Leopold even think of such a thing even after they were in a relationship, let alone before they were lovers?

Something caught Beatrice’s attention, and she was lost in thought.

But a simple answer was soon found.

It is so simple that she could not help but relax her shoulders.

When they met and confessed to each other in the mock battle, Leopold’s family was not in trouble at all.

It was at the end of the school year that his father’s business began to falter.

It was around the middle of the second grade that the business began to experience a full-blown downturn in earnings.

And by the time they entered the third grade, they were pretty much hopeless.

There was hardly any room to even think about marrying Natalia to a family who had no resources or financial resources of any kind.

Ah, I see.

So when the mock battle came around, there was nothing alarming about it, and they felt safe enough to start dating.

Rather, he probably intended to do much to help the financially impoverished Viscount Olsen family in the future.

If only the business of the Marquise of Reinalpha had been going well as it was.

If things went well, surely they would be as well.

Even if there was some opposition from Leopold’s parents, they could still get married and be happy.

She didn’t have to offer that contractual marriage, and she didn’t have to be killed by Natalia.

The medicine would not have been available in time, although it would not have changed the future of her death.
But still…

No one, no one, ever had to feel that way.

Unpredictability and matters of timing.

There was nothing anyone could do about it, Beatrice thought at the time, and tried to make sense of it.

I thought I was convinced.

No, I was indeed convinced.

At this moment.

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