Chapter 13 : And the Encounter of Two Lovers

Eventually, Nicholas Trad left the academy before the end of the first school year and joined the Royal Order of Knights.

In contrast to the enlistment after graduation from the Knight Training Department at the academy, the recruitment process is open to the general public, with only a practical sword test, which is mainly for the commoners.

You will first be trained as a candidate, then you will become a knight’s apprentice.
Finally, you become a knight.
In terms of subsequent career advancement, the difference between those who graduated from the academy and those who did not is quite significant.

Although he is the son of a Viscount, Nicholas is in the same bracket as the commoners, so he had little hope for advancement.


Nothing has happened in Leopold’s family, where he still has not met Natalia, as he did before.

This week, the first school year will end.

Before her rebirth, there was already quite a lot of uncertainty appearing in Leopold’s family at this point.

“Maybe I’m just overthinking things, still…”

In a carriage on the way to the school.

Seeing that no one else is around, some disturbing words almost burst out of her mouth, and Beatrice hastened to keep her mouth shut.

Don’t make assumptions without any proof.

No matter how “similar” it may seem.

Now that she is looking at it as a stranger from a distance, not as someone involved, she feels that something is wrong.

Maybe it wasn’t just a misfortune brought by my own self-indulgent kindness, she thought.

And this may be the reason why she was murdered.

…no, I don’t know about that.

Because that was the moment when Drieste succeeded in developing the medicine.

Beatrice let out a sigh.

Right now, she doesn’t know anything yet.

Making herself anxious by thinking about it won’t help with anything.

Isn’t it a good thing that nothing happened to Leopold’s family?

And so she convinced herself. 

However, such carefree thought dissipated as soon as she arrived at school.

“Hey, Beatrice.
Long time no see.”

“…Leopold, sama.”

Beatrice shuddered as she wondered why Leopold had appeared before her.

It was easy to get involved.
Just as what Nicholas Trad might have done.

You step on a landmine without knowing what you’re doing, and the next thing you know, you’re blown to pieces and your life itself changes forever.

Even so, before her rebirth, Beatrice was not only involved in it, but went to involve herself voluntarily.

But this time it was different.

Knowing that her life will end after six years from her worsening disease, she doesn’t want to get caught up with anyone else’s misfortune anymore.

That’s why she decided to end this love that she thought was the root of it.

…and yet.

Beatrice raised her eyebrows slightly.

Leopold tilted his head curiously at this sight.

Today was the first time Beatrice has ever shown any signs of unhappiness when she meets him.

But that was not much of a concern for Leopoldo.

Therefore, he quickly went about his business.

“Well… I have a favor to ask Beatrice.”

Leopold scratched his head, looking embarrassed.

She has some idea about what he was going to say.

Though, she hoped that she was wrong.

However, such predictions were more likely to come true.

“Well, there is a girl named Natalia Olsen in Beatrice’s class.
Actually, I’ve had my eye on her for a while, but I couldn’t talk to her before because she seemed to be dating someone.”


The way he blushed, his eyes wandering around, and the tone of his voice, overlapped with the scenery of the past.

If these two were really destined lovers, then perhaps they should be congratulated, and they should be happy.

But now.

I knew this would happen, this was the only thing that came to her mind.

Relief, anxiety, anticipation and frustration.

Natalia and Leopold.

A young girl with sky-blue hair and a young man with flaxen hair.

I wanted them to get together this time and be happy.

But she decided that she wouldn’t do anything to upset the wheels of their destiny anymore, and would just sit back and watch.

But if.

If her guess was correct, if Leopold makes a move, something will change again.
It will change.

The Marquise of Reinalpha, which was now safe and sound, may possibly face some kind of crisis.
Just as it was before her rebirth.

And maybe.

Maybe, just maybe.

If Beatrice helps Leopold’s love, would something happen to the Marquis of Strydom?

Was she thinking too much? Maybe so.

But really? Was it all right to think this way?

Such words passed through her mind, but they were only her guesses or delusions.

Then Beatrice.

The answer that Beatrice can give was.

There was only one.

Natalia-sama is a classmate of mine.
But we are not close enough for me to say anything.
If you have feelings for her, I think it would be better for you to speak directly to her.”

“Ah, ah.
That’s right… I should do that.”

That shy and downcast expression on his face was the one Beatrice once longed for.

But strangely enough, Beatrice doesn’t feel much anymore.

“Sorry for keeping you here, Beatrice.”

“No, I’m sorry I can’t help you.
You see, I often miss school.
So I don’t have a lot of people I know… I’m sure they would be surprised if I tried to talk to them.”

“I can’t help it.
I thought of something unmanly, too.
I suppose I’ll talk to her in person.”

“That’s true.
You should do that… it is from none other than Leopoldo after all.
I am sure Natalia will be pleased.”

“I don’t know.
I hope so.”

Beatrice smiled back at him as he said this.

It’s okay.

Natalia will surely fall in love with you again, but this time with you at first sight.

Because that’s the only thing I’m sure of.

But I’m sorry, Leopold.

I no longer believe that my hands can save anyone.

So I won’t help, but I won’t hinder either.

I’ll just pray from afar.

May the happiness you desire come to you both, and may the future you fear never come.

“See you later, Beatrice.”

“Good-bye, Leopold-sama.”

Beatrice bowed her head lightly.

Goodbye, my beloved.

Someone who was never nice to me.

Straightforward, blunt, bright, and a person who has no front and back. 

He never singled her out because she was sickly and weak, and he never held anything back.

Being with you made me forget that I was sick.
Maybe that was why I wished to stay by your side.

I know, I’m stupid.
You were the same too, Leopold, even though you didn’t choose me as a marriage partner because of my illness.

But this time I will not reach out to you.

Therefore, you.

You, who could only see Natalia, do your best.

This time, protect Natalia properly.

Beatrice quietly watches Leopoldo’s back.

She has a bad premonition that is closing in on her, and she doesn’t want it to come true, but…


She was really scared.

She wondered why.

I wanted to see Edgar, Beatrice though.

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