Chapter 16 : Is it reality that looms?

The second school year was nearing its end.

It was around this time that Natalia and Leopold’s amicable relationship had become a well-known feature of the school.

The time was almost a year off from when it was before her rebirth, but the event still happened.

One of the merchant ships owned by the Marquise of Reinalfa sank off the coast of the ocean.

The large quantity of goods purchased, the skilled sailors, and the large sum of money from the earlier business meeting all sank to the bottom of the sea.

When the news arrived, Beatrice was hardly surprised.

The only words that came to her mind were, Oh, I knew it.

I can’t say I’m sure.

But it was a half-expected news.

So she was not surprised, and yet Beatrice felt dizzy at the news.

Not because she was struck by the news, but because she was simply overwhelmed by the reality that confronted her.

When Beatrice wobbled and fell to her knees on the floor, the maid who had been waiting by the door rushed to her.

It’s okay, she tried to say, but she couldn’t speak well.

Eventually, Beatrice was taken to her bed, where she was left alone with her thoughts.

Until now, she had thought that she was the cause of that tragedy.

She thought it was all her fault, that she had meddled and made things worse.

So if she can take her share.
If only two people in love with destiny could take each other’s hand and let them overcome their own difficulties.

Beatrice believed that even if there were some twists and turns, the worst ending could be avoided.
And yet.

…It wasn’t as simple as giving up my love for Leopold.

If there was an entity with clear intentions to destroy the love between Natalia and Leopoldo, Beatrice’s choice to watch them from afar probably has no meaning.

Whether Beatrice is involved in it or not, their love will surely be thoroughly crushed sooner or later.

What should I do? What should I do?

Until now, she had always felt vaguely that this might be the case, but somewhere along the way, she had been unable to grasp that it might be a real thing.

It’s impossible.
No one would go that far, was what she kept telling herself.

It would be a lot easier to just continue to watch and wait until the end.

She doesn’t have to get involved in anything, she just has to see the hidden truths that will eventually be revealed at the end.
But is that really enough?

No, that’s…”

Because who knows?

What if, perhaps, the two of them might be corrupted by despair once again.

“Ah, but…”

Even if Beatrice panics now, it does not mean that she has any power.

What could a naive, sickly, weak young lady do?

She remembered Alejandro, who was staring at Natalia with those dazed eyes that day and that time.

If it was Alejandro.

If he had orchestrated all of this, both before and after the rebirth.


Calm down.
Don’t make assumptions without looking into it.

But then, if she were to look into it, what would she do about it?

Beatrice placed her hand on her chest and repeatedly took deep breaths, trying to control her impatience.

But the more she thought about it, the more Beatrice’s suspicions about Alejandro grew.

Alejandro is a man of many faces, has money to burn, and even joined the aristocracy six months ago.

He could be more audacious.

“I’m scared… I don’t know what to do.”

There was no way Beatrice could compete.

If anyone tries to touch her in a bad way, he will surely, or certainly, take some measures against Beatrice as well.
Nicholas Trad might have been done in by him.

In that sense, she felt that what happened at the end before the rebirth was also a set-up.

“But I was weak because of my diseases to begin with…”

That’s why at that time.

When she felt her body weakening little by little, Beatrice was beginning to realize that she was dying.

It was almost a year longer than the three years she had expected.

However, that made the position of Natalia, the unmarried lady, even more delicate.

Leopold, who was strangely disciplined, never laid a hand on Natalia during his marriage to Beatrice, and remained respectful of Beatrice, who was only a decorative wife.

The marriage was well financed by Beatrice’s family, the Marquise of Strydom.

Although there were still occasional accidents and bandit attacks that shook up the business of the Reinalpha family, the situation was still improving steadily.

Come to think of it, Beatrice recalled something.

She remembered, about two weeks before she was killed, Beatrice met Natalia.

Natalia had come to visit Beatrice when she was nearly bedridden.

That’s right, she was certain about that one.

——”Are you okay? Trice.
You look like you’re in a lot of pain.”

——”I’m fine.
I’m used to this.
I’m sorry, Natalia.
Three years have already passed, and I’ve kept you waiting for this long.”

——”No, it’s okay, it doesn’t matter.
I have hope because of you.”

That’s right.
Indeed, that’s what Natalia said at the time, there was hope.

——”Hey, Trice.
If you hadn’t helped me, I’m sure I would be dead by now.”


——”Because, you know.
I, all this time.”

Natalia looked like she was about to cry.
Even though her face was definitely smiling.

“Every time I had it, every time I found it, I lost it.
My friends, my precious things, my hopes, my dreams, everything.
Yes, all this time.”

“I was empty.”

Even now, She can recall it vividly.
That clean, beautiful, smiling face of Natalia.

“But Trice became my friend.
And she helped me in this way so that Leo and I could get married in the future.
So now I have hope.”

She didn’t want to think that what she said at that time was a lie, but….

“Trice is the reason I’m still alive today.”

“So… thank you, Triche.”

So said Natalia.

After she said that, Natalia stuck the knife into Beatrice two weeks later.

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