yone agreed on that, however…

But, still…

I can’t believe I can’t make it in time.
For such a matter…

Never again.

“I beg your pardon?”

The night he came back to the country, after taking an unscheduled vacation because he was worried about Beatrice’s condition…

He visited Rembrandt, who uttered incomprehensible words, and Edgar couldn’t help but ask back.

He knew what he said, but didn’t understand what he meant, so he asked back.

The medicine was completed seven years after you studied abroad.
That is, about five years from now.”

“…Rembrandt? What are you talking about?”

What Rembrandt next uttered was unbelievable.

How could time turn back?

Did Leopold have a girlfriend at the academy?

His girlfriend was Artie’s friend, but then Leopold’s family was about to fall and they gave up on their marriage.

But it was a trap set by his girlfriend’s childhood friend.


“Artie and Leo were contractually married…”

And it seemed that Trice was the one who came up with this idea.
And in return, we gave him financial support.”

The story up to that point alone was shocking enough.

But the most shocking words for Edgar were the ones that followed.

“I heard that the medicine was successfully developed, but it was right around the time she died.”


Edgar clenched his fists tightly.

I have to hurry.

Quickly, as quickly as possible.

He couldn’t get Rembrandt’s words out of his head.

— “I heard that after you studied abroad, you never came back.”

“You didn’t even come back for Trice and Leopold’s wedding.” —

If it has, if time had really gone backwards, and that really happened in the previous life, then he really would never come back.

He had no confidence that he would be able to smile in the sight of such a scene.

In the first place, even now, he shouldn’t really have gone back.
Because that was his plan all along.

At least that was his intention when he first went to Artie to talk about studying abroad.

He was determined to use all the time he had to help them complete the medicine as soon as possible.

But Artie said…

— “I’m so sad to see you go.”

“But I mustn’t say anything to dissuade Edgar-sama from leaving for a neighboring country with such noble aspirations.
It’s my selfishness.” —

And because she burst into tears…

He found himself saying that he would come back often.

He knew that he would be on a tight schedule if he was to do it.
But he was happy enough to be willing to commit to it.

All along, he knew that she only thought of him as a kind older brother.

So at least he has made an effort to act on that thought.

But then, for the first time, Edgar thought. I wish…

I wondered if it might be possible to beg her for a rare chance. 

Not as an adored older brother, not as a childhood friend to be close to, but simply as a man.

Artie, I wonder if I could ask you for it.

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