Chapter 27 : I don’t even know why

“Edgar-sama, you have terrible dark circles.
You haven’t been sleeping much, have you?”

Edgar, who used to come to see her exactly once every three months, visited Strydom house this time approximately three months and two weeks later.

He has terrible dark circles around his eyes, but in contrast, his face displays a big smile.

“Ahh, I got a little carried away with my research.
Don’t worry, I took a nap in the carriage on the way here.”

That’s not very okay, Beatrice thought, but she knew that Edgar is quite stubborn at times, just like now. It would be better to end the conversation quickly and let him rest than to argue, she thought, as she kept her mouth shut.

“I want you to try this.
I’ve tried a combination of things that have worked for you so far.”

Despite Beatrice’s concern, Edgar furtively rummages through his bag.

He then placed a small vial on the table.

It was a vial containing a dark brownish-green liquid that looks bitter in color.

Although Beatrice was accustomed to taking medicine, she still couldn’t help but twist her mouth, she held it back every time, though.

“Uh, Edgar-sama.
Is this… new medicine? Perhaps the entire contents of this vial?”

Beatrice opened the lid and smelled it, and was terrified to ask.
The fact that it was odorless was scary to say the least.

“That’s right.
I brought that one for Artie.”

In contrast, Edgar nodded confidently.
Normally, she would be relieved by his benevolent smile, but today, she felt helpless.

I can tell you this is extremely bitter, Beatrice thought, and almost cried.
However, Edgar had brought it to her from the neighboring country despite his terrible dark circles, so she told herself that she had to drink it up no matter what.

“Well, wait a minute.

With an impatient voice, her hand holding the vial was restrained and her mouth was covered with something warm.

She blinked her eyes in surprise, and right in front of her was Edgar’s bewildered face.


Beatrice’s mouth was covered by Edgar’s large palm.

His breath touched her cheek.
He was breathing a little hard, perhaps because he was in a hurry.

Beatrice gasped at the heat.
His hand still covers Beatrice’s lips.

She didn’t know how this happened, but now her cheeks were starting to turn red.
Edgar’s face was too close.

Meanwhile, Edgar, who breathed a sigh of relief after covering Beatrice’s mouth, finally realized her confusion at this point, and hurriedly removed his hand while mouthing a quick apology.

“I-I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude… I mean, the medicine is all for Artie, but you only need to take one spoonful at a time.
You seemed like you were going to swallow it all, so I panicked… I’m sorry.
I was in a hurry… I’m sorry, I covered your mouth.”

Edgar, who usually spoke in a calm tone of voice, was talking with great vigor.
Edgar’s face was bright red.

“I know you were surprised because I held your mouth all of a sudden.
I’m really sorry.
I washed my hands and everything.”

What is this person so worried about, why is he apologizing so desperately, even though there is no way she would think of Edgar’s hands being dirty or anything like that.
Beatrice found that somewhat strange.

But perhaps it was because she usually sees Edgar calm and unperturbed, so it was refreshing to see him in a panic.

He looked pretty cute.

…I can’t believe I just thought a man three years older than me was cute.

Beatrice came back to herself and looked elsewhere.
Edgar’s gaze wandered around as well, as if he was restless.

The silence that followed was unbearable, and Beatrice brainstormed about what to say.

And so the topic that came to her mind was the events of two days ago.

“Ah, well, speaking of which.
Two days ago, actually.”

We knew each other’s commonalities, and this is a good topic of conversation, she thought.

“Leopold-sama came here to talk to my brother.
The two talked for quite some time.”

Even if the real reason for his visit was kept secret and they used her fake sickness as an excuse, seeing those two together was really rare.

Well, the content of their conversation was about that subject, so they have no choice but to talk alone.

Her brother said that he was going to tell Edgar about Beatrice’s rebirth.
So perhaps he already knows about it.

She spoke about it as she thought it.
But Edgar’s reaction was not what she expected.

“…Leo and Rembrandt talked?”

Edgar’s tone of voice was lower than usual.

What’s happening? Beatrice wondered.

Has, by any chance, her brother not yet spoken to Edgar?

But that can’t be true.
It has already been several months since she confided in her brother.
And during that time, Edgar had visited the mansion twice.

“Umm, well, my brother has something important to tell Leopold-sama.”


Despite her attempt to continue as though she was trying to hint it, Edgar did not ask any further questions about the subject, and eventually silence fell again.

The heat that she had felt so certain just a few moments before, and the throbbing of her heart, now took on a different form, one that was more unsettling.

Somehow, some way, Edgar seemed to be angry.

After that, Edgar never mentioned the subject of Leopold.
Other than that, he returned to his usual calm demeanor and checked on Beatrice’s condition.

And as usual, he stayed for a full day before returning to Drieste.

The bitter, bitter medicine Edgar brought worked so well that Beatrice felt lighter than ever for some time afterward.
Edgar would be pleased to hear the report two weeks after the letter arrived.

At this time when Beatrice welcomed Edgar, it was the weekend.

The day before yesterday, she was absent from the academy, using her temporary illness as a reason to call Leopold.

Beatrice will not be going to the school until tomorrow, and it was also the end of the week.

So it was too late now.
However, Beatrice and Leopold have different departments and school buildings.

And now that she is maintaining some distance from Natalia as well, not to mention Alejandro.

Therefore, Beatrice did not know about it until much later.
Yes, it was almost a month later.

…Leopold had disappeared from the academy.

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