Chapter 29 : Interaction

“Is that true? Edgar-kun.”

Cartier, the chief assistant at the Royal Institute of Medicine, asked as he leaned forward.  

To which Edgar nodded significantly in return.

That’s what the letter said.
Of all the medications I have given her, this one seems to have worked the best.”

It seems that the formula has worked very well.
I believe you upped the amount of cidra grass in the formula?”

And I also added a small amount of lendoran peel, which helps enhance the potency of the cidra grass.”

“Ho, lendoran? I see.
You came up with it well.”

“I just happened to come across a report written about Lendoran.
I guess I was lucky.”

“Haha, still as humble as ever, you.”

Beatrice sent Edgar a letter.
When Edgar read that she had taken the brown-green  medicine in question and was feeling better than ever, he was so happy that he almost screamed.

She said that it was too bitter and even a spoon was too difficult for her, and that they should improve the taste as much as they could in the future.
But it was already difficult to find a medicine that was highly effective, so the combination of the two would be an extremely difficult task.

It was now the third year and a half.

Edgar calculated the months and days in his head.

According to Rembrandt, before her rebirth, Beatrice’s body finally became immobile in the seventh year… and she was killed when she realized that she was already dying.

Those were the words I hate to even think about. Edgar shook his head silently.

It’s okay.
I won’t let you die this time.

Perhaps she is in a much better physical condition now.

And at the current pace, it won’t even take seven years.
Perhaps next year or the year after that, I will complete it.

Therefore… therefore, Artie will live this time.
She’ll live, and she’ll live on and on and on.

Then she will be able to think about the future just like any other girl.

She would be able to dream of her own happiness, not just a contract marriage to support someone else anymore.

And if it’s possible, I want to be by Artie’s side at that time.

Yes, next to her.

“…I’m totally in a hurry.
I need to move my head and hands instead of thinking about that right now.”

Edgar shook his head to stop his thoughts, which seemed to flow endlessly.

If you want to dream, you need results for that.


Next, he has to consider combining it with herbs that have been shown to have hematopoietic properties.

Edgar went to work.

Everything is for the future of an important friend and the girl who he has been looking at since he was a child, wanting to protect her.

You wanted to see me?”

It is a weekday afternoon.

His master, Alejandro, has gone to the academy.

Zacharias, who rang the bell and called his men, looked up from the ledger he was holding.

“Ah, Thesus.
I have a little favor to ask you.”

As his subordinate bowed deeply and waited for instructions from his superior, Zacharias turned his attention back to the ledger and began to speak.

“I’m a little short-handed.
I’d like you to send me someone reliable.
I’d like someone who’s tight-lipped and won’t risk leaking the wrong information.”

“A stiff-lipped fellow, huh? If so, I have just the one for you.
He is a slave I acquired just the other day.”

“Slave? Which part about him is just right?”

Thesus grinned and continued speaking.

“The man is actually mute.”

“A mute? He can’t talk?”

“Yes, that’s right.
I also checked, but it seems that he is unable to produce any speech to begin with.
He can barely produce a gravelly sound from his throat.
He can read simple letters, but he cannot write.
So there is absolutely no worries about any information leaking out from that person.
When we do give instructions, it’s only verbally.”

After a cursory explanation of the slave from Thesus, Zacharias nodded his head in approval.

“I see.
Well, it’s perfect for protecting information.
All right, bring him in.”


Thesus then left his seat, then he later returned with a young man.
The slave man who was brought in was a lean, well-built man with an eye patch over his left eye.

“Oh, so that’s him.”

His name is Leon.”

“I see.
Okay, Leon.
Come here.
I’ll give you a job.”

The slave called Leon walked towards Zacharias, dragging his feet slightly.

“What the h**l is this guy? Not only his eye but also his leg is injured? If it were only for his physique, he could have been a knight.”

There seems to be an old injury on his right knee.
It seems that the bandage still couldn’t be removed until now.
But don’t worry, it won’t interfere with his work.”

Listen to me, Leon.
You’re going to separate the papers here by date, like this.
Look here, and put the ones with the same thing on them on top of each other.”

Leon nodded.

“These were the documents pertaining to a report that I will give to Alejandro-sama.
Make no mistake about it.
Also, after I’m done transcribing, burn everything and dispose of it.”

When he saw that Leon nodded again, Zacharias resumed the bookkeeping process.

Thesus then said to Leon, who had begun quietly sorting through the documents behind him, “Make sure you do it right.”

All the while, Zacharias kept his eyes down on the ledger.

That’s probably why.

He did not notice that the corners of Thesus’ mouth turned up slightly as he left the room to return to his post.

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