Chapter 45 : And Beatrice was Killed — Before Rebirth

Tears welled up in Natalia’s eyes.

Perhaps her consciousness began to surface little by little.
Her expression, which had been emotionless like a puppet until then, became slightly distorted.

“Stupid, cute Natalia.
Give it up already.
You have been betrayed.
Leopold will never be yours.”


“That cunning little b***h took it all.
She knew the medicine would be complete, and she tricked you.”


“Don’t worry.
When you get to my hideout, all you have to do is sign these papers.
Just forget about everything and stay by my side.”

Alejandro thought that her tears that continued to trickle down were as beautiful as diamonds.

I have seen Natalia cry many times before, but this is definitely the best.

“Lie… Trice isn’t that kind of person.
She is… my friend.”

“A person who betrays you behind your back is not a friend.”

“Le…Leo I love you…I, am…”

“But he took Beatrice as his wife.”


“He, didn’t, choose you.”

I didn’t let him choose, Alejandro added in his mind.

“He didn’t have a choice.”


Alejandro’s smile deepened.

The suggestion drug seems to be working.

“Beatrice betrayed you.”


“The medicine that has been developed will make Beatrice well.
That person will never give up his rightful wife to you.”

“Trice, get well… she, won’t give, Leo to me.”

“That’s right.”


“I’m not lying.”

“I don’t think Trice would do something like that.”

“Beatrice is that kind of person.”

“Trice is such a… person…”

Her speech, which had not been smooth, was gradually becoming clearer and clearer.

That’s it.
Now all he has to do is go back home and get her to sign the certificate.

With that in mind, he was about to imprint the story one last time about the signing of the certificate on Natalia’s consciousness when suddenly he heard something.

The carriage slows down.

“We will soon arrive at the Marquise of Reinalpha.”

The coachman’s dumb voice echoed.

“Ah, wait a minute.
I’m going to Reinalpha house…”

Stop, go straight to my mansion, is what he was about to say, but he was interrupted.

ーーー by Natalia’s voice.

“Reinalpha, the Marquise’s house… Leo and Trice’s house… I hate it, why?”

As she was mumbling that slowly, Natalia’s eyes suddenly snapped open.

The impact of that scene frightened Alejandro for a moment.

Natalia reached over to Alejandro and pulled a knife from the back pocket of his chest.

It was one of the items that Alejandro proudly showed off to Natalia, saying that he carried it for self-protection.


With a clunk, the carriage stops.

Natalia opened the carriage door and took off at a brisk pace.

“Wait, what… Natalia!”

Alejandro hurriedly chased after her.

The Marquis of Reinapha had a guest.
Apparently, the entrance of the door opened while the butler and an unfamiliar man were talking.

Several maids of the mansion are waiting by the side.

Natalia passed by them without a glance and headed straight for the stairs.

Natalia ran up the stairs with great speed, while people were surprised and stiffened at the unexpected appearance of a person.

She was heading to Beatrice’s room.

“Wait, Natalia!”

Predicting Natalia’s future behavior, Alejandro turned pale.

Alejanro screamed desperately, but his voice didn’t reach Natalia.
No, even if it did reach her, it did not echo in her mind.

Mouthing Natalia’s name, Alejandro also passed through the entrance and was about to head for the stairs when Leopold appeared in the first floor hallway.

He didn’t know whether to be suspicious of the commotion here, or whether he should greet his guest, who had been standing stunned there since earlier, but he was certainly puzzled.

Alejandro shouted to Leopoldo, who was closer to the stairs than he was.

“Leopold, stop Natalia! Her destination is probably Beatrice’s room! She… she has a knife…!”


All those who were present froze in place as they all gasped.

The first to run upstairs was Leopoldo, who was closest to the stairs, followed by his guest who was unexpectedly there.

Alejandro and the butler follow behind them.

A beat later, the servants who had come to their senses followed suit.

With a high-pitched voice, Natalia’s scream echoes from the end corridor on the second floor.

“Liar, liar, liar! I trusted you, I waited for you…!”

Leopoldo, the guests, Alejandro and the others ran forward.

Eventually, they saw the room they were aiming for… and saw a woman in a maid’s outfit lying at the entrance.


Curiously, it was the guest who called the name of the fallen maid.

Arriving at the entrance of the room.

Upon seeing what was going on inside, the movements of those who had reached it stopped for a moment.

“Die like you promised.
Die like you promised.
Die like you promised! Give Leo, give Leopold back to me…”

Natalia mounted on top of Beatrice’s body.

She brandished the knife she took from Alejandro.

With tears streamed down her face.

Again, and again, and again.

Towards Beatrice’s body.

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