Chapter 46 :  That’s the Real Story

A room in Alejandro’s hideout.

Natalia is still being held in Alejandro’s arms.

She learned about the horrific sins he had committed in the past, which never happened.

“I think I did a good job of rationalizing.
The suggestion drug worked better than I expected, and you ended up going off the rails.
I’m sorry about that.
I apologize.”

What the h**l are you…”

“Shut up and listen to me, Natalia.
Then why isn’t this happening right now?”

Natalia still did not understand what he was saying, but Alejandro continued.

“Beatrice died and you were thrown into prison.
It’s natural, You, who were nothing more than a Viscount’s daughter, intruded the mansion in daytime and stabbed the marchioness to death.

The anger of the Strydom family was especially terrible.
At that time, I finally finally got to see the faces of her parents and brother when they were ready to chop your head off right then and there.”


Natalia continued to shed tears, and Alejandro looked at her with an emotionless gaze.

His hand gently wiped Natalia’s tears and stroked her hair, even though it was Alejandro himself who was hurting her.

“…I had a hard time.
I really had a hard time.
I had to pay a lot of money to a dubious sorcerer.
I was so disgusted by the greed of the outlaws, who had to be paid a hundred gold coins just to rewind one year.
Seven hundred gold coins to rewind back to the time before I entered the school.
I blew all my reserves.”

Natalia blinked her eyes.

“Don’t you see? I rewound the time.
Because if I hadn’t, you would have been executed.”

“…wha-what are you saying… you can do that?”

“Of course I couldn’t do that.
Well, the guy I asked said he needed some kind of medium, so he dug up Beatrice’s grave.”


Natalia shook her head violently from side to side, as if to say she doesn’t understand what he meant.

“If you don’t understand, it’s okay.
It doesn’t make any difference whether you acknowledge it or not.
I just wanted to tell you that I couldn’t stand to see you executed as you were.”

As he said this, Alejandro’s body suddenly covered Natalia’s.

Alejandro’s reasonably tall body lay on top of Natalia’s petite body.
But perhaps he was supporting his body at some point, so Natalia did not feel the weight of his body.

“…ah, you’re alive and well.”


His words dropped so abruptly, it hit her in the face.

Just like this, he shakes things up with unexpected words at unexpected times.
That’s why Alejandro is so cunning.

To Natalia’s bewilderment, Alejandro continued as if a thought had just occurred to him.

“By the way, you said earlier that Beatrice might have a lover.
I thought it was impossible, but maybe he was the man who was the guest at that time.
That guy was crying that time too, holding a bloody Beatrice in his arms.
Yesterday I couldn’t see his face because I was looking at him from a distance.”

“…I-I see.”

I don’t know why.

I’m being told a very messed up story since a while ago.
I was taken away to a place I don’t know and accused of a crime I don’t remember.

But what I felt for Alejandro is not anger, not fear, but just sadness and tears at the words I hear.
It’s as if my heart is being ripped out of my chest.

All the while, she couldn’t stop crying.

And yet, Natalia was not even sure what she was sad about.

What Alejandro was saying was still not clear to Natalia.

He said that she was a close friend with that daughter of the Strydom Family, that she had always loved Leo, and that she stabbed her to death because she hated that she married Leo.

Moreover, it all started when Alejandro drugged and implicated Natalia.

But being told that someone had rewound the time for him just confuses her.

It was true that she was somewhat attracted to Beatrice and wished they could be friends.

But in reality, they have been in the same class for three years and have barely even spoken to each other.

She wanted to talk to her, but she couldn’t even get the chance to do so.
And she always kept distance.


Distance, taken.

She was taken.

It’s as if she was taken.

That’s because.
Could it be.


I don’t want to.
I don’t want to believe it.

I don’t want to believe it.
I don’t want to believe it.

“…hey Alejandro.
Are you crazy? Or have I gone crazy?”

When she asked this tremblingly, with a tearful voice, for some reason she heard a muffled noise sounding in her ear.


“…I guess you’re still the same even if time went back.”


“…you’re not even conscious of me when I am on top of you on the bed.
You really don’t have any crisis management skills.”

“Because I…”

They, a man and a woman, in a peculiar age, lying on top of each other on a bed, albeit with their clothes still on.

Indeed, from the outside, it is an extraordinary sight.
But strangely enough, there is not the slightest hint of a romantic atmosphere about it.

Or perhaps this is because the atmosphere that Alejandro exudes, as well as Natalia, is also colorless.

So Natalia said it honestly.

“Alejandro would never do such a thing.”

Alejandro said that he would never look at her sexually.

At these words, Alejandro’s head, which was buried in Natalia’s shoulder, jerked.

“…I don’t know why.
You were drugged and kidnapped from the mansion, taken to a house where you were pushed down on the bed, and all I’ve been doing is talking about things that make you cry.
In your view, I’m a crazy man.
Where’s the reassurance in that?”

“But Alejandro wouldn’t do that.
I don’t think you would.”

I don’t know why.
But somehow I think so.

The way Alejandro looks at herself was never the way she looked at the person one was in love with.

It’s more subdued, but with a certain amount of compassion, if not vanity.


Ha, Natalia heard a huge sigh in her ear.

“…you’re just like that person, to the point where you never learn, no matter how long it takes.”



Once, Alejandro put his arms together in an effort to get up, but stopped halfway.
He then thought for a moment and leaned over again, saying, “I knew it, just a little bit more.”


“No, it can’t be.
I’m supporting myself with my arms.”

“I know.”

“Oh, really?”

“Hey, Alejandro.”


“Is what you just said true? Or are you just making fun of me like you always do?”


Alejandro, who remained silent for a while and did not speak back, eventually put his own hand on her head, patting Natalia.

“Trust whichever one you like.
I don’t really care about anything anymore.”

“…I understand.”

With this answer, Natalia understood.

Alejandro made a story that was out of the blue, a story with no proof, but still, surely…

Maybe, no, probably.

That is true.

In fact, really, Natalia actually killed Beatrice Strydom, who he said was her best friend.

Alenhandro said that he made a deal with someone so that time could rewind, so that he could pretend that the crime had never happened.

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