Chapter 47 : Be Cornered


In a forest on the outskirts of the royal city.

Inside a house built to hide from the public, the heir to the country’s largest trading company and a girl kidnapped by the man…

They were lying on top of each other on the bed, but it was not an affair.

The story that he had told to her, which lasted well into the night, was about a time that had already disappeared due to this very same man.
It was about a crime that this girl had committed, which she had no recollection of.

It was the moment when it seemed as if such a mysterious time would just continue.


Alejandro’s voice suddenly lowers, as if he is covering Natalia, who is finally aware of a sin she did not know she was guilty of, and is gently stroking her hair.

“…you, what do you have here?”


Natalia blinked her eyes.

Alejandro quickly pointed a finger on her chest and narrowed his eyes.

“You got something here.”


It was Leopold’s gift, given to her by a man whose name she does not know, who told her to keep it to herself and not let anyone know about it.

Natalia’s eyes wandered, wondering what to do, unable to find the words quickly.

Alejandro snapped out of it and violently ripped Natalia’s collar.


Alejandro was dazzled when he saw this blue color, which appeared a little below her neck and a little above her soft bulge.

“…a pendant.”

A glass ball of deep, clear blue, just like Leopold’s eyes.

It was obvious whose gift it was

It’s been found, she thought, but that was all that came to Natalia’s mind at this time.

For Natalia, Alejandro is in a way a symbol of trust and security.
He resembles a place to belong, like a nest for a bird.

Although he was mean, twisted, and somewhat cynical, foul mouthed, and sometimes violent, but in the end, he is always and absolutely on Natalia’s side.

Although Natalia has identified Nora as the rat that has been taking her prized possessions at her own mansion, she has no idea who released the rat.

And Alejandro has never shown his cruel face in front of Natalia, except for that one time when he was a child.

I have always assigned the role of the antagonist who made Natalia cry to someone else, and I have always played the role of someone who comforts and encourages her.

So Natalia wouldn’t dream of it, nor would she suspect it.

She had no idea that it was Alejandro himself, the person standing right in front of her, who had taken everything from Ntalaia until now.

She was unaware that the dazzling blue color immediately reminded Alejandro of Leopold and ignited his intense obsessive desire.

“…this is from him, right?”

A low and deep voice pricked Natalia’s ears.


“Perhaps from the time when you were so happy because you got a letter from him before?”


Alejandro took her silence as an affirmation.

And the same to the fact that she deliberately did not mention this pendant at that time.

“I see, you hid it here on purpose…”

Aejandro muttered as if to ask why.

It was very similar to when he asked about Edgar, the man who had been in the carriage with her a few hours earlier.

And although Natalia doesn’t remember, it was also the same as when he gave her a suggestive drug.

Now, in Natalia’ eyes, he was making a terribly distorted smile.

He was smiling, but it was a painful smile, as if he was about to cry, as if he had just tasted h**l on earth.

Alejandro then continued.

“Too bad.
You’ll never see him again.”


Natalia blinked in wonder, even though she had seen enough signs of such things in the past.

He hooked his finger on the chain, and with a bit of force, with a snap, he broke the chain.

The pendant then easily left Natalia’s chest.

Natalia was stunned by what she saw, and then Alejandro informed her.

“Because you’ll stay here for life.”

A servant used a knife to tear through the clothing and the eyepatch and others, and when he saw a piece of paper emerging from the inside, he raised his voice.

“Zakaraias-sama, I found it! This guy hid it in a place like this…”

Alejandro ran his back-office operation in the basement of his mansion.

That was the first thing Leon, or Leopold, uttered when they discovered the documents he had slipped into a hidden pocket behind the supporter he was wearing.

Immediately after Zacharias took Leopold into custody, his room was also searched, but nothing was found there, and Zacharias, out of frustration, threw Leopold into the basement.

He then ordered a thorough physical examination and torture, including flogging.

Unlike the usual body check, which is usually done visually, in response to Zacharias’ instruction to be careful, everything Leopold wore was removed, including his clothes and underwear, as well as his eyepatch, bandages, and supporters.

The supporter, which is the hiding place, is also double and triple-crafted so that an ordinary check would not reveal anything.

Therefore, even after checking them all, no one noticed anything at first.

When Zacharias had finished his investigation and was beginning to wonder if he had been imagining things.
Then one of the servants poured cold water over Leopoldo’s head as he was knocked unconscious by a whipping.


Leopold’s left eye, which was wearing an eye patch, was slightly stained with color as water trickled down its burnt reddish-black mark.


Wordlessly, Zacharias approached and stared at the burn scar.

When the water running down from his hair passed over his left eyelid, the water still had a faint color.

Zacharias reached out and roughly wiped Leopold’s eyelids with his fingers.
And his fingers then turned reddish-black.

“…I see.
Well disguised.”

Zacharias turned around and ordered the servant who was conducting the interrogation to re-examine his belongings.

“I doubt that he is mute at this point.
But when I poured hot water before, he didn’t make a sound… Am I thinking too much?”

Zacharias muttered as he stared at Leopold, who was still tied up and passed out.

“…no, he’s a guy who disguises himself so meticulously.
He must have done something to make his voice mute.”

He ordered a servant to pour cold water on Leopold two or three times.

Soon, Leopoldo’s long flaxen lashes quivered and slowly opened.

In his hazy vision, he saw Zacharias, Alejandro’s chief of staff, staring at him with a cold smile on his face.

Several hours had already passed since Leopold had been detained.

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