Chapter 51 : Impossible

I see.

The head of the Marquise of Reinalpha did not recognize Natalia as his son’s future wife, Rembrandt concluded.

When Leopoldo decided to infiltrate the Reyes Trading Company, he took the matter to his father Thomas for permission and cooperation.
Rembrandt went along with him.

Of course, he did not inform them about how time rewound.
Leopold did not know about it either.

Thomas was reluctant to allow the heir to the head of the family to join the undercover investigation, but Leopold refused to budge, claiming that his own love affair had brought him to this point.

In the end, the head of the family relented and sent several people from the shadow guards of the Marquis of Reinalpha to accompany him.

Leopold had no idea that Natalia should be guarded.

It was quite easy to say, “He’s a knight in training, but he just couldn’t read the situation that deeply,” but that was just the simple-minded Leopold.

Leopold was not his own brother, and he had no obligation or duty to discipline him to that extent.

But Thomas should know about it.
He was absolutely aware of the need for it, yet intentionally did not include it, that’s all.

All of this started with a disturbance caused by the man who is obsessed with Natalia.
From his point of view, it is no wonder that Natalia herself is seen as the culprit.

The daughter of a poor viscountess with a low title and no fortune, influence, or prestige.

To Thomas, she would have been simply detestable and disturbing.

Frankly, it was none of Rembrandt’s business what happened to Natalia.

But this was a bad move, Rembrandt thought.

I don’t mean to meddle in the affairs of the Marquise of Reinalpha family, but I don’t think Leopold will change his mind in this way.

In fact, he will only become even more stubborn and move to protect Natalia.

Recklessly and without second thoughts.

Like now, for example.

This scene unfolding before his eyes.

Rembrandt was leisurely contemplating such things in front of his childhood friend, who was about to run off somewhere, yelling at Barthe and the others who were trying to stop him.

…after that, it would have been over once they had given McKay Reyes all the evidence of his son’s crime and they received the entire rights to the Chamber of Commerce.

Rembrandt rubbed his temples with his fingers, then glanced down at the forged account book he had obtained as a condition of cooperation.

From the perspective of Barthe and the others, the shadow guards of the Marquis of Reinalpha, it is unacceptable to move without the orders of the head of the family.
Moreover, protecting Natalia is against Thomas’ wishes.
In fact, he probably even wants her to die.

That said, they cannot leave Leopold, the Lord’s son, alone.

If Leopold goes out of control here and now, what is the right course of action for Barthe and his team? They must be in a great deal of agony right now.

“…it’s stupid.
Very silly indeed.”

Rembrandt muttered.

It was a small voice, but I am not sure if the men struggling over there heard me.
I don’t care if they heard me, and I would rather Thomas tell it to him.

Thomas is also generally lenient with Leopold.
He’s too soft on everything, whether it’s handling, stuffing, or discerning.

“It’s not enough to get the whole Reyes Chamber of Commerce.
We have to renegotiate.”

Rembrandt, who was not hiding his reluctance, took a step forward.

It was well past noon when this Rembrandt returned to the Marquise of Strydom.

He seemed to be in a hurry to get into his father Noyce’s office, but soon after that, he went to his room, cleaned himself up quickly, changed his clothes, and went outside again immediately to straddle his horse.

As he was about to leave again, Beatrice popped out in front of him.

Beatrice recognized her brother through the window of her room and rushed downstairs to talk to him.

Beside her, Edgar, who tried but failed to stop her, and a stunned-looking Marquez were waiting a short distance away.


“Stay in the house, Trice.”

Rembrandt looked down from his horse as Beatrice stood in front of him.

“You want me to just sit back and relax and not know what’s going on? Is it because I’m sick and useless?”

“…what nonsense.”

“Artie, that’s not true.”

Beatrice interrupted their hasty attempts to deny the question with her own momentum and continued speaking.

“No, that’s what I meant.
If Marquez and my brother are working, that means Alejandro is involved, right? No, or Natalia.
Either way, it’s my fault that my brother is so busy.”


“Please, brother.
I’m glad you’re worried about me.
I know you’re concerned that something might happen to me again.

But this is different.
Don’t tell me to just wait and see.”


“I won’t ask you to take me there.
But at least tell me what’s going on.
I don’t want to regret that it was all my fault for loving Leopold.”


“Because I’ve gotten over the whole thing.
I don’t love Leopold now.”


Rembrandt was slightly dazed, and was at a loss for words for a moment.

“Really… so that’s the case.”

Rembrandt exhaled heavily and scratched his head.

“I’m sorry, Trice.
It was bad news, and I thought I’d tell you after it was resolved… but it’s reasonable to be more anxious if you don’t know anything.”

Then he looked straight into his sister’s eyes from his horse.

“We have evidence of Alejandro’s crimes, but we can’t find him.
He seems to have disappeared, but then he took that young lady, Natalia Olsen, with him.”


“I’m in the middle of gathering information.
In the meantime, I’ve come to report to my father and change my clothes.
I think the results should be coming out soon.
As soon as I hear of it, I’ll be on my way.”

“Alejandro and… Natalia.”

“At Leopold’s request, I did not inform the police.
But the Marquise of Reinalpha has been uncooperative.
It was decided that Leopold and I would work with the shadow guards and soldiers of our respective house.”


The word “uncooperative” reminded Beatrice of what happened before her rebirth.

Come to think of it, even at that time, the Marquis of Reinalpha was against the marriage between Natalia and Leopold.

But such recollections were clouded by Leopold’s continued remarks.

“I’m going to get her out, but I can’t guarantee it.
Alejandro… might even kill Miss Natalia, in my opinion.”


Beatrice blinked.

I didn’t understand what he meant.

Alejandro to Natalia?

He is obsessed to the point of attacking the men who approach Natalia, but that doesn’t mean he would kill Natalia.

“That’s impossible.
Alejandro cares about Natalia.

He loves to make her laugh and annoy her.

Alejandro will only protect Natalia.
He would attack everything else, but Natalia.”

He’s not going to kill her, she tried to say.

But Rembrandt opened his mouth faster than her.

Information about the death of his sister Milch, a fact that all parties involved in the case, except Alejandro, believe to be true.

“It’s not impossible.
Although it is being treated as an accident, he still killed his own sister in the past.”

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