Chapter 58 : Then you’re just a stranger.

Later, after returning to the Marquise of Strydom near evening, Beatrice’s joy at Rembrandt’s safety was short-lived when she received a report about Alejandro and the others, which made her go pale.

Alejandro and Natalia were taken to the hospital for further examination.

They have yet to regain consciousness.

As for Alejandro, who has to be dealt with in the future, he said that the Baron of Reyes family has been notified through a letter.

Rembrandt will visit McKay Reyes at a later date to discuss various matters, including compensation and punishment.

Of course, the Marquis of Reinalpha will be with him.

As for the Viscount of Olsen, they told him that they had taken Natalia into their custody, and that they were still keeping the details under wraps.

No one except the younger brother was really worried about the whereabouts of Natalia, who had been missing since last night.

Not to mention the father, who had always been indifferent to Natalia, but the mother was similar.

She voiced her displeasure at Natalia’s absence, but it was only because she was dissatisfied with having fewer people to do the household work.

“I don’t know what to say… they say you can’t choose your parents, but I don’t think that’s one of them.”

Rembrandt said as he placed the investigation sheet on the table with a snap.

“No wonder she was mentally unstable.
She wanted to be loved and couldn’t help but be dependent somewhere.”

Beatrice, who was sitting on the couch across from him, lowered her eyebrows pitifully when she heard that.

She recalled Natalia’s forlorn remark before her rebirth that her parents were not interested in her.

Even then, she did not ask for more details.
Natalia did not want to talk further.

— “I was happy because I had Alejandro and Trice, that’s all.”

— “After that, though, I met Leopoldo and smiled happily next to him.”

“…and that’s why she dreamed of Prince Charming on a white horse.”

Leopoldo’s body was bandaged here and there as he muttered to himself.

After that, Leopold was also treated at the hospital.

That’s how he ended up with the bandages he has now, but for some reason, Leopold still wouldn’t go straight back to the Reinalpha house after that.

He was also somewhat conflicted about his father, Thomas.

He was aware of these issues, but he didn’t even want to provide Natalia with an escort, and he didn’t know what to tell his father about his plans for the future, so he followed Rembrandt to the Strydom house.

“You have three days.
Don’t expect me to be lenient beyond that.”

Beatrice was more than a little surprised to see her brother giving his permission for him to stay as if it was a matter of course, while looking as if it was a hassle.
The same seemed to be true for Edgar.

The two had always been at odds with each other and had always somewhat avoided each other.

Beatrice and the others do not know what happened between them in the past two months.

However, Rembrandt and Leopold, who had never been close, began to talk to each other in various ways.

It was a joy to see their relationship change to the point where they are now more like an older brother taking care of his younger brother, who is not doing so well.

“Something has changed about Leo.”

Edgar uttered this as he sat next to Beatrice and watched the two of them.

Edgar plans to leave for Drieste tomorrow.

Since his departure was delayed for three days, he had to be absent without leave for three days, but despite Beatrice’s concern, Edgar was quite calm about it.

He told her that he would be fine because he would honestly say that he couldn’t leave because he was worried about Atie.

Beatrice has no idea which part of that reason is okay.

Then, the day of the discussion with McKay.

The Marquise of Reinalpha visited the Baron of Reyes, bringing with him his son, Rembrandt, and several guards.

Rembrandt stepped into a different mansion than the one they had entered, namely the main house.

The head of the family, McKay Reyes, nervously greeted the two old, high-ranking noble families.

His well-fleshed body hunched over, sweat beading on his forehead, as he offered his apologies.

But the visitors’ attitude toward him is indifferent.

The documents that proved the results of the undercover investigation were laid out in a row and held up in front of McKay’s eyes.

McKay, who somewhat resembles Alejandro, turned pale.
McKay told everyone that he did not know anything and that he had nothing to do with the case.

“No matter how much you claim to not know, he is your son.
People and things move in their own way to do something like this.
And you didn’t even notice it?”

“Yes, yes.
I am truly ashamed to say this, but it is true.”

“I see.”

Rembrandt took out a sheet of paper from his bag.

“I thought we could settle this case privately, but if you want to make it black and white, we can go to trial.
Well, you won’t win, but if you want to give it a try, by all means.”


If everything were to be exposed in court, the household itself would suffer immeasurable damage, not to mention the Reyes Chamber of Commerce.
It would probably be impossible for him to recover as a merchant.

“I don’t really care either way.
I’ll get what I want in the end… but…”

Rembrandt pointed to the papers on the table.

“If you sign here, I’m willing to let you stay here as the head of the Reyes Chamber of Commerce.
You will become a hired employee, but your official position will remain the same… in other words, you can keep up appearances.”


“We ask that you give us all of the profits of the Chamber of Commerce, and we will pay your salaries from there.
In that case, the name of the Reyes Chamber of Commerce will continue to exist.
But the rights and title will belong to the Strydom family.”

In the end, it took less than an hour for McKay Reyes to sign the document.

Rembrandt confiscated all the land and houses of the Reyes family except their main residence.
The money from those disposed properties was used as a consolation payment for the damage done to the Marquise of Reinalpha.

When the entire procedure was completed, McKay was stunned.

He held his head and muttered to himself as if he were groaning.

“…I should have gotten rid of that thing.
I should have gotten rid of that thing at that time.
I should have gotten rid of that thing too… but I showed mercy after he killed his sister.”

Rembrandt sighed heavily.

“…he said that he didn’t kill her.”


“He said that he didn’t kill his sister.”

“…ha! What nonsense.”

He seems to have forgotten about courtesy to the higher nobility.
McKay snickered at Rembrandt’s comment.

“You say that because you don’t know him.
He’s a real piece of work.”

“…I won’t deny that, but at least I think I know him better than you do.”


“When was the last time you spoke to your son?”

“…well, I…”

“It’s been more than a decade since you’ve spoken to him and he’s as good as a stranger to you.”


“Alejandro was a piece of trash.
But you accuse him of that? You think you’re in a position to do that?”

He stood up to face McKay, who fell silent, indicating that he was finished with his business.

“I hope you will work hard from now on… for the Strydom family, and for my Chamber of Commerce.”

Rembrandt looked down at him with cold eyes and told him so.

Natalia regained consciousness on the second night.

She had dislocated her right shoulder, but that was her only injury.

They waited for her to recover and interviewed her as well.
Leopoldo also wanted to talk with her.

Alejandro was still unconscious.

Alejandro had a broken neck.

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