Chapter 5 : An Unexpected Revisit

After her rebirth, her confused memories were getting more and more organized.

And so, it was already three days since Edgar’s visit to Beatrice’s mansion to talk about his desire to study in a neighboring country.

Beatrice, who had recovered considerably, felt like breathing in the outside air, so she asked Martha to prepare tea at the garden’s pavilion.

But then a servant came and told her that she was called to the study by her father.

She met her father on the day of her rebirth, and he came to see her many times since then.

That includes, of course, Beatrice’s mother and brother.

She knocks on the door of her father’s study, wondering what he needs from her, even going through the trouble of calling her.

There, Beatrice was greeted by her father, who was waiting for her with a slightly mysterious look on his face, and Edgar, who was scheduled to leave to study in a neighboring country in a few days.

Ara? Beatrice felt uncomfortable.

Before her rebirth, after Edgar had told her about his plan to study in a neighboring country, there was no chance to meet him again.

So why is he here?

“You’re here.
Trice, sit down.”

Her father gestured with his hand for her to take a seat next to him, and Beatrice sat down with some trepidation.

“Edgar came to see you again.
You two can go for a walk in the garden.”

When her father said so, she glanced at Edgar, and he lowered his eyebrows slightly and smiled at her.

“Is that okay, Artie?”

When Edgar, whom she admires like an older brother, offers his hand gently, Beatrice has no choice but to accept it gladly.

Originally, she was prepared to never see him again for another seven years.

Beatrice’s cheeks flushed lightly with joy as she placed her fingers on his outstretched hand.

“Just in time, Edgar-sama.
I was just about to ask someone to prepare some tea for me.
Please join me.”

“That sounds good.”

Walking side by side with Edgar as her escort, the two walked through the gardens, where brightly colored flowers were beginning to bloom here and there, delighting the eye even though it was still early spring.

“Sorry for the unexpected visit.”

“Oh no, I’m actually happy.
I thought I wouldn’t see you again, since you’re going to another country to study soon.”

“Yes, I was indeed planning to do that.”

Sitting down on a chair, as the attendants prepared the tea and moved a little futheraway, Edgar continued to speak, looking a little nervous.

I was going to end it with a quick greeting the other day.
But, Artie.
You told me you were going to miss me.”

Edgar turned to his usual gentle gaze on Beatrice.

Beatrice’s heart skipped a beat when she saw the sincerity and earnestness in his eyes.

“I’m so happy.”


“I was so happy to hear you say that you would miss me.”

“Edgar-sama? That.”

It’s alright.
Don’t worry.
I know you like Leo.”

“Leo… Leopold, -sama?”


Edgar nodded, as he should, which made Beatrice reminisce.

That’s right, I went back in time.

At this time, I still loved Leopold.
I loved him, and just loved him.

All I could see was him.

Towards Edgar, she could act selfish and be unreservedly spoiled by him like his little sister, but in front of Leopold, she was desperately trying to be taller and putting in unnecessary effort to show her good side.

…thinking about it now, I feel embarrassed because it was so disgraceful.

Leopold had no more feelings for her other than childhood friendship with her, and she was the only one who felt that way, and dreamed of irresponsible dreams.

But it’s okay.

That, too, is over.

“…I liked Leopold-sama, you know.
Well, until the other day.
But now, I don’t.”


“It’s okay.
I’m already done with Leopold-sama.”

“…are you serious?”

Beatrice nodded her head.

Because she knows now.

Leopold has Natalia.

He will meet Natalia, who is about to enroll in the academy.

She knows the meaning of that passionate look Leopold will give Natalia, and only Natalia, in the future.

She had seen it up close and personal all her life.

“I’m just like a sister to Leopold-sama, just like how Edgar-sama treated me.”



I’m going to ask you one more time.
Are you serious about that?”


She wondered what was wrong.

Edgar has a rather complicated expression on his face.

She was aware that Leopold only saw her as a sister, and she thought she understood her position correctly, but was she wrong in any way?

Then it occurred to her.

Edgar was overprotective of Beatrice.

He even always chided Leopoldo to be more kind to Beatrice.

But she was not really his sister.

Maybe she shouldn’t have made that younger sister remark.
Would that have been better?

She can’t put him on a lover’s frame though, that much is clear.

“…I get it.”


“Well, it can’t be helped now.”

While she was agonizing over this, Edgar seemed to have convinced himself of something.

His eyebrows were still slightly furrowed, but the anger and confusion had disappeared from his eyes.

Relieved at this, Edgar suddenly opened his mouth.

“I’ll be back often.”


This time, Beatrice’s mouth hung open blankly.

“I’ll try to send letters often.
I’d like to hear back from you… if you can, but there’s no need for you to feel obliged.” 

“Eh, that.”

She can’t understand.

When in the world did they start talking about coming to see her or sending letters?

She blinked, and Edgar smiled at her.

“Because you’re lonely, aren’t you?”

“Uh, mm.”

“Artie said so.
You said you’re going to miss me when I’m gone.
That’s why I’ll try to come back to see you as much as possible.
And I’ll write you letters, too.
Then Artie won’t miss me anymore, right?”

Edgar’s smile was somewhat bewitching, and he looked completely different from the man who had always drawn a line in the sand up until then.

He looks like a different person, Beatrice thought.

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