undercover, during which they couldn’t meet, changed her mind? Or was it that letter and pendant that he gave to dispel her fears?

He gently stroked the wounds, which had almost healed, over the bandage.

He hadn’t seen her for a long time… when he saw her through the special glass, she looked somewhat like a different person from before.

When she saw Rembrandt entering the room, she was surprised and bowed her head, then she heard him say that he was the messenger from that time.

At times, she was mumbling, at other times, she was stammering, still desperately searching for the right words.

“In the world before regression, I killed Beatrice-sama.” She said sadly.

“Even though I was drugged, I still commited that murderous act.
It’s still terrible to stab someone to death with a knife”, She said to him in a self-mocking tone.

“I heard that he, Beatrice, and I were good friends.
Alejandro told me so.”

Natalia, who is a crybaby, was still full of tears as she said that, but her appearance was somehow different from the Natalia he knew.

When Natalia learned that Rembrandt was Beatrice’s brother, she was even more horrified and bowed again and again to apologize.

“I’m sorry for causing so much trouble.” She said.

“Thanks to your advice, I was able to catch the rats in the house, but that was as far as I could go, and this is what ended up happening.” She said with a tearful smile on her face.

Leopold didn’t understand half of what Natalia meant when she mentioned those things.
His ears were only picking up their sounds, but his head refused to comprehend them, and while doing so, before he knew it, everything was over.

He snapped at Rembrandt without knowing why and was easily confronted with the facts.

That was no delusion.
It’s about a memory of a time that was erased.

It was about a stupid decision that I would have made again if I hadn’t changed.


What should I do?


Now I know what I’m missing.

I don’t want to make mistakes anymore.



Leopold, who had been sinking into an abyss of thought, came to himself when a knock on the door announced that dinner was ready.

Before he knew it, the sun had set and it was pitch black outside the window, where the curtains had not even been drawn.


He straightened his posture and stood up.

That’s right.

Let’s start here.

I have to start from here.

There are some things that only I can take care of.

He opened the door and asked the butler, who was standing there, to deliver a message.

“Tell my father that I need some time with him after dinner.”

I have something I want to talk to you about ーーー

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