Chapter 66: Who is the right person for the job?

“…so? What do you want me to do by showing Alejandro-sama’s current state?”

Zacharias glared at Rembrandt.

“I will not be involved in anything that will harm Alejandro-sama, even if he’s in such a state.”

“…you’re really loyal.
Well, listen to me.
You’re the only one who is suitable for this kind of guy.”


After smiling at Zacharias, who looked at him doubtfully, Rembrandt took out the thing he prepared from his bag.

It made a heavy sound once it landed on the table.

“Zacharias, I want you to handle this.”

It was eight years ago that Zacharias went to work for the Reyes Chamber of Commerce.
Alejandro was ten years old then.

So in the beginning, he knew nothing about the Milch case.

Alejandro was already helping out the Chamber of Commerce since that time, so they had several opportunities to see each other, but they rarely exchanged words.

After working for four years as an accountant for the Reyes Chamber of Commerce, he became Alejandro’s direct subordinate when he set up his new division.

At that time, Alejandro was fourteen years old.

Fifteen years younger than Zacharias.
Yet he had an excellent sense of style that did not suit him, and the products he purchased were always the talk of the town.

Under McKay’s orders, half of Alejandro’s earnings went into his father’s pocket every month as a monthly allowance, but even with such exploitation, it was still enough to cover the needs of the department and pay the salaries of the employees.

Zacharias thought McKay’s demands were absurd, but the man himself, Alejandro, did not seem bothered.
He just did as he was told, without hesitation, and continued to earn money and gave it to his father.

He didn’t even speak to his father or mother, and his only communication with them was in writing or through other people.
Furthermore, it was almost always about money.

The relationship between them was so cold that it was worrisome to watch from the side.

Alejandro showed no interest in anyone, and when he deemed them unnecessary, he would immediately dismiss them without mercy or regret.

He thought that Alejandro was very dangerous.

And he was afraid that he would just explode at some point.

The only time Alejandro expresses anything resembling emotion is when he is alone with a girl named Natalia.

And the only object of his obsession is also Natalia.

After several years of working in the Chamber of Commerce, Zacharias had heard about the Milch case.
There were always kind people who would tell him such backstories.

At only six years old, a horrible child pushed his sister into the river to her death.

The eldest son is a demon in Reyes’ family, who the chairman had no choice but to keep as his heir because no other boys had been born to succeed him.

Some merchants ridiculed Alejandro for this, while others praised his skills and claimed that he was more qualified than McKay to be the head of the Reyes Chamber of Commerce.

Zacharias was the lead member of the latter group.

So when he learned about the Milch case, he didn’t think much of it.

Rather, I was completely convinced.

So that person is not attached to anything.

Parents and younger siblings are just bothersome to that one.

There’s only one person that he needed, and that is Natalia-sama.

Even though he was told that the boss had killed Milch, he did not avoid the boss, who he admired.

Rather, he was relieved to know that Alejandro was also a normal human being, knowing that he has such fragility.

He supported his young boss, sometimes advised him, to be recognized for his worth, and at some point, he set his heart on having him as his only master.

He did whatever pleased Alejandro.

No matter how outrageous or backhanded the conduct.

I swore to accompany you even to h**l.

For Alejandro, who only has memories of his life up to the age of six, Zacharias, whom he met at the age of ten, has become a man he has never met.

Alejandro, who is in front of him, looked up at Zacharias with empty eyes that had no purpose or intention.

“Now there are only two categories of people in his eyes: Milch and the others.”

Rembrandt’s voice rang out in a rather annoyed tone.

“But still, I don’t want to leave him alone while still having things I owe him.”

Rembrandt looks at the pile of bags placed haphazardly in front of him.

“I was thinking that when he wakes up normally, I’d just push this on him quickly, and then he’d pay for his crimes.”

Then he continued with a light tone, “But when he came to, he was in such state.”

“…what do you want me to do with this?”

He asked with a hoarse voice.

“I don’t care how you use it.
I don’t care how you spend it.
Seven hundred gold pieces, this is not my money anymore.
It belongs to Alejandro.”


“Once upon a time, I was unintentionally helped by this guy spending so much money.

Well, I guess Alejandro doesn’t care about my business, but that doesn’t make me feel good… I don’t want to leave him while I’m still in his debt.”

“…but I haven’t heard of Alejandro-sama having spent so much money on anything.”

“There are situations even you don’t know about.”

“While that may be true…”

“Giving money to Alejandro in this condition is not going to help.”

Rembrandt lightly poked at the pile of bags on the table.
The top bag fell aside noisily, and gold coins poured out of it.

“Now he is broke.
His parents refused to take care of him.
They said, ‘If he has nowhere to go, throw him out on the streets’.”


“Whether he continues his treatment here at the hospital or goes somewhere else, all he has are the contents of these bags on this table.

But he can’t even manage them right now.
If that’s the case, he has to leave it to someone else.
So who’s the right person?”

With a glance at the silent Zacharias, Rembrandt stood up and carelessly shoved his hand into the bag.

“…? Hey!”

Not caring about the criticism in his voice, Rembrandt took the three gold coins in his hand.

“I’ll take this money for the treatment I’ve paid so far.
He can stay here until the end of next week.”


“Do what you want with the rest.
I don’t care if you embezzle money and go into hiding, or if you invest it diligently for this guy.

Anyway, I repaid my debt to this man.
That’s all.”

Rembrandt turned his back on Zacharias, as if saying there was no need for further conversation, and left the hospital room without further ado.

The only one left in the room was Zacharias, standing speechless in front of the pile of bags filled with gold coins.

But except for two people, Natalia and Milch, Alejandro won’t see anyone.

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