Chapter 7 : The Encounter on the First Day

…she thought she had already decided to keep a proper distance as simply as their classmate.

Beatrice was at a loss as to what to do early on the first day.

“You don’t look so good, are you okay?”

When Alejandro, who showed up late to the auditorium for the entrance ceremony, whispered this to her, Beatrice’s shoulders jolted.

Why are you here…?

Beatrice was so surprised that she was unable to speak for a while.

Because he sat near the center with Natalia in her previous life.

At that time, Beatrice was certain that she was seated diagonally in front of Natalia and the others.

That’s why she sat at the very back this time.

Since he had no way of knowing Beatrice’s inner thoughts, he sat down on the chair next to her.

“If you’re not feeling well, I can take you to the infirmary.”


She shook her head from side to side.

But Alejandro, with his arm on his knees, rested his cheek on his hand as he looked intently into Beatrice’s face.


“I’m fine.
If necessary, I will, uh, call for the teachers in the back.”

Even if she felt sick like last time, since she is in the last row, she can immediately call out to the teacher and ask for help.

She chose this seat partly to avoid unnecessary contact with Natalia, and partly to protect herself in case she really got sick.

That was the case, and yet.

Why is this person, Alejandro, here? Why isn’t he with Natialia?

Alejandro, of course, couldn’t hear Beatrice’s inner voice.

Well, if you say you’re okay with it, I guess it doesn’t matter.”

His aloof demeanor was still there even after her rebirth, she thought to herself at the time like this, and almost laughed.

Of course, she will not commit the folly of laughing here.

She just looked away from him and remained silent from then on.

But eventually, about 10 minutes after that exchange.

Beatrice was carried to the infirmary by the teacher behind her.

And by the time she could finally return to the class to which she belonged, it was already the end of the homeroom.

“Ah, you’re here.
Are you better now”

“…thank you.”

Alejandro, who was leaning against the wall near the door and chatting approached her again.

Worse past was, no, this was not surprising considering what happened before her rebirth, but right beside Alejandro was Natalia, who was looking at the two of them alternately with a curious expression on her face.

“Oh, you know each other, Alejandro?”

“No, we just sat next to each other at the entrance ceremony.”

“Ah, Alejandro did come late.
Oh, I’m Natalia, Natalia Olsen.
We are in the same class, right? Nice to meet you.”

“…my name is Beatrice Strydom.
Pleased to meet you.”

To avoid being rude, she passes by after making at least some basic self-introductions.

The seats have already been assigned.
She checked her table, just to be sure, then sat there.

Fortunately, it’s a seat a little away from Natalia.

Sitting down in her chair, Beatrice unconsciously let out a sigh.

This was too different from the plan she made.

For some reason, she got tangled up with Alejandro, who was separated from Natalia as soon as he entered the school, but from here on out…

…as little as possible.
As little as possible.

As she was repeating this over and over in her mind like an incantation, she heard a lovely voice from nearby.

“Oh, are you the one sitting here? You weren’t here during homeroom, is something wrong?”

Sitting to her right was the daughter of the Duke of Vertland.

She only remembered the name of her house since she didn’t have much interaction with her before.

“…it’s embarrassing to say, but I got sick during the entrance ceremony.
I have been resting in the infirmary since then.”

“Well, that was a tough break for you.
Are you all right now?”

I have always been weak and this happens often.
So don’t worry.”

Lady Vertland smiled kindly and continued, “Don’t take it too hard.”

It’s a friendly, and comforting smile.

Ah, come to think of it, Beatrice recalled.

This person had many friends.

But she doesn’t have the impression of gathering an entourage and making them wait upon her.

It seemed that she often saw her chatting happily with several young ladies.

…she should find a new friend to keep distance from Natalia.
She knew that.

Will this person become friends with her?

She’s sick and easily becomes ill.

She gently removes her gaze from Lady Vertland, who still smiles at her, and turns her head slightly.

She’s always been a timid and withdrawn person by nature, and the memories she had before her rebirth further added to her timid nature.

Don’t be so modest, although she thinks she should be.

Even though her intentions were good, and she thought that her offer was not malicious, and yet in doing so, she slapped the worst possible outcome on herself as well as Natalia and the others.

The memory of those days were still vivid in Beatrice’s mind.

Naturally, Beatrice had no reason to be optimistic.

…again, if something goes wrong.

Maybe this time she will involve different people.
Maybe she will make them miserable again.

It was at this moment, when she was about to fall into a deep depression due to the emotions tormenting her.

“My name is Vivian Vertland.
Since we are now next to each other, I hope we can be friends.”


Beatrice breathed a sigh of relief when she saw the gentle smile on the face of the person who looked up at her.

It’s okay.

I am no longer in love with Leopold.

I no longer desire happiness beyond my means.


“My name is Beatrice Strydom… although I’m like this, please make friends with me.”

“My pleasure.”

Vivian smiled happily.

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