about Beatrice, who had been quiet for a long time, which brought her back to her senses.

“Umn, it’s nothing.
Thank you.”

Pushing aside her anxiety and hesitation, Beatrice smiled.

Maybe it’s because she had thought about it in various ways.

When Beatrice returned to the mansion, she was feeling a bit tired.

Maybe I should lie down for a bit until dinner time, Beatrice thought as she left her bag with the maid who greeted her at the entrance.

Then, the butler standing next to the maid quickly holds out an envelope.

“A letter has arrived from Edgar-sama.”

“Well, from Edgar-sama?”

Just hearing that name made her spirit a little brighter.

Edgar, who was studying in the neighboring country of Drieste, wrote to her quite often just as he promised.

Moreover, it has only been about six months since he went abroad to study, and he already came back once to see Beatrice.

Returning to her room, Beatrice hurriedly unsealed the letter and took out the letterhead.

Then, a piece of pressed flower fluttered down from the inside along with the letterhead.

“Oh, such a pretty flower…”

It’s a small evergreen flower that she has never seen in this country.

Beatrice gently placed the pressed flowers on the desk and read through the letter.

As she reads, she occasionally bursts into laughter.

“…fufu… then Edgar-sama…”

The dizziness had somehow subsided, although the sluggishness was still there.

Not to mention the frequency of letters, the content is also completely different from how it was before her rebirth.

His previous letter, which was composed of a series of difficult sentences like a research report, did not make sense to Beatrice when she read it, and always made her wonder how she should write back.

This time, it’s just an ordinary letter.

It begins with seasonal greetings, and the content describes what Beatrice can understand about life in Drieste.
For example, the streets, the famous food and pastries, fashion, and others.

Of course, there is also some information about Edgar’s research, but it was only a bit, such as “I have trouble with a few references” or “I failed in my experiments”.

And at the end, he will conclude it with humourous and kind words, “Take care of yourself.
Don’t overdo it.
Otherwise, I’ll worry about you and it will interfere with my research”.

And there was one more piece of happy news in this letter.

“Will you be back next month…?”

Although Edgar’s behavior, which was completely different from her previous life where they couldn’t even meet, was very mysterious to Beatrice.

The deep relief she feels every time she receives a letter from Edgar, and even though he only came back once to see her, really calms Beatrice beyond measure.

She hasn’t even seen Leopold for almost eight months now.

Beatrice was happy enough to accept such a fact for the second time, as if it was a matter of course, without any disturbances in her heart.

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