after her death, even if it was a lie, even if it was a pretense, even if it’s just a cold white marriage1 where she did not even receive a single kiss, even if it was only a contractual relationship, she wanted to at least be allowed to live a married life with the person she was in love with, at least she wanted to die happily.

As a result, she was brutally stabbed to death by Natalia, but even though it was painfully agonizing, bitter, and everything was tinged with despair.

I still wish them happiness.



In the end.

That’s right, what happened that day.

It was her who sowed the seeds.
It was her who caused that tragedy.

“The mock battle is tomorrow…”

After murmuring quietly, Beatrice got up.

At this point, she’ll probably be late.
But she didn’t feel like she could rest even if she lied down now.

So Beatrice returned to take her last class, but after school, it was surprisingly Vivian who suggested that she should watch tomorrow’s mock battle.

“I heard it’s a championship match.
It’s a mock battle between students who are neither knights nor candidates yet, but it has a reputation for being quite spectacular.”

In addition to Vivian, two other ladies who became her friends nodded.

Perhaps these ladies had already attended the event before, but she was unaware of it.
As she was thinking this, she heard a voice from behind that was familiar to her memory.

“That… if you’re going to the mock battle, can I go with you…?”

She turned her head and saw the beautiful sky-blue hair that was once alway by her side.

“Oh, Olsen-sama? Are you also interested?”

“Eh, yeah.”

When Vivian and the others asked happily, Natalia responded a little shyly.

“Actually, I was approached by a student in the Knight Training Department to come and watch the mock battle… but I was nervous about going alone…”

“Well, I see, you’ve been invited.

“That’s right.
I don’t think I can go there alone.
If it’s okay, let’s go together.”

“Ah, but is that person okay? I mean, what about Alejandro-san.
Aren’t you that person’s lover?”

“Alejandro is not like that.
He’s just a childhood friend.”

Hearing that the invitation came from a student of the Knight Training Department, Vivian and her friends, although they accepted it at once, remembered Alejandro’s existence, but when she denied that and said they were just childhood friends, they did not pursue the matter any further, saying that the rumor was just a rumor.

Beatrice, who had been waiting for a moment to break off the conversation, opened her mouth to decline at this point.

Occasionally, she will go to the infirmary because she was not feeling well, and she just went today.

So if she refused on that basis, no one would think it was strange.

But with this, Natalia should be able to meet Leopold without her involvement.

Breathing out a sigh of relief, Beatrice left her circle of friends and headed for the door to go home.

But then she noticed Alejandro standing behind the door.


No words came out.
No, she was unable to get them out.

She just quietly and silently passed by him.

Alejandro also said nothing to Beatrice.

No, perhaps Beatrice was not in his line of vision in the first place.

Alejandro just turned his dark eyes to Natalia and the others, who were still talking about the mock battle.

But that was all.

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