She hoped her mother would come to her senses and run away.
Still, a corner of her head thought it couldn’t be: his son died in his arms and her daughter was throwing her body at the killer.

Could her mother run away from such a situation?

But it’s already too late.
The man picked her up and put her on his shoulder.

“Leave me! This beast!”

A few curses came out of her mouth.
In normal circumstances that would be an abusive language that would make her mother widen her eyes and scold her.
And Oliver, her brother, would have laughed.

Tears came out of her eyes and she couldn’t breathe. 

‘It’s a dream.
It can’t be real’

While thinking so, she scratched and slapped the man on the back.

“Mother! Mother! Run away!”

She was on the man’s shoulders, so she could only see his back.
However, she knew her mother was hugging her brother in front of the man.

Her mother’s head moved at her shouting.
The light returned at her mother’s eyes, which had been glaring at the man as if she couldn’t see anything else but him.

She screamed as she saw her struggling on the man’s shoulder as she cradled her son’s corpse.


“Run away!”

At her scream-like shout, her mother hesitated and tried to get up.
But as Oliver’s body tumbled out of her arms, her mother sat down again, hugging her son’s body.

She was seeing something that couldn’t be seen.
Her heart was already torn to shreds as it hung on the man’s shoulder like a piece of luggage, but at the same time her heart crumbled at the sight of her mother.

“Eugenie! Eugenie!”

Her mother’s screams made her struggle harder.
But the man didn’t care and moved towards her mother.
Then he moved the sword from his right hand to his left hand.

‘That’s because of me.’

As she watched the man’s appearance, she realized that fact.
He switched his sword to his left hand because his was carrying her on his right shoulder.

His left hand raised the sword.
A scream escaped from the mouth of her mother who was still holding Oliver’s body.


Clinging to the man’s shoulder, she hesitated.
She tried to turn her around to see her mother, but it was almost impossible.
And the next moment, the man’s sword plunged into her mother’s chest.

Everything became strangely stillness and ominous movement.
Her heart stopped and started beating fast as if it were about to explode.
She screamed as she struggled to get away from the man.


Just like that, she jumped out of the bed.
She saw the dimly lit interior of her room in front of her.
For a second, she looked around frantically, unable to comprehend the situation.

It was dawn.
It was quiet as if everyone was asleep, but after a while, she heard someone running into her room.

“My lady, what’s going on?”

Ann came in without knocking on the door and examined her.
Soon after, Shirley followed her and turned on the light.
Then, the room quickly brightened.

it’s my room.
Only then did she realize that she had been dreaming and lay down on the bed.

I must have had another nightmare.”


“It was the same dream as last time.
It’s so awful.”

As she thought about it again, tears began to flow.

‘Oh my god, that was so horrible.
A dream in which a man I’ve never seen before suddenly enters my house and starts killing my mother and brother.’

It was a terrible dream to even mention, so she just said she had a dream in which the house was robbed.

“Don’t worry, my lady, because this is Seymaria Street, the safest place in Current.”

“Right, my lady.
Do you know that even robbers get their necks like this when they rob in this town?”

As Shirley said that, she pretended to slit her throat.

She knew.
Seymaria Street, where nobles lived, would be the second safest area in Current, the capital of Balcian.
Where was the first one? It must be the Royal Street where the palace was located.

Still, she was sad and scared.
In her dream, she knew the man and the man knew her name, so he must know her too.

But he was a man she didn’t know.
He was a man she had never seen before, until she saw him in a dream a few days ago.
Still, the man’s face appeared clearly in her mind.
He had jet-black hair and blue eyes.
He was very tall and of a sturdy build.

“Can I bring you some warm milk, my lady?”

Ann asked kindly as she was still crying.
It’s a bit embarrassing to ask for warm milk for having a nightmare at this age.
But Anne and her were alike, she’s grown up with her and was like her big sister so she didn’t have to pretend, that’s why she sniffed and nodded at her.

As Anne looked at her, she nodded at Shirley that went out and while the dor closed, Anne astride the bed and stroked her hair.

“That’s why I told you not to read such scary books, my lady.”

She seems to think she was having those dreams because of a novel she read a few days ago.
She didn’t think it was because of the novel because it was a completely different dream, but she didn’t say anything.

After a while, Shirley brought warm milk, and she said as Anne handed it to me.

“Go to sleep again, my lady.
You have to go to the palace this afternoon.”

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