and it did not take that much time.

Awning also seemed to have no difference except that his face was slightly flushed.
So did his friend.
When she saw that Awning’s friend was not Marcel, she was taken aback for a moment, then looked at Awning.

Won’t he introduce himself?

Awning looked a little distraught.
Originally, he should have introduced her to his friend.
But Awning didn’t seem to want to introduce his friend, so she nodded her head to Awning’s friend and said.

“Nice to meet you.
I am Eugenie Biscon.”

“Uh, I…”

“My friend.”

Only then did Awning intervene.
Did he remember that he should introduce her now? As she looked up, Awning held out his hand as if trying to get her out.

“I’ll tell you later.”


Wasn’t he misunderstanding something? Or did he get sick somewhere? Surprised by Awning’s incomprehensible attitude, she looked at his friend.
But Awning’s friend was also turning away from her.

“Because I am very shy.
We will talk later.”

In the end, at Awning’s urging, she had no choice but to return to the hallway with Count Burns.
What was this, what the hell was this? She stood in a daze, not knowing which one to express first, anger toward the rude Awning, or sorry and shame toward Count Burns.

“I’m sorry, Lady Biscon.”

At that time, Count Burns opened his mouth first.


People started to come out as if it was time for a break.
Count Burns quickly took her down the stairs and apologized again.

“Because I insisted on an apology.
I seem to have troubled Lady Biscon and Sir Rencid.”

Count Burns was polite.
It was rather Awning that was not polite.
And come to think of it, he was always a little rude when he was involved with Count Burns.
Wait, was Count Burns being rude to Awning because he was rude?

“Call me Eugenie.”

She said with a sigh.
For the rudeness of Awning to him to be consumed with laughter, it would not be enough even if she and Count Burns were very close friends.
Still, changing the title to something more friendly would help.

“Is it fine?”

Uh, she was about to nod her head at Count Burns’ question, but she stopped when she saw his face.
Count Burns was really happy.
His face seemed to light up when he said that he could only be called by name.

“Uh, sure.”

Stunned, she nodded her head.
It’s just a nickname.
When you get close, everyone calls you by name.
But Count Burns looked as if he had received a great gift.
He said with a bright expression.

“Please call me Elliott.”

Surprisingly, at the thought of calling Count Burns Elliot, she hesitated a bit.
The only men she called by name were Oliver and Awning.
After a bit of mental preparation, she opened her mouth.

“Yes, Elliot.
I will apologize for the rudeness of Awning just now.”

The smile on Elliot’s face hesitated for a moment when he heard Awning’s name, then returned.
As expected, she was offended by Awning’s attitude earlier.
Come to think of it, why was he standing there blocking the door? It seemed like he was trying to prevent her from seeing him.


She was going to ask why when, in front of her eyes, a man she saw somewhere passed by.


He took a few more steps before she remembered where she had seen him.
Wait, wasn’t he…?

“What happens?”

Elliot asked.
She put her hand on his arm and turned her head.
Where did he go? The figure of the man seemed to have disappeared among the people pouring out during the intermission.

“I saw that person.”

“Is that him?”

She put her hand over her mouth to speak in a low voice to the bewildered Elliot.
Then he bowed his back.

“The man who hurt Viscount Aston.
No, the man who is suspected of being so.”

Elliot turned his head and started looking in the direction she was looking at.

“What does he look like?”

“Uh, he was about this tall…”

He was about a head taller than her.
It was of normal size.
He has brown hair and is in his thirties.
She stopped explaining to Elliot and grabbed his arm.

That man.”

The figure of a man was revealed among the people.
The moment she informed Elliot of the man, he and she collided.

“Let’s go in.”

Elliot nodded his head with a look that he knew who it was.
How could this man know better than her? As they quickly returned to his seat, she heard Oliver talking to her mother.

“It is for dramatic production.
I heard that women who actually joined the Order cut or tie their hair.”

She didn’t know what they’re talking about.
When she said that she had been back, her mother raised the teacup and said,

“You are late.
You missed the good part.”

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