ross Elliot’s lips.
He opened his mouth, very curious about what German had dreamed.

“Speaking of forgiveness…”

He didn’t look embarrassed at all.
Seeing what Elliott was saying, the King as well as everyone in the office thought so.

Elliot Burns said that he was not an aristocrat, but he was using difficult words that an aristocrat would use.
And his attitude was hard to see as a nobleman or a commoner.

He was too cheeky to be called an aristocrat and too arrogant to be called a commoner.
‘What’s he doing here?’ Sir Escalee thought so.

“Why would a certain noble son whom Your Highness and everyone in this room knows well incur Daaribhorn’s wrath?”

People in the office thought for a moment that Elliott was being sarcastic.
It couldn’t be.
There was no way a commoner would dare to be sarcastic in the middle of the day in front of His Majesty the King.
But Elliot Burns was being sarcastic.
He casted his gaze not on King Rupert, but on the duke, Germaroth, standing next to him.

Duke Germaroth’s brow furrowed as he gazed at him.
What was that cheeky commoner saying?

But the next moment an ominous thought came to his mind.
His only son, Hildezar.

He heard that a strange letter was sent to the Duchess from his son, who had left for a trip with a friend a few weeks ago.
There were rumors that there was a dragon’s nest nearby.
The Duchess showed it last week saying that he wrote that he would take a lot of dragon treasure when he went back.

What did he say?’ The events of the past week appeared vaguely in Duke Germaroth’s mind.
He seemed to be bothered by his wife, so he replied roughly, telling her to let their son take care of himself, since he was already thirty.

“Who is that idiot who incurred Daaribhorn’s wrath?”

The moment the King said that, Duke Gurmaroth remembered how he had been annoyed with his wife that it couldn’t be a real nest.
Even if it were a real nest, how would a son who went on a trip with just a few friends get into it?

But, but what if it’s a real dragon’s lair? What if his stupid son had his head spinning for that moment and hired a bunch of mercenaries to enter?

If he had a minimum of intelligence he would have returned to the capital without looking back, but Duke Gurmaroth knew that his son was not clever.
He reflexively spoke to the King.

“That’s not what’s important, Your Highness.”

People’s eyes turned to the Duke.
He felt that Burns’ expression as he looked at him seemed to be smiling.

That fueled Duke Germaroth’s anxiety.

The good news was that the author has been forgiven by the dragon, even though he didn’t know what he did.
Duke Gumaroth’s head spun quickly.
It was enough to punish his son’s foolish behavior as soon as he returned.

For now, he didn’t want to get himself into trouble because of his son’s stupidity.

“It means that Daaribhorn has withdrawn his anger.
That is, that the prophecy of interest is wrong.”

German’s face turned pale at the words of Duke Gurmarot.
At the same time, everyone in the office looked at German.
Except for one, Elliot.

“I, but, Izaga… ”

German didn’t know what to say and started talking gibberish.
He prophesied Balthian would fall within the next decade.
A few months later, an enraged Daaribhorn would attack Balcian, resulting in the deaths of most of the royal family.

That prophecy was denied by Burns, who had just received Daaribhorn’s forgiveness.


Rupert turned his head towards Elliot and opened his mouth.
Two things could be learned from that incident.
That some fool’s son had dared to offend Daaribhorn, and that the man in front of him solved it.

“You couldn’t possibly defeat the dragon, right?”

At the King’s question, Elliot smiled and said,

“Isn’t that something that your Highness’ ancestors also failed?”

Even the hero Balsian could not defeat the evil dragon Krysa, although he chased it to the edge of the continent.
Sir Escalee, who understood Elliott’s point, shouted first.

“So rude!”

For a moment, the atmosphere in the office was so cold that it froze.
Elliott was the only one who wasn’t angry there.
The King, who had been looking at him with a hard expression, asked with a tired expression.

“Then how did you do it?”

“I saved the child of Daaribhorn.”

Did Daaribhorn have any children? The people in the office looked at the king with a look full of astonishment.
There were two dragons on that continent, but neither have children yet.
That was fortunate.

However, if Daaribhorn gave birth to a child, there would be three dragons on the continent.
That’s because a newborn dragon was born.

Elliot spoke to speed things up rather than to reassure people.

“It’s still an egg, so it will take some time to wake up.”

“Well, then we have to get rid of the egg before it hatches… ”

Surprised, the Duke of Gurmaroth shouted and then stopped.
The moment he realized the oddity, he saw Elliot sneering.

“Trying to tough that egg took me four months.
Looks like someone still doesn’t understand what’s obvious.”

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