In an Unknown realm arcs of frozen lightning and nebulous clouds of white and grey were wreaking havoc on what once held flourishing and numerous life-Forms. There was no ground, no sky, no air. Only chaos.

Amidst this chaos, a single hazy figure stood out, emitting a strong and imposing Sanguine aura that kept the chaos from reaching it.

”Order. ” casually said the figure. As if listening to an order the frozen lighting and nebulous clouds started dissipating into tiny mots and then slowly disappeared till only the void and the figure was left.

”Sereheim, Report. ” said the lone figure, not surprised by the sudden change.

A short while after a spherical orb with a metallic sheen appeared in front of the figure and said with a downcast but feminine voice, ”We were not able to find anything noteworthy sir but all lifeforms have been exterminated and the core has been successfully retrieved and sent to the headquarters. ”

”Do you take me for a fool Sereheim? ”Said the figure.

”No sir, I would never, ”Sereheim answered.

So they are listening. Well, it does not matter. My plan is done and already set in motion…

”Alright, I apologize for this outburst of mine. Clean the area and use void Blockers to stop Time-Trons from accessing this area. When you
e fine report to the General and if he asks for me tell him Im in my chambers. ” As soon as the figure said these words it simply vanished as if it was never there.

”This **ing Bastard knows.. ”Said a voice that seemingly came from the void.

”Of course he does but thats not the problem. He still hasn asked Major Rein for help, Surely he hasn …. ”Said Sereheim whose feminine and frail voice became Imposing and regal.

”NO! There is no way! We have been preparing for this for trillions of cycles..Ill be damned if I let a child we raised ruin something so important. We can afford to fail…We really.. can . ” said the unknown voice showing a bit of fear near the end.

”Calm down Sorun. Ill gather my soldiers today, gather yours as well. Well attack his base Tomorrow. Killing him isn important, we simply need him away from the empire for a bit for the plan to much as I hate to say it he is way too strong for us, with his strengths he couldve easily become an imperial Guard. ”Said Sereheim without a single hint of worry in her tone.

”Alright, call me when its time. Well also need to find an excuse for our attack, he has a really good reputation within the Empire. ”

”Don worry I have everything planned out. ”

The two beings continued talking and planning for a little bit more within the void before disappearing and leaving.

What a bunch of idiots. The standards for this Verse baffle me, why would they talk about their plan in the open like this? If it wasn for that stupidly strong emperor of yours I wouldve completed my task cycles ago. Ive

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