Odyssey of Osiris.


As the Emperor stood face to face with this being he could see the confidence overflowing within their eyes, as if everything was going according to plan.

Half Orboros, Half Human. So hes a part of a symbiotic race. Why is his bloodline so different from his racial heritage then? And those eyes… He wanted me to find him. Interesting to say the least, lets see what backs his confidence.Thought the Emperor as he diagonally slashed his arm through space. This action was done at such a high speed that before the Dark figure could even Process what was happening a Huge wave of Golden energy rushed towards this being threatening to completely erase its existence.


Shouted the figure while quickly executing various hand signs, still caught off guard by the Emperors sudden attack. As he shouted these words dark green energy and runes gathered in front of him forming a complex formation before spreading all around him like a dome and forming a green runic protection barrier with him in it.

What mediocre use of Runic spells. So he is not of the magus, shaman, or Druid path. Shadow warrior perhaps? Thought the Emperor as his blow finally reached the figures Runic barrier which cracked under the pressure and almost broke but persisted and fully blocked his attack.

”Are you ready to talk now? ” calmly said the Emperor as he looked at the cracked barrier that was supposed to protect the dark figure.

”Did you need to attack me to prove your point? You couldve simply sealed my energy pathways. ”Said the Dark figure not surprised that the Emperor was this powerful.

”Lucius, The astral Ascender. Am I right? My name Is Xian and this boy over there is my Host, Jhomie. We are from a Hybrid nomad tribe that was birthed during the Great War that happened at the end of the first Era of light. But as you can guess Jhomie and I are quite the special case even in our tribe. Jhomie is a regressor and I am a Transmigrator ” said Xian, not holding any secret back.

”I already know all of that. What does that have to do with me and my empire though ? ”Said Lucius unfazed by Xians seemingly grand revelations.

”I was getting to that. In my previous life, I was the heir of a Pendulum Clan. Is that enough to Interest The Great and unfathomable Lucius? ” said Xian in a teasing tone.

Not even a nanosecond later Xian and Jhomies bodies were burnt to ash by an abyssal dark flame and Lucius arm was tightly holding the duos souls with eyes as cold as the waters Of Niflheim.

The aura around Lucius changed and his Golden eyes turned Pitch Black. An abyssal and unending darkness filled what was once the throne room, completely sealing them away from the world. With a wave of his hand, an infinite amount of strings of various colors attached to the three of them appeared, and with another swing, they were all erased from existence. All of this was done in less than a second.

So it was a three-step trap. Very impressive. If I hadn reacted in time they wouldve had me. All the work and effort Ive put into this plan wouldve been destroyed…

”Is it war your people seek ? ”Said, Lucius. His eyes turned colder and colder as the seconds passed.

”Of course not, How would we even hope to contest with a monster like you? Maybe if we had the support of the Royals but we don . What we need is your help. ” said Xian still as calm as ever.

This much control over the Karmic and Heavenly tides simply doesn make sense. And how is he not affected by the backlash? He practically just erased himself from existence just now. Well, the first two plans failed so we have to go with the last one. thought Xian as he was prepared for all possible scenarios.

”We know you are preparing something big. And we also know the last thing you need for your plan to be complete is a Sovereigns Blood Origin. We happen to have plenty of that, why don we make an exchange? ” said Xian as he freed himself from Lucius grasp and reappeared in front of him this time in his real form.

With short blue hair, Blue eyes, and an androgynous teen-like face, Xian stood a few heads below the Emperor as he looked like a child next to him.

A seer. I thought I killed all of those parasites but I guess I missed one. One powerful enough to divine details about me. Hm…was the divination about me specifically or was I the only solution they could find to their problem?Calmly thought Lucius as he floated back to his throne still present in the Darkness.

”We only need you to formally introduce us to an administrator of our sectorial Primordial Tower. ”As Xian said this dozens of figures appeared behind him. They were all of different sizes, genders, and all had their unique auras but they had 2 common features. Blue hair and Blue eyes.

”What makes you think I can do that ? ” Said Lucius as he sat on this throne. His Eyes were back to normal and his aura was no longer glacial, he emitted no energy whatsoever. If it wasn for the fact that they could physically see him they wouldn be able to detect him.

This seer is extraordinary. Theyve been influencing my every action since I met this kid, otherwise, I wouldve killed him already. They even managed to hide this whole event from my gaze using Karmic decoys.Impressive.Should I unseal myself and deal with this now?Thought Lucius as he silently looked at the group of individuals in front of him.

”An ascender that reached such a level is bound to have some connections, and even if you don who within the Tower would deny you if you asked for them? ”All the blue-haired figures stood back as Xian kept the lead seemingly acting as their leader.

”If youve already reunited with your clan why are you still attached to this boy? ” asked Lucius, totally ignoring Xians previous words.

”I never once said my Transmigration was accidental. We have plans for this boy and his tribe but thats beside the point. Do we have a deal or not ? ” asked Xian, annoyed by Lucius attitude.

Suddenly within the darkness, they were in, a gigantic white magic circle made of trillions of complex runes appeared above Xian and his clansmen. They were instantly immobilized by this white runic circle.

Still sitting on his throne, Lucius gathered his palms together and invoked another Runic circle. This time it was a red circle made of 10 archaic runes that constantly spun and emitted an ancient air.

As soon as this Runic circle appeared Xians pupils instantly constructed, forcing him to gather all his leftover energy in an attempt to free himself.

”MASTER! PLEASE HELP! ”Desperately shouted Xian as he momentarily freed himself from Lucius spell.

In that instant space and time came to a halt and a new Being appeared in front of Xian and his Clan. As soon as the figure appeared all the runes that Lucius had invoked dissipated.

”Greetings senior, I apologize for my juniors rudeness. ” Said the figure that had just appeared.

This figure had no distinct features. No eyes, no mouth, or anything. It was just a blue humanoid being.

”What was the point of this whole charade? Couldn you have directly come to me from the beginning instead of creating this whole savior scenario ? ”Said Lucius as he observed this blue Humanoid.

”I truly wish could have. But I am bound by the Celestial orders so to come in contact with beings like you I have to use such childish means. ” said the blue figure with a hint of sorrow in its soft feminine voice.

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