Odyssey of Osiris.

Ruler Of Khaos.(I)

Still sitting on his throne Lucius did not say anything and calmly waited for the blue humanoid to explain itself.

”As you can tell I am a natural-born Celestial. Us natural-born Celestials are born with 3 Tier 15 innate Traits from birth, most beings deem it as unfair but there is a price to pay. As one of the scions of my race with one of the purest and most noble bloodlines celestials can ever dream to have I was faced with the harshest restrictions possible. I do not wish to go into detail but my point is, I want to be free. ” resolutely said the Blue humanoid being.

”What price are you willing to pay for your freedom? ” said Lucius as he stood up from his throne and approached the blue being.

”I will give you the whole of my Celestial clans Existentia Innate Essence, which includes me and all the pendulum clans I have under my control. ”

Shock. Pure shock could be seen on Luciuss face as he didn even care about his Emperor status and prestige. He couldn believe what he had just heard.

To understand Lucius shock a lot of things had to be contextualized.

Existentia innate essence is the energy that birthed all things after the 3 Cycles of origin. It was an energy that only naturally appeared in celestials as they are deemed the protectors of Heaven(existence). Celestials of the lowest rank have a near-infinite amount of it, so what would a pure-blooded royal Celestial have? Only beings experts in runic and soul arts like Lucius would know how Logic breaking this energy was and the doors it could open. What shocked Lucius, even more, was the second thing he was being offered. The innate essence of multiple pure Pendulum clans. This is what interested him the most and also what made him the most skeptical.

”The amount of karma Ill owe you will be ungodly. ” slowly said, Lucius. ”But for what you are offering me this seems fair. ” he continued.

”So how do you want to proceed ? ”Asked Lucius.

Even though the blue being did not have any facial features he could still feel endless joy and excitement coming from it.

”I-…*cough* My name is Kia. ” said Kia as she got closer to Lucius. ” I want you to cut my connection to the celestials and make me a mortal human body and soul only using Khaos Essence. Please use this model to construct my face and body ” she continued as she handed him a runic codex containing all the details of the body she was asking.

Before Lucius could say anything she gently threw 3 multicolored orbs at him.

e not afraid Im gonna run off with this? Quite the confident Lady, ” he said as he could feel the stupendous power these tiny orbs were emitting. The number of things he would be able to do now was unimaginable, even his long and calculated plan would have to be revised.

”Itll take me a few hours to get everything prepared so I suggest you get ready while Im away. ” just as he was about to teleport away Kia intercepted him and asked.

”Can I not come with you? I wanna be present during the whole process, even the preparations, ” she said.

”Sure…? ” answered Lucius confused by her request.

Soon after a golden portal appeared and they both left the throne room.


In a gigantic rainforest, a simple wooden Cabin existed. This cabin was as simple as it could be. One bed, one table, and a sink connected to the river that was a few meters away. The forest was full of wild animals and poisonous species but the surroundings of the cabin were plain, calm, and simple. Creating a strange but beautiful contrast.

Sitting on a cultivation mat in front of the cabin was a man. With Long blonde hair and a perfectly kept blonde beard, he almost perfectly blended in with the nature around him. Through his attire, one could see the faint outline of extremely lean and well-maintained muscle decorated by extremely complex runic tattoos that emitted an ancient and mysterious air that perfectly fused with his already imposing natural presence. This all created a canvas that could only be described as breathtaking.

As he slowly opened his eyes the world around him faded and he was left alone in a pitch-white space.

”My apologies your highness. ” said a figure who appeared kneeling in front of the man.

”Its alright. What is it child? ” gently said the man.

”Your prophecy has been once again proven right. The Usurper and The Khaos empress have met. Their cardinal Thrones and crowns have also disappeared from our chambers. Should we initiate contact sir? ” asked the kneeling figure.

”Hm…Let us wait for them to reach us first. This Usurper has done something to his existence so if any of us intervene the consequences will be irreversible. Even for me. ” As he said those words the kneeling figure couldn help but tremble in shock and fear. One had to understand that this Was Judas Flore, the current leader of all the celestials within Genesis and one of the youngest Transcendent beings to ever be. He was beyond anything this era had ever seen. So for him to act with such caution with a mortal from a lower plane was baffling to him.

”The old guys probably could do something about him but why would they? And the Heavenly origin attached to the Khaos position is something that transcends even Genesis so lets not mess with that. What other information have you gathered? ” said the man with a pensive look.

”We have not been able to gather anything else. We tried to probe for more information by sending a few quasi-sovereigns but they were all exterminated without anything left of them. ” said the servant.

With a loud sigh, Judas stood up and uttered.

”Doesn matter either way. Our rule is unshakable. ”

The aura he emanated while uttering these words was unfathomable and proof of his self-confidence.

”This new generation of ours will truly be one full of wonders. ”

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