Odyssey of Osiris.

Ruler of Khaos.(II)

”Why do you want your body to be of the human race specifically? Im sure there are races more compatible with Khaos Essence out there. ”Asked Lucius as his hands moved at mind-bending speeds, summoning runic spells and formations with each passing second.

”The human race…their ruler, The Jade Emperor, is the symbol of revolution and freedom which is something I wish to defend and fight for. I want to be part of a community that strives for freedom and peace, ” said Kia, her words containing so much passion and fervor that for a moment she unintentionally released her aura on Lucius.

Not minding the pressure she was releasing Lucius answered, ” Well thats quite the Utopic mindset you have there. Humans advocate for freedom but they also enact it. Are they not free to destroy any civilization that displeases them? Are they not free to treat all other races as pigs to be slaughtered? They just have an extremely tight and bonded community which gives this false impression of joy and peace. ” Casually said Lucius as he was finishing setting the needed arrays.

”What right do you have to judge them? Do you even know what they have been through? The struggles their race has had to endure to reach their current status? ” angrily replied Kia.

”I am not judging them, I am simply voicing my opinions. And as a former Royal arch human, I think my opinion has quite a solid foundation. I am not morally condemning them nor am I virtue signaling, I just don want you to join their people with a biased view. ”Said Lucius as he had finally finished setting the formations.

”Alright, Im done inputting the dimensions of your body and the formation shouldve already gathered enough Khaos Essence. Ill use my royal Blood origin as a base to form your body, I think this should be enough to repay whatever karma we had left. ” he continued.

”Wha-How?You were HUMAN? AND A ROYAL ONE AT THAT? ”Screamed Kia as she truly lost her composure.

”We all have our secrets, do we not? Alright lets start, ” said Lucius as a melancholic smile appeared on his face.

Theres no way…I thought I already knew all that mattered about him but it seems some major details escaped me. But how? I have been watching his every since he was born, this doesn make sense. It seems he doesn want to talk about it but hes been pretty open with his secrets so far so lets just wait and see. thought Kia as she regained her calm.

”Im ready. ” Said Kia as she floated to the middle of the formation and opened all her soul Defenses allowing Lucius to come in contact with her soul.

”Im gonna explain how this whole process will proceed and tell you what you have to do so pay attention. Your Restrictions have been placed on your very existence so it won be as simple as simply cutting Heavenly links and then Boom you
e free. If I was in my prime this wouldn have been a problem but Im not so youll have to suffer a bit. Ill use my Flame of abyssal destruction to slowly burn your Body, soul, and eventually your existence. While this is happening you will have to stay conscious and use your will to interact with the Khaos Energy within the formation. Once your whole Existence has been turned to ash if everything goes right, only your Khaos Imbued mind will remain and from there we can consider it a success. ” Said Lucius as he regained his Royal and imposing tone.

With a loud sigh, Kia sat cross-legged within the formation and steeled her will.

”I am ready. ”

Lucius approached the formation without entering it and then uttered.

”[Origin of Life and Death: Summoning of Ahriman.] ”

As he cast this spell, a dark but beautiful flame started dancing around Lucius Body and eventually channeled itself into the formation.

”ARGHHGGHGG!! ” Not even a second after the flame fully entered the formation a piercing shriek came from Kia as the torture had only just started.

The flame of abyssal Destruction. A power that is only given to those who have survived the Cardinal punishments after committing a taboo. Capable of returning anything to origin. Thought Lucius as some Extremely unpleasant memories from the past started flooding in.

”Focus, Kia. My flame can return everything to its origin but it can also Define the origin of Emptiness. Empty your mind and only focus on the Khaos energy around you. Feel its flow, its words and intentions then succumb to it. Let the will of Khaos take over your being. ” Coldly said Lucius as his words contained Runic intent to help Kia focus.

”Everything is about perception Kia. Let go of yourself and embrace Khaos. ” Insisted Lucius as he saw her still struggling to focus. Her body was already fully burnt and her soul was also starting to char.

FOCUS.FOCUS. Just do as he says, let go of myself, and embrace Khaos. Let go. Embrace Khaos. Let Go. Embody Khaos. as she repeated these words, the pain slowly disappeared and she entered a State of enlightenment. All the Khaos energy gathered inside of her soul but instead of healing her, it fueled the flame, whose potency reached unimaginable levels due to this. The more her connection with Khaos deepened the stronger the flames became until it reached a point where she was one with Khaos and the Flames.

”Hmm, shes fusing my flame with Khaos. Ill help a bit then. ” Lucius said as he vanished and reappeared a few seconds later in The heart of Khaos itself.

”Did you guys think I wouldn know ? ” said Lucius as a devil-like smile appeared on his face.

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