Odyssey of Osiris.

Ruler of Khaos.(III)

Within the Heart of Khaos Lucius was face to face with five beings. Apart from their deep sanguine eyes, their humanoid body had no distinct features. Just like Kia. They emitted no spiritual or physical pressure, they seemed to be even weaker than the average mortal. But Lucius could see behind those deep bloody pupils the bottomless abyss of power and force that was hidden.

One being stepped forward and then slowly clenched his fist. As soon as he did that Lucius could not move, think or do anything. His very existence was frozen.

”I will applaud your courage and confidence. Coming here in your sealed state with a mortal body knowing we could slaughter you the instant you entered here truly fits your reputation. ” Said the being as he unclenched his hand and unfroze a Lucius.

”What was the point of doing that if you weren to kill me? Just wanted to show off the little bit of authority you hold in here huh? ” bitterly said Lucius as he regained control of his soul and body.

”We were waiting for you. ” Said the figure, ignoring Lucius remark.

”That child you are helping right now is our Destined Lord. So in the name of my Lord, I apologize for the lack of respect I showed toward you. ” Said the being as he slightly bowed to Lucius.

You **ing bastard if you cared you wouldn have frozen me, to begin with. furiously thought Lucius but he quickly regained his calm.

”What do you want? ” Coldly asked Lucius.

”Before I answer your question, mind telling me how you found us out and how you even accessed this plane ? ”

”You were waiting for me, no? How is it surprising that I managed to get here ? ” Said Lucius as the aura he released gradually increased.

”We were indeed waiting for you but…lets say we weren expecting it to be in this context. Now, do you mind answering my question? ” Calmly asked the being as he too released his aura.

”From the second I saw that Jhomi Kid I knew you guys were planning to trap me. Did you guys think I wouldn know about Khaos Tides? ” Said Lucius as his aura abruptly exploded and flooded the entire plane.

”It was annoying having to live every day knowing you guys could read my thoughts and observe my every move but it paid off. You people are truly stupid. ” He continued as his aura continued increasing as if there was no end to it.

At this instant, a major switch happened within Lucius and he seemed to have become a different being. He still looked the same but his eyes contained a form of wisdom that transcended Common sense and his aura held a depth only a few beings in existence could cultivate. He was still a mortal but now he seemed to be from a different caliber. With a swing of his hand the same strings that had appeared when he faced Xian appeared but this time they were all formed of black ancient runes and extended beyond what the mind could perceive. And with another swing, they were all burnt to ashes.

Struggling to think or even move the being managed to utter, ” Pawns. Thats what we were all along. ” as the being came to this realization fear and unwillingness filled his whole being.

”Now I have everything I need. Ill make sure to use the core of this Plane well. ”

Lucius clapped his hands then the whole of the Khaos Plane disintegrated into septillions upon septillions of minuscule runes and rushed towards Lucius soul. After all the runes entered his soul a gigantic red orb appeared in front of him and just like the runes, entered his soul. This process not even taking a thousandth of a second to be executed.

A loud sigh coming from Lucius filled the void that once used to be the Khaos Plane.

He had finally done it. After Quintillions of origin cycles spent calculating all possible outcomes, an uncountable amount of Rebirths spent gathering resources and knowledge, and an unimaginable amount of pain he had finally done it. He was ready to take his first step into the grand stage that was existence.

He was finally free.

Its been a while since Ive felt fulfillment. I did it. I can finally…live. Theres so much I wish I could say right now, so much I wish I could blame on the world, so much I wish I could tell you… thought Lucius as his eyes held incredible sadness and sorrow. Forgotten or rather sealed scenes from his life started flashing within his mind. Emotions he had bottled and denied for years instantly erupted and threatened to spill out.

Noticing the 5 beings were still present he quickly used his Abyssal flame to burn the tears that were about to fall and regained his composure.

”You guys will serve as guides for the new Khaos Empress. With your strength, you should be able to protect her until she learns everything she needs to know. ” Ordered Lucius, his tone soft but undeniable.

Even though he hadn dealt with all his inner conflicts and unstable emotions, finishing this plan that had tortured and haunted him for God knows how long lifted a weight off his shoulders and heart that managed to calm him and bring him a sense of peace and satisfaction he hadn felt in a long time.

”Yes sir. ” Immediately answered the 5 beings as they were still trembling in fear of the events that had just occurred.

Did he… theres no way right?? How did he deconstruct A WHOLE PLANE? It doesn make any sense? Even the first Ruler of Khaos wouldn have been able to do that. Oh, heavens above, why did I have to offend such an existence? Lamented the being as he almost started crying in fear and apprehension.

”Don stress it. I could not care less about you. The standards of the place Ill send her will be very different from the ones you
e used to so make sure to properly train her. ” Said Lucius as he opened a portal back to his empire.

”Wait here. As soon we
e done Youll directly be transported within her soul. ”

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