“Your Majesty, you are fine after all.
The King of Jin relegated himself to be a commoner because of this.
There is only one descendant in the line of King Jin.”

Fu Ping’An looked at the “abnormal state” on the panel, as if talking to herself: “Am I all right?”

The Queen Mother said: “People from the Imperial Physician's Office have seen it and said that your body has been cleared of toxins, but you are still a little weak.”

Fu Ping’An: “…”

For a while, she didn't know how to explain that she was obviously still poisoned and she stopped talking for a long time.

The Queen Mother then said: “It's normal for the emperor to feel uncomfortable when the disease is gone.”

The little Fu Ping’An sighed and said, “Okay, I don't blame my brother, I just want to ask him why he would be like this.”

 [Taro mash Boba milk tea: Why is the sentence so light, do they both know that the Prince of Jin is innocent?]

The Queen Mother squeezed her hand to comfort her: “He has been sent to Qianliang Mountain; the emperor should not think about this matter, it is time to rest well; by the way, I was afraid that you would be bored, so I specially asked Jiaoer to accompany you, you had a great time.”

Fu Ping’An realized that the Queen Mother didn't want to talk anymore, so she forced a smile and said, “It's okay.”

The Queen Mother said, “I watched Jiao Er grow so big from a baby.
Yes, she was like a snow-white dumpling when she was born, and now she is the cutest of the sisters.”

She glanced at the Prince Regent and added, “Yunping is also good, but she is too cold and doesn't like to talk.”

The Prince Regent looked as if she didn't want to talk about this, she got up and said: “There are still some things in the previous dynasty, so I will retire first, ah yes, and the reorganization of Tianlu Pavilion, the names and identities of several teachers, tomorrow I will write a book and hand it over, Your Majesty can see for yourself.”

Fu Ping’An was stunned for a moment, then became excited.

She can go to class again!

So after the Qixi Festival, Fu Ping’An announced the end of her recuperation and started class.

After this incident, Fu Ping’An's heart was inevitably cast a shadow, and she also understood through the barrage that the real culprit may not have been found out at all – the real culprit is most likely to be one or both of the regent and the Queen Mother.
It's all…

It's just that Fu Ping’An has nothing to do about this.

Before ascending the throne, Fu Ping’An thought that she would become the emperor and the master of the world when she ascended the throne, but now it seems that it is obviously far from being the case.

Fortunately, I only drank half of the poisoned wine at the time.
After raising it for a long time, my physical condition became “slightly abnormal (mild poisoning)”, and the sequelae were only loss of appetite and occasional headaches.

On the first day of class, Fu Ping’An had a headache.

But she suspected that apart from the after-effects of poisoned wine, there might also be a reason why Bo Jiaoer was too noisy.

The teacher who taught on the first day was Prime Minister Fan Yi.

Tianlu Pavilion is actually a book pavilion.
In order to prevent fire and face water, when Fu Ping’An led Bo Jiaoer, Fan Yi was already there.
Standing by the water, his long beard fluttered in the wind.
Seeing Fu Ping’An passing by, Fan Yi also came over to salute immediately.
Fu Ping’An hurriedly supported him and said, “Sir, don't be too polite.”

Fan Yi is said to be very knowledgeable, and he was also a teacher of Taixue in the past.
Fu Ping’An held a kind of expectation.
The class started, and the anticipation quickly turned to skepticism.

In the first class, Fan Yi didn't even have her knowledge tested, so she began to directly ask her to read “Saint Martial Chronicle”, which is a biography about how Gaozu made a fortune and founded the country.
Go up and read a book.

 [Insomnia day by day: What is this teaching? It's not as good as Ma Lian's long history.]

 [Changanhua: I also miss Bo Changshi a little bit.]

 [Whether Wei and Jin: The rest of us have never seen Bo Changshi, we really want to meet him.]

The barrage was discussing, and Bo Jiaoer, who insisted on following behind him, was pestering the palace maid to eat: “I'm hungry, I want to eat peach blossom cake, and I want to eat melon.”

Bo Jiaoer is only seven years old, and she looks like a duckling following behind Fu Ping’An and cried if she didn't let her follow.
Fu Ping’An hated her in her heart, but she also understood that she actually represented the Queen Mother and she couldn't do anything to her.

She turned her head: “Then you go back.”

Bo Jiao'er shook her head: “Then Your Majesty, sister and I will go back, let's go back to play, it's so hot here.”

 [Insomnia: This little girl is so cute and noisy.]

 [Changanhua: No, it looks cute.]

Every time Fu Ping’An said that Bo Jiaoer was cute in the barrage, she would look up and down the other party, but probably because she was a child herself, and it seemed that she only felt that the other party was a little whiter than herself, and the other thing was two.
Two eyes and one mouth, nothing special.

At the end of the class, Fu Ping’An felt that she had not learned anything at all, but the Queen Mother came to ask Fan Yi how the class was.
Fan Yi said a lot of good things, saying that she was “talent, intelligent and eager to learn”.
Ping’An was at a loss, she had only memorized books for a day on one side.

The Queen Mother was very satisfied, Fan Yi was very satisfied, Bo Jiaoer was very satisfied because she was able to leave; only Fu Ping’An was dissatisfied, she returned to the palace, no matter what she did, she felt uneasy.
At this time, Yunping County Master came over as usual.
The two looked at each other, and after a while, Yunping County Master turned the chair she usually sat on, and sat down with her back to Fu Ping’An.

Fu Ping’An: “…”

She is also sick!

Fu Ping’An was furious.

Fortunately, someone said something to divert her attention——

 [Hebei Qingshan: Hey, I said, I found the e-book in the mall, and I can buy it without shipping.]


*Xiangrui- Auspicious sign

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