t and cannot be used.”

The man is Zhang Ling, who met Fu Ping’An outside Wei Jing On “Five Color Bird Fu”.

In fact, he himself is a side branch of the Zhang family in Xinshan.
The Zhang family is not a well-known family.
He is also a side branch.
He wrote his poems and prose, which made him famous indirectly.
When people mention him now, they will remember him as “the person who wrote the prose for Her Majesty who has not yet ascended the throne”.

It doesn't matter whether these words are praise or derogation, but Her Majesty is kind to him.

And maybe because his behavior was really bold, Tian Bin also favored him, and he also succeeded in becoming Tian Bin's student, which seemed to be a promising ship.

Regardless of whether Tian Bin is Her Majesty's uncle, he is also a well-known master in the world, and he is quite accomplished in classics and history.

Zhang Ling heard what Tian Bin said, and said angrily: “Nowadays, insects are running rampant in the court, and the emperor is surrounded by wolves, and the world is in chaos.
They should also be on them…
But the Queen Mother must be so ruined that her intestines are green now.
At the beginning of the year the land that was just begged for by her nephew has been hit by a disaster in just a short time, and the buttocks are not covered with heat, it is really a man's doing, and this is the lack of help for the unjust.”

Tian Bin glanced at him, frowning slightly, she sighed, “It's the common people who are enduring hardships, and there's nothing to gloat about.”

Zhang Ling was taken aback when he heard this, and then said with a long bow, “It's Ling who made a mistake.”

But the Queen Mother really felt uncomfortable, even Princess Yunping can see it coming.

“I went to pay my respects yesterday, and the Empress Dowager had a big bump on her forehead, which was not covered with thick lead powder.” Princess Yunping said to Fu Ping’An.

Fu Ping’An actually saw it too, and the barrage said at the time——[Is the lead powder used, the Queen Mother will not live long, lead powder is so poisonous.]

But because Fu Ping’An didn't know much about cosmetics, so she didn't know much about it.
Now that Princess Yunping said it, she asked in a low voice, “Is it lead powder?”

Princess Yunping said, “Yes, it was offered by the alchemist in the palace, you also know that those alchemists in the palace don’t do production on weekdays.
They only make alchemy, but they can’t make alchemy, so they have to do some tricks.”

She hesitated when she said this, and said: “But it seems to be really useful.”

Fu Ping’An hurriedly said, “Don't use it, it's poisonous.”

Princess Yunping blinked her glasses: “Really?”

Fu Ping’An nodded firmly.

Princess Yunping said: “Okay, I don't need it.”

They looked at each other and suddenly smiled and then their expressions turned bitter again, Princess Yunping said in a low voice: “The Queen Mother seems to have made up her mind to let me go.”

Fu Ping’An pretended to be relaxed: “I also think it's better for you to go back.”

Princess Yunping glared at her: “I'll get angry if you say that again.”

 [Chang'an Hua: Xiao Ping'an, stop talking about this, I'm all angry.]

Fu Ping’An didn't quite understand the logic, but when she saw that the other party's expression was wrong, she nodded quickly and stopped talking.

In fact, she was a little skeptical that it was because of her that the Queen Mother was anxious to let Princess Yunping leave.

After she expressed her opinion during the discussion that day, the Queen Mother called her over that night.

The Empress Dowager's illness is generally said to be insomnia, many dreams and not sleeping well.
Coupled with stress and fatigue, she was a little weak and had a low fever.
When Fu Ping’An passed, the other party was already much better, at least in Fu Ping’An's opinion, she was more ruddy than herself.

When she saw Fu Ping’An, she held her forehead and said that she was sad and had a terrible headache.
Fu Ping’An had to ask her why she had a headache.

Fu Ping’An's body was uncontrollably stiff, and she almost couldn't control her expression.
Fortunately, before she came, the barrage had vaccinated her, so she finally controlled it, and timidly said according to the alternative: “It's not on purpose.
When my mother was away, I just thought of it suddenly.”

“Then why didn't you call him Doctor Yushi? He is also your uncle.”

Fu Ping’An murmured, “Uncle…
the last time he said that the locust plague was due to innocence, I am a little scared.
Queen Mother, is he talking about me? Since I came to the throne, disasters have continued, so is I actually a virtuous monarch?”

This is naturally pretending to be stupid.

But there's a good reason to be silly.

In the Empress Dowager's mind, Fu Ping’An was just a child less than eleven years old.
The current situation was naturally clear to them, but the child was not necessarily so clear.

The book only told her that the king had no way to cause disasters, but it didn't tell her that when the situation was judged, the disaster was diverted to the east, and the ministers beat around the bush and quarreled.
She thought it was possible that she was talking about herself.

The Queen Mother may have believed it, and she even blurted out: “You don't have to believe everything the minister says.”

Fu Ping’An was a little surprised, glanced at her, and the Queen Mother changed the subject: “Recently, I was talking about “The Spring and Autumn Annals of Yanzi” in class.
Is it?”

Fu Ping’An said: “…It's my own imagination, I have never seen what the prime minister said.”

Suspicion flashed in the eyes of the Queen Mother, but she didn't ask any more questions, just said: “Some things, just think about it and take it for granted, the emperor still needs to study more, but you don’t need to think too much about the locust plague, there were often locust plagues in various places during the time of Gaozu.”

Fu Ping’An nodded in agreement.

In the past few days, Fu Ping’An was serious about serving the sick, and finally seemed to make the Queen Mother no longer suspicious, but inexplicably, Princess Yunping began to be treated harshly here; the palace people were harshly criticized, supplies were also short of supplies, and the close maid fell ill for no reason and was sent out of the palace.

Both Princess Yunping and Fu Ping’An realized that it was the Queen Mother who wanted to force her to leave quickly.

What the Queen Mother wants to do will always be done.
If she is not allowed to achieve her goal quickly, she may use more drastic means.

Fu Ping’An always felt that this might be the reason why she insisted on expressing herself at that time, and she didn't even dare to tell Princess Yunping about it.

“Moonrise Dongshan” never spoke again, even though the people in the barrage kept mocking him, but Fu Ping’An knew through this incident that the audience can put forward their own suggestions, but it is up to her to judge whether it is right or not, because the consequences are always her responsibility.

If she can't bear it, it will affect the people around her.

She also used Qingquan Palace for dinner this day, because if she eats here, the food will be slightly better, but she can't come all the time, the Queen Mother will “remonstrate” her—more often Princess Yunping.

After dinner, Princess Yunping sent Fu Ping’An to the gate.
When she was about to reach the gate of the palace, she suddenly took Fu Ping’An and walked quickly for a while.
“The next time I said that I want to see that guard, I will help you find a way and see you at the Beigong.”

Fu Ping’An was shocked and wanted to persuade, but the palace guards had already followed, so Fu Ping’An had to say vaguely: “You don't say nonsense.”

She didn't know what the Yunping princess was thinking, but she always felt a little uneasy.

One day four days later, she woke up in the noise, and saw the direction of Qingquan Palace, and the flames shot up into the sky.

Fu Ping’An's hands and feet were cold, Qin He came in from the door, holding a cloak in her hand, and said: “Your Majesty, don't worry, I don't know what happened yet.”

Fu Ping’An grabbed the cloak and rushed out of the door immediately.

She ran faster than ever before, and the palace servants were left behind by her without even realizing it.
When she was approaching Qingquan Palace, she suddenly thought of something.

“See you at the North Palace then.”

The North Palace was actually the Leng Palace of the previous dynasty, but now the late emperor's concubines have long been buried with them, and there are few people in the palace, so there is no one in the Leng Palace.

Seeing that there was no one around, Fu Ping’An turned and ran towards the North Palace.
There was no one on the road, probably because they were all attracted by the fire in Qingquan Palace.

When she finally saw the gate of the North Palace from a distance, Fu Ping’An saw a familiar figure.

She was in an unprecedented embarrassment, her face was covered with ashes, dirty, her hair was messed up, she was only wearing an undergarment and she was standing on the ground barefoot.

In the night, the palace walls were black and the ground was black, but her whole body was white, as if she was glowing.

Panting heavily, Fu Ping’An was about to speak when she was pulled into the palace gate the next second.
Fu Ping’An was shocked: “Why isn't this door locked?

“Why hasn't the banquet come yet, she didn't understand what I said, right?” Princess Yunping's voice was a little anxious.

Fu Ping’An stared at her in a daze.
Just a moment ago, her heart was pierced and tears filled her eyes.

Princess Yunping glanced at Fu Ping’An's expression and saw it, and said embarrassingly: “I set the fire on.”

Then she snickered: “Fu Lingxian and the Queen Mother will be very angry.”

Fu Ping’An said “hmm” “I'm very angry too.”

Princess Yunping looked at her and said softly, “I'm sorry, but before I leave, I also want to help you.
In fact, it doesn't matter if I die.
I don't care about life.
No nostalgia, if my life can help you, that's fine too.”

An anger rose in Ping’An's heart, which was even more intense than when the Queen Mother “admonished” her.
She lowered her voice, gritted her teeth and said, “Why don't you want to live? I want to live.
I'm still poisoned.
People go away one by one, but I always want to live, why don't you want to live, I, I…”

Princess Yunping looked at her with calm eyes.

Fu Ping’An was suddenly embarrassed to say the rest.
She originally wanted to say “I still need you”, but instead said: “You don't want to know why the moon is bright and why the world is round? Don't you like astrology? Well, you didn’t have time to tell you the answer in the book, so you don’t even want to know.”

Yun Ping’s eyes lit up inch by inch, and she murmured: “I want to know.”

She held Fu Ping’An’s hand, and her palm felt a little cold.
She was sweating, and her eyes were so bright that they seemed to be on fire.
Fu Ping’An remembered the first time she saw the other party.
At that time, she looked into the other party's eyes and felt that the girl looked like an old man.

A helpless voice suddenly came from behind: “You guys are so courageous.”

Fu Ping’An turned around.

Chen Yan, with a sword in her hand, actually squatted on the palace wall of the North Palace.
After seeing them, she jumped off the wall.

She was wearing the clothes of a palace guard, with a red turban on her head, sweat on her forehead, and she seemed to have come in a hurry.

Princess Yunping said: “You are too slow.”

Chen Yan raised the corners of her mouth: “I am definitely very fast, after all, I have to deal with some small tails.

“Isn't that the person Her Majesty is looking for?”

Fu Ping’An glanced at Princess Yunping, this was naturally Princess Yunping's own idea.

But she said: “I want to gamble.”

Chen Yan smiled, and suddenly held the sword at her waist, Fu Ping’An broke out in a cold sweat and resisted the urge to retreat.

Chen Yan approached, knelt down on one knee, her posture was upright and respectful, but her words were frivolous: “Your Majesty made the right bet.” 

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