She was a little worried and a little excited.
Before she left the city gate, she was still looking out of the car, watching the carriage pass by the stall where she often bought soup cakes.
Her head said, “Is Your Highness hungry?”

Fu Ping’An shook her head.
Before going out in the morning, she had a hearty breakfast, and even a pickled dried fish, which she served with a bowl of thick yellow rice after eating the porridge, she was sweating all over.

In the past few years, except for the New Year's Day, she has not eaten meat for a long time, but these days she has meat in every meal.
She is even a little unused to eating and doesn't feel very comfortable.

What also made her uncomfortable was the thick cushion that was spread in the carriage, wrapped in radiant brocade and exuding a faint fragrance.
This was the fabric that she was unable to use for clothes in the past two years.

Maybe she lived like this before she was seven years old, but I don't know if it was because she was still young at that time, her memory of those splendid clothes and jade food was a little vague, at least for her now, it made her feel more familiar ones are fluffy straw mats.

The freshly dried straw will smell of sunshine and grass, making one feel like sleeping on the grass on a sunny day.

After leaving the city, the road started to bump up and Fu Ping’An felt dizzy and nauseated.
The mammy hugged her and told her to sleep.
Before she knew it, she fell asleep.
When she woke up, she smelled an unfamiliar but pleasant smell.
The aroma was like it came from an unknown flower, not rich, elegant and pleasant.
Fu Ping’An opened her eyes in a daze, and saw that the person holding her was no longer a maid, but one of the maids sent by Bo Changshi.

This is the maid who looked at her impatiently before, whose name is Azhi.
Later, Fu Ping’An realized that the three maids are also a little different.
The one named Azhi seems to be the leader.

Fu Ping’An suddenly woke up; she straightened up, looked around, and saw Mammy lying on the side, snoring loudly.

She was about to open her mouth to wake her up, but heard Azhi say, “Bo Changshi was sent by the Queen Mother to investigate your character.
You shouldn't offend her.”

Fu Ping’An was startled and looked at her like a ghost.

Azhi stared at her, her voice fluttering like a ghost: “Do you know the current situation in the imperial court? Entering the imperial court on this trip is really no different from entering the Tiger Den.”

“…What? Tiger Den? What do you mean? Me, I… I haven't learned this word before.”

Azhi was silent for a while, she stared at Fu Ping’An's face for a while, and seemed to sigh faintly, then whispered: “Your Highness, do you know that before you, the Prince of Jin was also adopted , was established as the crown prince, but was deposed last month.”

Fu Ping’An shook his head, of course she didn't know, there were so many things she didn't know in this world.

The windows were drawn, and the carriage was very dark, but she was used to the dark environment.
The scene in the carriage was clear to Fu Ping’An.
She found that it was the first time she could see Azhi's face clearly.
The delicate face, eyebrows, eyes, and mouth corners are all slender and upward, the cheeks are narrow and small, and the bones seem to be slender.

She pondered why this happened, and suddenly thought that Azhi had never raised her head in front of her before.

Of course, all the attendants she saw were like this.
Even if she was much shorter than them, they would not hold their chests up in front of them, but always hunched over their chests, as if they were about to fold their faces into their chests.

 [Ping An baby is so cute: This girl is not simple.]

This line of words in the void speaks Fu Ping’An's heart.

Although Fu Ping’An was still young, he also vaguely felt that Azhi was not like a maid.

what just happened?

His thoughts were suddenly disturbed by the content of the text he just saw.
Fu Ping’An stared at the void, and when he saw it, another sentence flew out:

 [Ping’An baby is so cute: is it something elaborate?]

Fu Ping’An was stunned, and said – what is “Ping’An baby is so cute”?

As if to answer her sentence, another sentence came quickly——

 [Ping’An baby is so cute: By the way, Xiao Ping’An, I just want to kneel down for me presumptuously, I think the previous name is not good, and I spent money to change its name.]

Fu Ping’An blushed and blurted out: “This name is not good.”

AZhi was stunned: “What?”

Fu Ping’An's cheeks were hot, partly because of embarrassment, and partly because the other party's new name was too explicit.
What baby, what cute.

To hide her embarrassment, she changed the subject and said, “You… aren't you also sent by Bo Changshi?”

Azhi blinked, and Fu Ping’An walked away, because Azhi's eyes were extremely beautiful, like a cloud drawn by ink, and she felt that he was not ordinary, not like an ordinary maid.

Azhi stretched out his hand to hug her, Fu Ping’An subconsciously hid, but because he was distracted, Azhi took her into his arms and put his mouth to her ear: “I'm not with Bo Changshi, but you don't need to know who this one is with right now.”

Her ears were hot; Fu Ping’An pushed Azhi away, and saw a few lines of words floating by.

 [The wind blows and the flowers fall: The anchor's Yan Fu is not shallow.]

 [Ping An baby is so cute: Ping An baby is still a child!]

 [Wind Blows Falling Flowers: From my point of view, this maid must be an Omega, not a Beta]

Fu Ping's face was red, not because she was in Azhi's arms, but also because of the words floating by, she didn't fully understand, but for some reason she seemed a little touched, she lowered her head and sat up straight, and said, “I see.” The carriage quieted down, except for the clattering of hooves.

Azhi raised his eyebrows slightly, feeling a little surprised.

When ordinary people hear such news, even adults, they will inevitably ask the truth, but the child in front of him seems to have not heard the previous words, silent like a clay sculpture, actually unmoved.

Is it because you don't understand it at all?

But the girl's eyes were dark, and she didn't look innocent, but rather disturbing.

Azhi remembered her mission, so she had to bite the bullet and continue to talk: “Your Highness, do you have any questions to ask?”

Fu Ping’An didn't say anything.

Azhi didn't dare to speak, and remained silent.

But Fu Ping’An didn't do it on purpose; she just didn't notice that A Zhi was talking, because her attention at this time was completely attracted by the new huge amount of text.

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