If you come out from the Vermilion Bird Gate, you are considered to have left the palace.


Facing her was a wide avenue, at least 400 feet wide, enough to pass her chariot when she usually traveled with the emperor's ceremonial guard.
On the left and right were brick houses next to each other.
Most of the pagoda trees here are the mansions of officials, such as Tingwei Mansion, Zong Zheng yuan, Agricultural Secretary, and other office places, among these brick houses.

At this moment, not long after the morning court ended, there were still officials in twos and threes who were going back on the road.
Most of them were riding in horse-drawn carriages, and there were also a few in ox-drawn carts.
The drivers of the ox cart is also somewhat proud of their work.

Seeing that Fu Ping’An noticed this, Chen Yan whispered from the side: “Now if you have some spare money, you want an ox carriage.”

“But horse-drawn people are fast?” Fu Ping’An asked.

Chen Yan said, “It costs money to raise horses.”

Fu Ping’An nodded thoughtfully.

She looked at the bamboo slips in the past and mentioned that when the country was founded, because of the poor livelihood of the people, even the great ancestors sometimes used bullock carts to travel and it is obvious that everyone's life is much easier now.

She turned her head and asked Wang Ji behind her, “Do you use a carriage?”

Wang Ji's face was pale and her eyes were lifeless at this moment as if she was on the verge of collapse.

Although Her Majesty asked her about going out of the palace in micro clothes, she always thought that the next thing should have nothing to do with her.
She didn't expect that when changing clothes because Her Majesty's clothes are all royal specifications, it is too conspicuous to wear, so she asked her: “Do you have extra clothes, sir? I think your stature seems to be similar.”

The 13-year-old Her Majesty is naturally shorter than her, but compared to the other person present, she is indeed more suitable to provide clothes for Her Majesty.

Another person present, Chen Yan, showed a regretful expression.

Internal officials seldom go out of the palace, usually, only once a month to take a bath, so she also prepared a lot of clothes for the palace, after all, it was for Her Majesty, and the commoner clothes that were too rough were not suitable, so Wang Ji took out her usual clothes.
The most valuable clothes at the bottom of the box—a silk shirt and skirt, Fu Ping’An looked at them but said: “I want to go to three places this time, one is the place where the disaster victims work, the other is the place where the victims are resettled, and the third is the place where the people live.
This dress looks too gorgeous.”

Wang Ji was very surprised; she thought that Her Majesty would dislike her rough workmanship.

Her Majesty looked at her with a serious face: “I have also lived among the people, and I know what kind of clothes the people wear.
You can just bring a set of common clothes.”

Wang Ji then took a set of dark blue common clothes, with some auspicious flowers printed on them; Fu Ping’An put on slightly larger, dark clothing that was originally easy to move, and turned into a long skirt on her body, which looked pretty.

She was a little nervous, and asked: “How does it look?”

Chen Yan praised: “Even if you are dressed in ordinary clothes, Your Majesty is still radiant, and you forget the vulgarity.”

Fu Ping’An was not very happy, and she looked at Wang Ji again.
Wang Ji was honest and said: “Maybe your majesty can paint her face black, or wear a hood.
Although the clothes are plain like this, it's still quite eye-catching.”

Fu Ping’An looked at her, nodded for a while, and said: “You are very reliable, Very good.”

After this, she smudged her face with rouge.

If time could be turned back, Wang Ji would keep her mouth shut and not let herself appear so “reliable”.

Because Her Majesty probably thought that Chen Yan alone was not enough to accomplish anything, so she brought her along.

Wang Ji was devastated.
She could already imagine what kind of eyes she would receive if the court officials found out about this matter.
“There is no car at home, and we all walk.”

As soon as the words finished, Chen Yan said: “It's wrong, it's wrong, you can't call yourself Your Majesty, and you can't call yourself a minister, we have agreed, and we will be called sisters.”

With a cracked expression on Wang Ji's face, she said with difficulty: “Chen…
try my best.”

Then she saw that Chen Yan had put her arms around Her Majesty's shoulders, and said affectionately: “Little sister, sister will take you to eat delicious food.”

Wang Ji: “…”

God! Give me a pair of eyes that have never seen this picture!

Fu Ping’An didn't know what Wang Ji was thinking.
She had a very realistic reason for bringing Wang Ji along.

To spy on each other.

Wang Ji is very useful.

The other party has a cautious personality, and extensive knowledge, except for a little timidity, there are almost no shortcomings.

But although there was nothing wrong with the background check, the other party was the Wang family after all.
Now that the Wang family had a good relationship with the Prince Regent, Fu Ping’An was inevitably worried that the other party would join the enemy.

And if the opponent doesn't have a camp now, Fu Ping’An will naturally find a way to draw them to her side.

The barrage also has the same opinion on this –

 [Talking about Yizhichun: Since you have used this person, you should observe her.]

At present, it seems that the other party is indeed fine.

Fu Ping’An originally planned to go to the camp of the victims first, but Chen Yan gave another suggestion.
The victims and the formulas built by the victims are far away.
Rent a donkey cart in the city, so that it is neither overwhelming nor tiring.

Wang Ji also nodded in agreement, but at this moment Fu Ping’An remembered a memory that was almost forgotten by her.

On the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, when the lights are like stars, the somewhat cunning girl said that they had a secret base in West City.

Where did it come from, I just remember that it seemed to be a carpenter's shop.

Fortunately, someone remembered the barrage——

 [Guang Yu: Hey Maqiaotou Carpentry Shop in Xishi City, do you remember it?]

 [DA4 is on sale immediately: what is it?]

 [Yin Zhi: Oh oh oh, that girl was a month ago, right?]

There were too many things this month, Fu Ping’An thought about it carefully, and finally vaguely remembered the appearance of the other party.

She asked: “Do you know any ministers in the court who have Hu blood?”

Wang Ji thought for a moment, then     hesitated and said: “No.”

Fu Ping’An thought about it for a while, and didn't remember seeing someone who looked like a barbarian among the court officials.
After thinking about it, he asked again: “Is there a minister who will marry Hu Ji?”

It is clear matter but presumably there is no such thing, because this matter is too rare, if there is, it will be spread.

But beauties and concubines can be Hu people, so maybe there are still some.

Fu Ping’An stopped asking.

That girl can enter the palace; presumably, she is a direct descendant, not a concubine child.

Since she can't find out, it's fine, it's just a minister's daughter, unless she enters the court or becomes an official, there will be no interaction in the future, so Fu Ping’An put this matter aside and went to the West Market with Chen Yan.

A lot of people had gathered at the door, some were sitting lazily on the ground, and some had set up stalls to do business.
Fu Ping’An saw a lot of people gathered in one place, and she wanted to go over curiously.

 [Lu la la lu la la: what are you doing? Are you playing a monkey? ]

 [Ting Yunque: I want to see it; it was so lively in ancient times.]

Fu Ping’An wants to watch it even more, because she thinks that she needs to fulfill the expectations of the barrage, after all, those are the “gold masters” who gave her gifts.

She was standing outside the crowd, thinking hard.
At this time, hands passed through her armpit and supported her.
She quickly passed over the heads of the crowd and saw the situation inside.

But she couldn't care less about what was going on inside now; she blushed and looked down, and saw Chen Yan looking at her with a smile, and said, “Little sister, you can see it this way.”

Wang Ji on the side looked like a ghost.

Fu Ping’An was about to say “Don't do this”, but he saw a familiar face in the crowd, with two braids on her face.
Her face hadn't changed from more than a month ago, and she still had a pretty exotic appearance.
She was wearing a light jacket.
The blue blouse was looking at her in shock.

It's the kid named Ah Hua!

Fu Ping’An actually thought that “Ahua” was a pseudonym at the time because it was too casual, but she didn't really care about the other party's real identity, and she didn't care that much about whether the other party knew her real identity.
Well, anyway, after this night, the two of them will not meet again.

But now Fu Ping’An thought, the other party must not know her identity!

Seeing this kind of thing by her peers made her even more ashamed for no reason.
She was a little anxious, patted Chen Yan's arm, and said, “Put me down!”

Ping’An was stunned for a moment, and Chen Yan also put her down.

The other party muttered: “It's okay, no one will care.”

Fu Ping’An's cheeks were hot, but thinking about hitting Chen Yan's face in a hurry just now, he felt a little sorry, and raised her head and said: “Sorry, I…
I'm not…
It was intentional.”

Chen Yan was bewildered, Fu Ping’An raised her finger and pointed to her cheek, Chen Yan was taken aback, then smiled and said: “I don't feel it at all; it's like scratching an itch.”

At this moment, there was a voice asked in surprise: “Ping’An?”

Fu Ping’An turned her head: “…It's you, ah, ah Hua.”

Luo Qionghua looked at Fu Ping’An's face carefully, and soon saw that the other party's face was probably was painted yellow, and she couldn't help laughing and said, “It's so evenly painted.”

Chen Yan was puzzled: “Know you?”

She didn't expect that Her Majesty knew someone of the same age outside.

She looked at Luo Qionghua, and quickly raised her eyebrows.
Although she was wearing common clothes and had dust on her face and hands, her skin was delicate and fair, and her fingers were also white, tender, and slender.
It looked like she hadn't worked, so she was not a poor person.
The child of a family, but the young lady of which family?

She also saw the other party's round and big eyes, thick eyelashes, and straight nose, and remembered that Her Majesty asked the ministers if there was any blood of Hu people in front of the palace gate, and she immediately understood.

It turned out to be asking the child.

She smiled and said, “Your name is Ah Hua?”

Luo Qionghua nodded hastily: “That's right; these are my two good friends, Erya and Tie Zhu.”

She turned to greet the two skinny monkey-like children behind her, but the two children hid themselves, unwilling to come out.

Luo Qionghua turned her head and said embarrassedly: “They are a little afraid of strangers.”

Chen Yan pointedly said: “You are not afraid of strangers.”

The three children looked about the same age, but it was obvious that Ah Hua was the head.    

Luo Qionghua said: “We are not strangers.
I know Ping An.
Right, Ping An? Want to see what's going on inside, I'll take you in.”    

This scene was like a repeat of the fifteenth day of the first lunar month; Fu Ping’An didn't realize it again and was pulled into the crowd.    

Ah Hua in the front shuttled like a fish.
Relying on their small stature, they quickly got to the front from a certain corner, but there was no wonderful performance inside, but a scholar-like person and a salesman.
An old man with a beard.    

The old man pointed at the scholar and kept cursing because the speed of speaking was too fast, and Fu Ping’An didn't understand swear words well, and he couldn't even hear them clearly, but the barrage said—— [really dirty scolding.

Although she doesn't understand, seeing the red and white face of the scholar, you can tell that it is indeed dirty.
There are some copper coins and a bag of mustard pancakes scattered on the ground, and there is a scent of pancakes in the air.    

Fu Ping’An had never eaten Hu Bing before, so he couldn't help but glance at the Hu Bing on the ground, and at this moment, Ah Hua who was beside him said softly: “The scholar bought the cakes, and the money he used was degraded, which made shopkeeper very angry.”    

Fu Ping’An frowned, thinking that the scholar was studying for nothing when he heard the scholar raise his voice: “It's not fake; this is our Pingyan County money, not fake money!”

His accent was a little strange, like a southerner, Fu Ping’An has lived in the south, so he understands it.

Fu Ping’An remembered that when the regent reclaimed the right to mint coins, the counties could also make them, so it was possible to have money passed down from the counties.

She couldn't help but whispered: “The County can indeed make money.”

Luo Qionghua laughed and said: “We all know that, but the money made by the county cuts corners and materials, and no one likes to use it.
They are broken money.”


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