Fu Ping’An looked at a loss, she didn't have this concept.

[Talk about presenting a branch of spring: When the ancient copper coins were counterfeited, generally, the amount of copper was used less, and the money was made light and thin, and you can know it by weighing it.]

She stared at the copper plate on the ground but couldn't see anything, but Luo Qionghua walked over suddenly and picked up the copper plate, weighed it, and said, “It's really light, you scholar, can't you feel it?”

When a child pointed this out, the person was even more upset, blushed, and couldn't speak for a while, but Ah Hua didn't seem to notice it and smiled and said: “I don't think you look like you are short of money, why don't you give him a little more money? It's not easy for the old man.”

The people around immediately booed: “Yes, give him more.”

The scholar was taken aback for a moment as if she had just noticed that there were so many people around him.
Feeling even more ashamed, she took out a copper coin from her bosom, threw it at Luo Qionghua fiercely, and said angrily: “Don't catch it.”

The throw was aimed at Luo Qionghua's face, Luo Qionghua hurriedly raised her hand to cover her face, but when the copper coin was about to reach Luo Qionghua's face, they collided with a hard object in mid-air, and the copper coin fell to the ground with a sound, and a small stone also landed on the ground at the same time.

 [Mo Yuzi: Kung Fu! This is kung Fu!]

[Coke with ice: It's amazing, it's amazing, and who did this?]

At the same time, the scholar also covered her head and screamed; angrily saying: “Who dares to hurt me!”

But she put down her hand, and seeing blood on her palm, the anger turned into fear again, and she backed away again and again, and then drove into the crowd and run away.

Luo Qionghua stood where she was, thought for a while, and suddenly smiled.
She handed the copper money to the old man who sold the cakes, ran to Fu Ping’An, and said, “The excitement is over, let's go.”

Fu Ping’An just watched from the side, feeling scared, couldn't help asking: “Who is the person who threw the pebble?”

“Hee hee, it's my friend, do you want to know him?”

Chen Yan also came over at this time; her expression was quite excited, and asked: “Do you know the chivalrous man who helped you?”

Luo Qionghua pretended to be mysterious, and said with a smile: “When the market opens, you come with me.”

As soon as the declaration fell, the heavy drum sounded, and after twelve knocks, someone yelled loudly: “The market is open~”

The wooden fence door was slowly opened, and before it was fully opened, the crowd had already swarmed in.

Fu Ping’An was stopped by Chen Yan and Wang Ji for fear of being in danger, but she was shocked and proud to see this scene.
It turned out that the country she ruled was so prosperous.

Although, the living standards of the people do seem to be quite simple, they looked prosperous.

She took a cursory glance at the crowd and found that the clothes Wang Ji gave her, which seemed very simple to them, were pretty good because the clothes were very new and didn't even have a single patch on them, and the clothes worn by some common people are patched or the patches make up the clothes.

After people had almost entered, Fu Ping’An entered the market with Luo Qionghua.
The market was paved with a flat rammed earth road, which should be more than 300 feet long.
Two deep ditches were dug on both sides of the road.
There is a hollow stone slab, which seems to be covered with sand.

 [Bella Bella: What is it, a manhole cover?]

 [The queen dowager in the regent's stomach: No way, there were manhole covers in ancient times?]

 [Talking about giving a spring: In fact, it is almost the same.
It should be a seepage well, which was used to drain sewage in ancient times.]

 [Aw: The ID upstairs…]

Fu Ping’An couldn't help but pause because of the name and couldn't help but shiver.
Wang Ji followed behind.
It hit Fu Ping’An’s body.

She was startled and blurted out: “Your Majesty…”

Someone behind her covered her mouth and said frivolously, “You must speak well.”

Wang Ji looked back at Chen Yan, not understanding why the other party was so courageous, but she still smiled wryly: “Okay, okay, I'm sorry, I'm distracted.”

Fu Ping’An said: “its okay, I'm also distracted.”

Luo Qionghua walked in the front, turned her head when she heard the words, and said with a smile: “You sisters are very polite.”

Fu Ping’An: “…

She always felt that she had been exposed.

But even if she was exposed, she decided to continue to play dumb.
Fortunately, Chen Yan was eloquent and answered: “Us cousins, we just live close together.”

Luo Qionghua said: “So do we.”

She pointed at Erya and Tie Zhu.

Fu Ping’An looked at the three of them and began to wonder if she was so obvious to others because even though she was wearing common clothes, she could tell that Erya and Tie Zhu should be the children of Ah Hua's servants.

It's that obvious.

[Week: This market is really lively.
It turns out that there were such lively places in ancient times.]


There are various shops on both sides of the main road.
Most of the shops are wooden houses, and there are also a few brick houses.
The road between the two is naturally very narrow, pedestrians are walking shoulder to shoulder, and the air is filled with the smell of sawdust, sweat, and various foods.
Fu Ping’An couldn't help frowning, and looked up to see the girl named Ahua in front of him with a normal expression, feeling inexplicable; feeling a little ashamed.

Living in the court for a long time seems to have made her lose something.

Turning and turning, the smell of sawdust in the nostrils became more and more obvious.
The shops here are mostly carpentry shops.
There is a wooden board at the door, and the prices of some items are written.
The space inside is narrow and dark, so you can't see clearly.

On the way, Ah Hua said: “Recently, the Prince Regent held a deer banquet, and invited many Confucian scholars and everyone.
Many scholars rushed to Weijing to join in the fun, so there have been a lot of disputes over the county's money recently.”

It was the Regent again.

Fu Ping’An frowned slightly.

She didn't say much, and after passing through several such shops, they finally stopped.
An old man was sitting at the door, grinding a board.
Seeing them raise his eyelids, he lazily said, “Here we go again.”

Luo Qionghua nodded, and said to Fu Ping’An and the others: “This is an old horse.”

After saying this, she sneaked into Fu Ping’An’s ear and whispered: “You must not call him Grandpa Ma, he will be angry; he said he was only fewer than forty.”

Fu Ping’An was so shocked that he couldn't help but glance at the other party.
In her impression, the prime minister in his sixties, Fang Zicong, was so old.

Just as this thought passed through her mind, the surroundings suddenly became lively.

“Yo, Ahua, Tie Zhu, Erya, here you come.”

“Ahua, Ahua, I can write the words you taught me last time.”

“I heard you were beaten at the door, is it true or not?” “

“I saw it, but Brother Huo saved her.”

Fu Ping’An saw a bunch of children.

The younger one is only four or five years old, and the road is still difficult to walk.
The older one is about her age, wearing civilian clothes with arms exposed, most of them are dark-skinned and thin, and there is a girl who looks like a skeleton, but took the plank, which was bigger than her, and jumped from the roof.

Fu Ping’An felt that everything in front of her seemed strange and familiar.
She seemed to have returned to the time when she was still in Lingting four years ago, but at that time she lived in the village, the world was high and wide, and all she could smell was the fragrance of grass and trees.

The air in this place is somewhat dirty.

 [A certain salted fish classmate: Brother Huo? Is that Huo?]

 [Xianmiao: Could it be Huo Ping sheng?]

[Favorite Shen Mengyao: Wow, are you going to meet Huo Ping sheng?]

[Insomnia day by day: If I do meet him, I can tell you that Huo Ping sheng was on the regent's side in the original book, but he was very good at fighting.]

[Cat's Yuanfang: If he doesn't know the regent yet, we can win him over.]

Fu Ping’An heard it; the opponent is a good general!

It is naturally the emperor's dream to meet a good general.
Fu Ping’An couldn't help being excited, but there was no one around who looked like this “Brother Huo”.

Fu Ping’An immediately grabbed Ah Hua's arm: “I'll go too.”

Ahua tilted his head and looked at her, Fu Ping’An added weakly: “…is that okay?”

Ahua said: “Brother Huo does not like outsiders…”

Fu Ping’An said “Oh” in a low voice, but then she heard Ah Hua say: “But you are a child, its okay, it's just…”

She looked at Chen Yan and Wang Ji with some embarrassment.

Chen Yan frowned: “It's too dangerous to go alone.”

Wang Ji was also anxious: “You…you can't run far, little sister.”

Fu Ping’An was entangled in her heart, the possible danger and a strong general, if it was Gaozu, how would she choose? Woolen cloth?

[Free and knowledgeable, little enthusiasm: Come on, this place is so messy, there might be kidnappers.]

[Crane Bie Qingshan: But that's Huo Ping sheng, Huo Ping sheng who has never lost in his life.]

Perhaps the five words “no defeat in life” stimulated Fu Ping’An’s brain, she gritted her teeth and said, “…how far is this? Where is it?”

She was still a little timid.

Ah Hua smiled and said, “It's not far away.
It’s in the shop, if you have something to do, just raise your voice and say hello.”

Fu Ping’An breathed a sigh of relief, and said, “Then let's go in?”

She realized that she was still holding on to A'hua's wrist tightly, and her palms were sweating a little.
She let go of her hand quickly, but A'hua grabbed her arm and pulled her into the shop.

The shop was extremely narrow, and there were tools and wood on both sides, so there was only room for one person to walk.
She and A'hua walked in front of each other, and she followed and stopped within a few steps.

The back is a little more spacious, with a small stove and cooking utensils, covered with straw.
Fu Ping’An glanced over Luo Qionghua's shoulder and saw a man lying on the straw.

There was a long sword on his waist, which surprised her.
As far as she knew, a sword was very expensive and rare for non-nobles, let alone such a good-looking sword.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, the other party opened his eyes and sat up cross-legged.
His shoulders were broad and his eyes were like torches.
His eyes fell on Ahua first, and then on Fu Ping’An.
Then he asked, “Who is this little beauty?”

Fu Ping’An: “…”

Get angry, but be patient.

This is a famous player who has never lost in his life.

“Don't talk nonsense, this is a new member of our Emperor Tiandao, I will make her the guardian of the left.” Ah Hua said.

Fu Ping’An: “…”

What the hell?

[Xiaomiya Arisa's Caibu: Is this some kind of folk sect?]

Brother Huo laughed heartily and said: “You are still very serious.
People in Taiping Dao are so angry when they hear it, so, what's your name, little beauty?”

She thought it was a cold temper, but didn't expect it to be so rude, but the bullet screen kept reminding her and even pasted and copied the original sentence describing Huo Ping sheng’s achievements in the original book, saying that if the Regent did not have Huo Ping sheng, it would be considered missing one leg.

The temptation of the famous general made Fu Ping’An endure and said: “My name is Ping’An.”

But Ah Hua got angry instead.
She put her hips on her hips to block Brother Huo's sight, and said angrily, “If you say that again, I'll tell Ping sheng to see if she beats you!”

Fu Ping’An said, “Huh?”

The surprise made her forget her reserve, and she blurted out: “Aren't you called Huo Ping sheng?”


Suddenly a head poked out from the narrow window.
It was the skinny but powerful girl Fu Ping’An had seen before.
Came over and tried to hit Brother Huo on the head, and at the same time said: “Why, I am Huo Ping sheng.”


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