Chapter 19: If I hadn't stopped, you would have died


After spending a long time at the Magic Department Library, when I finally visited the training room, it was already dawn.


With this current body, I could only use beginner magic about ten times.


I could use intermediate magic about twice, but I couldn't even attempt advanced magic.


However, thinking about that made me smile.
I had a very good plan, so this problem would be resolved soon.


As I entered the training room, a clean and well-maintained space welcomed me.


This spacious and beautiful space was a state-of-the-art facility that the Merchen Academy took pride in.
If I trained here consistently, I would achieve significant results in terms of the flow and amount of mana.


…That was what had been written at the entrance, but I needed to confirm it for myself.


In my previous world, I trained by increasing the total amount of mana through meditation.
I only hoped that training in this space would be more efficient than meditation.


‘For now, Let’s do whatever I can do.’


I was the only student who visited the training room at dawn.
Thanks to this, I was able to make full use of this space.


The moment I put my hand on the pillar standing in the middle of the space, my mana resonated with it.


[Flan (1st Year) ]


[Please select a training subject.]


[Please select a difficulty level.]


Without any hesitation, I chose purification.


To increase the total amount and gather chaotic mana, it was essential to raise the concentration of purity first.


I had plenty of time now, so I could afford to be relaxed.
But I won't be negligent either.




The bright space turned pitch black, and the training began.


I could feel the surging currents like the wind.
Soon, they started to rush in like torrents, scattering my mana.


“…Is it like this?”


The method wasn't difficult to understand.
Every moment I overcame it, my mana would become purer.


I closed my eyes and made an effort to grasp my mana even amidst the surging currents.
I defended against the waves of the rushing currents and created my own flow to connect them.


I polished my mana against the currents, like sharpening a sword on a grindstone.


‘But I'm not entirely satisfied.’


I quite liked the training method in this space, but my own flow was still inadequate.


Every time my mana flickered due to the intense currents, my pride was scratched. 


'Just a mere piece of equipment…'


‘But still…
it's more efficient than meditation.’


Although it was incredibly subtle, I could sense the refinement of mana's purity.
In comparison to constantly meditating again and again, it was much faster.


‘Should I try to control the currents soon?’


Something unyielding was often evaluated as an advantage, but if the criterion was the purification of mana, it might not be the case.


My aim was to embody a purity of mana capable of encompassing any surrounding situation, a clarity that never wavers in its strength.
I aspired to reach the pinnacle of a mage.


I gradually infused my mana into the currents.
It gradually reversed the initial trend of the currents, inserting mana into the currents instead.


There was a slight pain that made me scrunch my brows, but I endured it.


It was a pain that I had experienced many times.
Furthermore, the pain was evidence that the training was progressing smoothly.


And when I was convinced that my mana had permeated enough…


‘Right here.’


I generated a flow and engulf the currents in one go.


The miraculous achievement of transforming everything in this space into my 'flow' and purifying it was now within reach.


From here on, it was purely a mental and physical battle.
I refined my breathing and squeezed my body.


I gritted my teeth and endured the pain.
The subsequent moments were filled with pain as well, but I couldn't grow accustomed to it.


My blood vessels felt like they were about to burst.
My body was overheating.
A faint scent began to be sensed at the tip of my nose.


Every part of my body was screaming for surrender, but my mind couldn't comprehend the word 'surrender.'


No, it didn't understand.


‘Just a little further.’


Every moment of pain was forging me stronger.
The energy of mana was becoming purer.


I may not enjoy this process, but I couldn't avoid it anyway.




Each moment of endurance served as proof.
Even in the present moment, mana continued to purify.


Finally, when that small proof was about to materialize before my eyes…




Unexpectedly, the equipment stopped.


The pain that was engulfing me disappeared.
However, the proof that had come close to me also vanished with it.


'Why the hell?' Anger welled up inside me. 


I wiped my face, which was now drenched in sweat, and searched for the cause.


And the cause was right in front of my eyes.


“…… “


Blue hair that seemed to be immersed in the sea, and golden eyes shining like the sun.
It was Trixie.
Our gaze met in midair.


I might have felt her graceful and enchanting appearance.
If only she hadn't disturbed my training.


“I didn't know you were here.”


That was all Trixie said.
She didn't even show a hint of apology, let alone saying sorry.


I briefly recalled how I would have reacted to such individuals in my previous life.
I wanted to annihilate her.


I wanted to hang her upside down in the air a thousand times, even if I had to face the consequences.


As I checked if there was enough mana left to do so, Trixie suddenly added a few more words.


“…I'm so tired.”


Only then did her condition catch my eye.
She looked exhausted.
The dark circles under her eyes had become even darker.


A crumpled ballet costume was sticking out from her shoulder bag, and papers were piled up and stuck inside.


One of them fluttered and fell to the ground.


Glancing at it, I saw that it was a note filled with writings to approach the problems on the Agora board.
The other papers were probably the same.


My anger subsided slightly.


It was somewhat commendable how she was struggling so hard to solve my problem.




I exhaled with a sigh as if it could release everything.
I was about to leave the training room as it was.




She called out to me.


I thought about ignoring her, but I stopped my steps, curious about what she would say after struggling with the problems I had assigned all day.


“You asked if I had been drinking.
What did you mean?”


“Did I say something like that?”


“We were talking about the scroll, you said it.
But well did you really use a  scroll.”


Her tone was cold, devoid of any inflection, even when she asked a question.


It wasn't like that when she was drunk.
It was difficult to adapt in various ways.


I shook my head and said.


“Of course not.”


“Well done.
You're useful.”


I tilted my head slightly.
It was such an unexpected compliment.
In fact, even as a compliment, there was some controversy.


Trixie continued speaking in her characteristic icy tone.


“Whatever the case, thanks to you, I got the chance to be exempted from the written test.
Don't try to do anything during the expedition.
I'll take care of everything.”


Only then did I understand Trixie’s thoughts.


It wasn't about agreeing with my thoughts or anything like that.
She was simply satisfied with the opportunity to be exempted from the written exam.


Following that was her self-confidence that she could achieve victory in the exploration task with her own abilities alone.


That arrogant attitude, for some reason, didn't make me hate her.
It reminded me of my past self, vaguely.


“I'll take care of it.”


With those words, I passed by her.




However, she grabbed me again.


“…… You were doing it on the advanced difficulty.”


With the tip of her index finger, she lightly tapped the pillar.
It seemed that my information was still on the pillar.


“If I hadn't stopped, you would have died.
The advanced level is not for students.”


I considered hanging her upside down in the air even now. 




Trixie’s questions continued.


“You entered as an F rank.
How did you achieve an A rank?”


“You have no business knowing.”


“Tell me.”


I tried to ignore her, but suddenly a thought came to my mind.
It was quite a plan.


I turned to Trixie, who was staring at me with a dry face, and took out a trivia with a shabby cover.


“There's a teaching auction on the auction board.
I'm a fan of it.”


“…… ?”


Trixie’s head tilted to one side.




She called me again, but I ignored her and left the place.
The remaining dawn was for meditation and training.




The next morning:


For the first time since I was active in this world, I was amazed.
It happened in the book section of the Magic Department Store.


“No way.”


『How did healing magic become the center of controversy?』


A single book captured my attention.


The book placed at the top with the most dazzling lighting was enough to captivate my interest.


Healing magic was the main subject that caused countless controversies and accidents, even in my previous world.


However, it successfully established itself after overcoming its transitional phase.


I wondered what kind of controversies and incidents were happening in this world, whether it had similarities to the previous world, and how far it had progressed…


Just imagining it made my heart beat faster.
Unconsciously, I reached out my hand toward the book.


“Are you interested in healing?”


Now, a familiar voice struck my ears.
A jade-colored fairy appeared and flew right in front of me.


“It seems to be a hot topic these days.
It's quite noisy.”


Only now, with her flying right in front of my face, did I notice the name tag attached to her small chest.
It read Sylph.
I parted my lips and asked.


“Why is it a hot topic?”


“Well, since nothing has been firmly established yet, it's not about abuse and chaos.
Our spirits are already in a sorry state, and forcing healing on them to make them work.”


The controversies in this world seemed to be similar in nature.


However, the fact that these things were only now becoming controversial meant that we hadn't reached a turning point after overcoming the transitional phase.


'In that case…'


If I rapidly researched the healing magic of this world based on my knowledge from my previous world, could I leave a significant mark by bringing about that turning point?


That would be quite good proof.
My desire to read the book grew even stronger.


“I want to read it right away.”


“No, and I told you not to talk rudely.
Why are you like this from now on? And F-rank students can’t get this.
It's very expensive.”


“I am currently A-rank.”


“Does that make sense~?”


I simply stared at Sylph.
She looked puzzled and rummaged through her Trivia, which was about the size of her body.


“Why would you do this~ Trivia of the store of the Department of Magic allows me to read student ranks~ If you lie, you will be caught right away….


Sylph looked quite startled as she alternated between glancing at me and the Trivia.
She cleared her throat and closed the Trivia.


“It's really amazing.
I've never seen a student who upgrades so quickly and significantly.
Anyway, that's fine.
If you are on A-rank, you fulfill the criteria…”


As Sylph was saying that, she suddenly seemed surprised.


“Oh, wait.
This book was reserved!”


Muttering to herself, she flew to another fairy, exchanged a few words, and returned.


“I’m sorry~ I only have one copy of this, but it’s already booked.
You know the Fritz family, right?”


After repeating those three letters a couple of times, the name of Trixie von Fritz naturally came to my mind.


Sylph tilted her head.


“Don’t you know the Fritz family? Sword Judith, magic is Fritz.
Haven’t you heard of that?”


“Anyway, you're saying that I can't read it right away.”


“That’s right~”


“I will visit you later.”


I nodded towards Sylph and turned my back.


“No, it's all good, but stop using informal language!”


Sylph shouted from behind.




After lunch, Violet's lecture time arrived.
There was a mock battle scheduled for today, which had been announced in advance.


Violet and Professor Leonard gathered the students in a training ground that looked different from usual.


In the center, there was a spacious circular battleground, surrounded by massive stands.
I sat in a corner seat, with Trivia placed next to me.
Since the stands were quite wide, it meant not sit next to someone.


“Hey, Flan!”


But someone neatly placed themselves on my Trivia and sat down.
A strong perfume scent penetrated my nose.
To my surprise, it was Becky.


I'm nervous about the mock battle today.
Aren't you?”


“Get up.”


“Huh? Oh.”


Realizing that something was on her buttocks, Becky quickly stood up from the seat.


“Ah, sorry.
I didn't know.
I really didn't see it.”


Thinking that I should buy a new one later, I accepted the Trivia she handed over.


But suddenly, Becky tilted her head.


Hey, Flan.
You seem to be writing on Trivia unexpectedly too?”


“What are you talking about?”


“Look at this.”


Becky pointed at the cover with her index finger.
The broomstick pattern had a blue light inside.


“When it shines like this, it means there's a message.
It's really unexpected.
I thought you weren't interested.”


I decided to modify it so that the light wouldn't come in when I returned to the dormitory.
I quickly skimmed through the content from her Trivia.


Indeed, my auction for teaching finally had a bid.


[ ▶ How far are you willing to teach? 8ㅅ8 ]


…accompanied by a somewhat peculiar tone.

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