Rebirth of a Killer

2019 september 15

84 years old. Its a normal age for a male to die in the 21st century maybe younger who knows and who cares. Smith bourfoisy was scimming over his memories as he felt that his last moments were just around the corner. He sighed. it was pretty fun getting chased by the elite forces all over the America . Smith was a killer.

Why did he kill, simple , it was fun to kill. Living his whole life being chased and almost dieing hundreds of times was fun to him and also because he found people disgusting and killing something thats disgusting is good.

Not one human thinks like Smith does because his brain was deformed from when he was a baby he thought differently he looked at things differently.

When Smith was 13 he killed for the first time. Who did he kill? his own mother, a meth addict. Smith didn look at his mother like a normal son would look at the one who birthed him.

He always felt a weird sensation when he looked at her, for some reason he felt disgusted. And he wanted to get rid of that feeling.

His mother sold her body for money to buy drugs. And Smith was an accident created by a client.

Because his mother took drugs when she was pregnant. Eventually he was born and was deformed not on a bodily level but on a mental and brain level. It was a miracle that he had survived his birth and his 84 years of living.

After he killed his mother he started to hate humans. Why? Because every human is disgusting, they all are disgusting creatures. How can a human keep on doing the same thing without realizing its wrong, he felt disgusted by addicts, by weak people just everyone in general he stared to hated them all.

So he started to kill them there is no point in living if you
e just a mindless disgusting sheep following the heard. And after killing 20 people in cold blood he became on of the most wanted people in the USA. But the problem was that no one knew his identity

The police tried to search for any references between the people who got killed. But they were too random at first they found the body of a rich business man in an alleyway, then a random hooker, a random dude, a random women and the list went on and on.

There was no connection between any of the 20 people that got killed. Obviously the killings didn stop. They only kept growing. The killer also left no evidence. It was like a ghost killed them.

Once Smith had turned 18 he had killed 150 people. He started to change, he tried to suppress the feeling of disgust and started to regain more and more mental control.

He still kept killing people until he turned 25 and 2 months.

He now could complete suppress his feelings of disgust or so he thought, he actually couldn . He could still hear that little voice in his head telling him to kill all those disgusting humans .

He than evantually started to build an relationship with someone who had a lot of knowledge about the world . Adam.

He still felt disgusted by him but Adam was just too smart, so he set his desire to kill aside and started to learn.

Why did Smith need this person you may ask? Because Smith didn know anything other than killing and running. He had almost no social connections he didn know basics like politics and all the other stuff normal people knew.

Adam learned him everything he needed to know about the world and politics, ect.. after learning everything Adam knew. Smith said that he would hold his end of the deal.

Setting his disgust aside that was something he couldn do, Adam had just found out that he was a mass killer and thats when they struck a deal.

Because Smith wasn registered in any database he wasn found out yet so he could easily kill people without the police knowing where he was. But Adam ruined his cover, well he actually didn because of the deal.

What did Smith have to do to hold up his end of the deal?. Kill the most famous human in all of America. John k. Kennady

So Smith killed the most famous person in America in 1963. This was also his 400th kill.

After he his 400th kill he felt that USA was to dangerous to continue killing in. So he moved to Mexico. Which was like a heaven to him all these drug dealers who were the lowest of the low lives. He started killing them. Obviously the police didn really care that the killings of drugdealers spiked. But they were concerned when they found dead kids and whole neighborhoods who were filled with dead people.

Smiths killing record was now 1205 people.

He had killed 805 people in 1 year. After the huge spike in killings the Mexican government started to send special troops to investigate.

And in a random village in Mexico they found there first evidence on the killer. A surveillance camera of a drug cartel had picked up a man killing 10 people in cold blood.

They couldn see his face because it was covered in blood. But this was there first piece of evidence. And they were really close to catching Smith.

But Smith then moved lower to Cuba. There he also killed a lot of people. And later on he moved to Brazil. Where he eventually killed his 5000st person. He was now 79 years old but he could still kill like he was a 25 year old male in his prime.

But while killing number 5000, someone had shot him it wasn fatal but he was still 79 years old so it was more lethal.

Smith quickly escaped and hid in the slums. He then took care of his wound which healed only after 2 years. But because he got shot his health declined at a fast rate. At the age of 81 Smith bought his first phone.

He filmed his first video. A 6 hour long video made in some sketchy slum house.

He then later on posted the video on YouTube. In 2019.

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