After he opened his eyes he saw people. A lot of people. what is this?

Smith started to look around him. He felt his disgust flair up for a second as soon as it appeared it dissappeard again. huh so this isn like a reunion with everyone Ive killed. Smith thought.

He then heard a voice. ”Welcome humans. ”

He looked at the person who was talking. And he felt it. Fear, he had never felt like this before. He almost couldn control his body, He started shaking. The man who stood there was dangerous, very very dangerous.

This was a being he could not touch. Even if he trained with every available resource on earth. He could not touch this man.

The man started speaking again. ”you
e probably all wondering if this is the afterlife or anything for that instance. ”

”it is not, this is the reincarnation cycle ”

”A place were gods reside and some live ”.

”here a God will offer you a contract to be one of there believers, and you will gain a trait that is special to said god, obviously you don have to choose a god, you can also reincarnate without any blessings. ” the man started to grin.

”but more explaining about contracts and so on, will be done by the other Gods themselves ”. As he said that a big golden gate opened up behind him.

Allmost everyone moved forward. Except for Smith. Some people started to run trough the gate, the first to arrive at the gate were mostly fat people . Smith couldn really understand how so many fat people could move so fast.

The man who was speaking just a few seconds ago spotted the only person who didn move.

He instantly stood infornt of Smith. He was shocked to his core . how can someone move so fast?

”what are you still doing here human, move trough the gate. ” Smith started to shake again. The one who stood before him had such a big bloodlust lingeraring around him that it was almost unbearable.

”HAHAHAHAHA ” a thunderous laugh came out of the man. ”so you can feel my bloodlust, even though I suppressed it as much as I could. ”

”your interesting human, so Ill tell you my name, its Kiburi ” he said. Smith looked at him and just nodded his head, as that was the only thing he could do.

Kiburi then spoke again. ”well it seems you can move, so here is something small. ”

A symbol appeard on smiths left hand.

After it appeared he couldn feel the bloodlust anymore so he quickly calmed down.

Smith than slowly spoke : ” what is this? . ”

”its a sense blocker, but don worry it will leave your body once you pass trough the reincarnation cycle. ” said Kibure

”thank you ” this was the first time in smiths life that he had ever said thank you to somebody.

”its nothing Smith, now move trough gate ”

how does he know my name?. Kibure then dissapeard from his sight. Smith then started to move towards the gate.

someone interesting has appeared. Kibure thought as he appeard back on his seat near some other gods.

Outside the gate gods couldn look at the past of a person, but when they were inside the reincarnation domain they could look at what they had done in there past life.

Some gods looked at the last person who entered trough the gates. Every god that humans would call righteous or one of the so called good ones immediately looked at the human called Smith in disgust.

Some gods even started to speak ”how can such a disgusting ant enter this place. Only those who have done nothing wrong can enter here ” . And what they mean by wrong was killing. None of the other humans who were with Smith at the start had killed.

How could someone enter this place when they have killed five thousand people, this was unheared of. Most of the other gods who were watching him immediately didn want to have anything to do with him.

Because if they chose him as one of there avatars they would probably lose relationships with other gods and a human wasn worth losing a good relationship over.

Only a few gods still looked at Smith, they were weighing the pros and cons of choosing someone like him.

Smith aslo looked around. He saw a lot of seats. It was like an auction but then with Gods. Almost all of them looked at him with disgust, anger and with a lot of other emotions.

Smith looked at all of them but he didn feel anything at all. He then eventually saw someone who wasn seated.

He hesitated for a moment but he saw that it came to him. ”hello Smith ” it said. ”hello…. . ”. ”you can call me Administrator. ”

”administrator?, aren there only gods here? ”. ”hm yes, normally, but there was an anomaly ” the administrator than pointed at Smith ”you. ”

Smith looked uncertain at the administrator. The sense blocker that he got from Kiburi also blocked a lot of other things, he also felt a lot calmer for some reason, like he wasn deformed anymore.

”could you explain more? ” Smith said

”yes, first of all, none of the gods want anything to do with you. Second thing its miracle that you got here because normally you would be send towards 4#5456#11. ”

”towards what? ” Smith couldn understand the last word the administrator said.

”hm doesn matter. ”

”what, then what the hell - ”

”stop talking please. ”

Smith wanted to talk again but he couldn , it was like his mouth was glued shut.

”hmm I don know what to do with you. ”

The administrator ponderd for a few seconds. He saw that Smith wanted to speak again. …

” you can speak again ”

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