blishment meant to supply the Americans with comfort women.

“Rei, you know something quite impressive.”

Lord Souju muttered in surprise.

Fuki was beautiful.
Even though her body was dirty with filth, only those who would notice had noticed.”

I had heard that Ms.
Fuki was assaulted by men many times.
Her friends saved her, but it was only a matter of time until her chastity was stolen.
In fact, there were also street urchins who assaulted her.
So, she decided that in that case, she might as well use her body to make money.

Fuki somehow managed to get her hands on soap and washed her face.
She stood on the street corner in her dirty, torn clothes and with her head held high with her minimum pride she had left.

“At that time, Lady Mary was riding in the car when she discovered Ms.

Lady Mary stopped the car and ordered her personal attendant to call over Ms.
Fuki was terrified.
She knew what was going to happen, but she was still scared.
Nevertheless, she resolved herself.

Fuki walked straight up to Lady Mary.
Lady Mary lowered the car window and looked over Ms.

“This girl is good.
She’s beautiful.
You, what’s your name?”

Sugiyama, the male personal attendant who seemed to work as a secretary, said in surprise to Lady Mary.

“Madam! She’s a street urchin?!”
“Be silent.
You, tell me your name.”

Fuki had repeatedly told me about the events that day.
She said that Lady Mary looked like a goddess, shining as she appeared when the car window was lowered.
Fuki often commented that such beautiful people didn’t exist, but I think that many do exist.
Whenever it concerned Lady Mary, Ms.
Fuki would become biased and unable to make normal judgments.

“I am Fuki Yamada.”
Fuki, you are to become my maid.”

Fuki was shocked by this unexpected development.

“Sugiyama, be sure to train Fuki to be a maid who wouldn’t bring shame to the Kujouin family.”

Lady Mary only said that, closed the window, and had the car leave.
Sugiyama and Ms.
Fuki headed for the Kujouin residence alone.

“This was the meeting between Ms.
Fuki and Lady Mary.”

I drank my soft drink.
It had been a while since I had a carbonated drink.
The bubbles were delicious.

“That’s kinda heavy.
You told it so indifferently, but I’m surprised.”
“It seemed to be an extremely difficult era for orphans who had no relatives.
And, there were still children, who even though were adopted by relatives, were treated horribly.
When I read Barefoot Gen which had a similar environment, courage and hope welled in me.
It tends to be seen as an anti-war manga, but at heart, it’s about how children who lost their parents and suffered from radiation from the atomic bomb proactively and encouragingly grew and lived! The brave Gen.
The angry Gen.
The positive Gen.
I absolutely recommend you to read it.”

I didn’t possess Gen’s strength nor his charisma, but I admired Gen.

I returned to Ms.
Fuki’s story.
Fuki was adopted as a Kujouin servant, but she received the necessary education to serve as Lady Mary’s personal maid in the future.
As such, it was arranged for her to do servant work while attending school.
The school she attended was a private all-girls school and emphasized English studies.

Fuki learned many things while wearing a beautiful, foreign-made uniform when Japan was extremely poor.
While she received strict teachings, it was nothing when compared to her time as a street urchin.
Three years after being adopted by the Kujouin family, Ms.
Fuki moved to America with Lady Mary where Lady Mary resumed to professionally perform her music.

“She performed her music in America, right?”
Since America was a prosperous nation.
Lady Mary returned home after the war broke out in Europe, but the air bombing in Tokyo became severe, so she stayed in Karuizawa.
That was where she gave birth to my father.
Naturally, the nanny was left in charge of caring for my father as Lady Mary could only play the piano.
Many residential foreigners and nobles stayed in Karuizawa, and I heard that even while the war intensified, they had occasionally held extravagant parties.
While many Japanese people were poor and starving, they had supplies.”

Lady Mary experienced the end of the war without ever seeing the war in front of her.
She looked back at that time as a sort of inconvenient period.
That was her only impression concerning the war.

Now then, Lady Mary brought Ms.
Fuki with her to America and enthusiastically performed her music.
Fuki recalled and spoke with an entranced look of Lady Mary’s elegant yet bold behavior, her divine performance, and her nobility that no one in the victorious America could hold a candle to, as well as the amazing standing ovation Lady Mary received in Carnegie Hall.

And, just as Lady Mary was at her zenith, she was caught in a traffic accident.
Fortunately, her life wasn’t in danger.
However, her left wrist was injured, and it was difficult for her to continue as a professional pianist.
She could still perform but not for too long.
Her fingers became numb and hard to move.

If Lady Mary couldn’t have a perfect performance, then she said she would never perform in front of others ever again and returned home.
…Because Lady Mary performed in front of me, it was possible that she didn’t see me as a person since she never showed another performance to Ms.

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