I concluded Ms.
Fuki’s story at the point when Lady Mary was no longer able to be a professional pianist since the clock said that it was already 23 o’clock.

Lady Sara, Lord Souju, and Lord Takaoka started to look docile.
This was supposed to be a fun pajama party…

The story was very familiar to me, but it might have been the first time the youth of the upper class heard it.
I should have sugarcoated the story a bit more, but I don’t there was any way to.

As I considered such, I used my smartphone for a bit.
I went to the site where web novels were updated and briefly read through a story about being reincarnated into an otome game.
It was interesting! So very interesting!

I see.
If it didn’t take place in another world, the development of events would be too inconvenient.
Ooh! The protagonist, reincarnated into an otome game as the villain, breaking the flags to avoid their downfall appeared to be popular.
I’m also not a villainess! I apologize.
I became too excited.
I am just penniless.
This one’s about entering the world of a game.
Oh… that’s terrible.
Unexpectedly entering the world of a game when you log in without any knowledge is terrifying.
Oh, the protagonist is described as an obsessive gamer.
Now, I understand.
They’re super strong.

While I wanted to read more, I would worry Lady Sara if I stayed up too late, so I decided to sleep.
This was my first time sleeping in a bed.
This suppleness and softness! Oh, it was the finest.
I fell asleep like that.

The next morning, I didn’t oversleep and woke up at 5 as usual.
As I didn’t have particularly anything to do, I grabbed my smartphone after dressing myself.
I was completely addicted to my phone.
And, I continued reading last night’s web novels about reincarnating into otome games and shoujo manga.
I caught sight of many where the pattern was that the reincarnated people weren’t the heroine but the villain or mob character.
Also, they were reincarnated into the world of a game.
Likewise, fantasy appeared to be quite popular.
However, these stories used many technical terms.
As fundamental knowledge was necessary to continue reading, I decided to browse through only the summaries today.

I felt the novels I had read so far were slightly on the darker side of things.
Love stories were interesting, but I wonder why I hadn’t ever read them before.
Stories like The Dancing Girl and A Portrait of Shunkin could be categorized as love stories, though.
What about Anna Karenina and Lady Chatterley’s Lover? A refreshing feeling was practically nonexistent in those.
If such enjoyable novels were flooding the public, they should have also been available in the Hanaoka public library.
Light novels were interesting.
Once I get money from my job, I’ll buy the book when it gets published.
Since I still don’t have a job, I probably shouldn’t count my chickens before they hatch.

As I was reading web novels, Lady Sara knocked on the door to my room.

“Let’s have breakfast together.
Father is also here today.”
“If Lady Sara’s and Lord Souju’s father is present, wouldn’t I be a bother? I don’t want to interrupt your family time.”
“No! Father also wants to meet you.
Hey, come on.
Let’s go together.”

Our destination was an elegant dining room with what appeared to be a Chippendale table and chairs.
Although a tablecloth was draped over it, I was nervous.
Right, I was nervous about the table.
Lord Takeru Hongou and Lady Youko were already seated.
Sitting across from them was a handsome, dandy middle-aged man.

“Hey, you’re Rei? I’m Sara’s and Souju’s father, Ushio.”

Even his voice was dandy.

“It’s an honor to meet you.
I’m Reiko Kujouin.
I’m close friends with Lady Sara and Lord Souju.”
“Harumph, call me just Sara like you always do.
You sound so distant now.”
“Sara, I believe it’s best to properly introduce myself first.”

Lord Ushio watched our exchang and gave a refreshed smile.
Coupled with the morning sun shining in, his freshness doubled.

Afterward, Lord Takaoka and Lord Souju arrived, and we all started to have breakfast.

“You didn’t stay up late last night, right, Rei?”
“Of course, Sara.
Though, I did lightly read some web novels.
As I had time this morning, I continued reading after waking up.”
“Hm? How was it, Rei? There’s a lot, right?”

Lord Souju asked, curious, so I briefly explained the works I read.

I’ve already read ones about VRMMO.
They were interesting.”
“I don’t know what VRMMO is, but I think it’s scary being thrown into a game world.
I mean, someone like me, who lacks knowledge on games, would only feel terror at being thrown into such a world.”
You don’t have to put yourself in their shoes.”
“If I had to protect the world through games in the real world like in Game Center Arashi, then a mob character like myself can watch peacefully from the sidelines.”
“What’s Game Center Arashi?”

It appeared that Lord Souju wasn’t aware of Game Center Arashi.
It was a manga I had read in the Hanaoka public library.
The series may be a little old.
Just as I was thinking about such, Lord Ushio burst out laughing.

“Rei is interesting! Game Center Arashi’s a manga that was popular when I was in elementary school.
There was also an anime.
How nostalgic.”

I haven’t said anything interesting.
If I had said and done the poses for “Blaze Top!” or “Moonsault!”, then it might have been a little interesting.
However, Lord Ushio and I were the only ones here who knew about Game Center Arashi.
There was no doubt that if I had done such poses, I would be seen as crazy.

“That reminds me.
Back when you were in elementary school, you were quite addicted to games and PCs.”

Lord Takeru Hongou told Lord Ushio.
I see.
Lord Souju’s super hacking abilities were inherited from his father.

“Rei, you just thought my abilities were inherited from my dad.”
“……! As expected of Sou.
You’re sharp.”

Lord Ushio watched our exchange and smiled.

“What’s with this? You’re also getting along with Souju.
Rei, thank you for being friends with my kids.
These two take after their parents too much.”
“That’s not true.
These two are very wonderful.
They are my precious friends.”

It was a little embarrassing, but I conveyed my honest feelings.
Calling them friends had a nice ring to it.

“At any rate, Rei’s conduct is very refined.
Among the young, I didn’t think that there was anyone with as much etiquette as Sara.
No, Rei might be more.
As expected of the Kujouin family.”

Lady Youko suddenly complimented me.
Refined conduct? It’s true that etiquette was drilled into me.

“But, Rei only has a tea table, right?”
“The table and chairs were placed in the veranda.
When Lady Mary used them, we moved them to the living room.
I also used them when I was taught table manners.”

Everyone ate with forks and knives even when we ate sardines cooked with Japanese plum.
I think mandarin oranges taste better when peeled by hand and sardines should be eaten with chopsticks.
Japanese-style meals were fundamentally eaten on the tea table, but at that time, Ms.
Fuki couldn’t prepare Western-style meals.
By the way, Lady Mary also smacked me with her bamboo ruler when she taught me the etiquette to eat Japanese-style meals.

One time, I was presented with a very hard persimmon.
I thought the whole thing couldn’t be eaten with a fork and knife, but that angered Lady Mary.
She said that I should have warned Ms.
Fuki who brought it out like that.
And, she scolded me for not even knowing that.”

After that, I was smacked with the bamboo ruler.
Why did Ms.
Fuki give me a whole persimmon at that time? Ms.
Fuki wasn’t scolded by Lady Mary, so I never questioned why she had done it.

“Oh, is that why your conduct was polished to such a refined level? Still, as expected of Lady Mary.
Understanding those who stand at the top while simultaneously teaching them.”

Eh, Lady Youko? Please do not embellish Lady Mary’s absurd behavior.
She did not have such noble intentions.

While the food itself was delicious, breakfast was so enjoyable because the presence of others had such a large impact.

Being by myself really was lonely.

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