”Underestimations and revolutions, reap what you sow ”

As I was dragged from the guest house it seemed as if everyone in high society was waiting outside. Many gasped when they saw me but as Snape walked forward people moved aside. He must of planned this… The crowded however didn sneer their nose at me. I witnessed concerned faces staring at me and glares thrown at Snape which seemed very odd.

If this was meant to embarrass me then it fail beyond belief. I couldn see behind me but I could hear a loud bang as Erron screamed, ”Let her go!!! You have no right to throw her into the dungeon! She hasn committed any crime to me or Caspian!!! ” He screamed out curses as Snape ignored him. I heard knights behind me yell out in shock but I couldn see what happened.

I pulled against the knights to see Erron throwing men out of the way. The crowed began to scream in shock as chaos began to follow as a few knights drew their swords. Somehow I managed to stop the knights completely as they tried to drag me. ”Erron stop!!! ” My voice rang through the chaos as silence followed. ”Fighting against them won change anything! Just let them take me and go find- ”

Something hard hit me in the temple causing my vision to fade instantly. I could hear Erron scream with the crowed as my body crumpled to the ground. ”SNAPE!!! YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS!!! ”, Erron roared in anger. I could feel the knights begin to drag me as a dark chuckle sounded above me.

”Only when hell freezes over… You aren worth all this trouble…however now that father knows you exist I have no choice but to get rid of you… If you had only stayed in your place none of this wouldve happened… Lets just hope your ”papa ” stops his search once I tell him that youve died. ” I tried to open my eyes but they felt stuck together like sap as Snape continued to talk. ”Then again I could tell him that father is having you executed! It might not be a complete lie if father finds you guilty of mingling with a noble. Then again you committed a worse crime than. You were with the Prince of Albertine!!! ” Snape sounded far to excited but it soon faded away along with his agitating voice as silence filled my head.

My body was completely numb as just like my senses of sound, sight, and touch. It was an odd feeling as if I was separated from the world around me. The silence felt light as a hand pressed slightly against my should from somewhere. A sudden pain flickered through my left arm causing me to clench my fist. Wait… I can feel pain now? Well that means Im not dead which is a miracle.

My body was being dragged mercilessly again as a pungent smell wafted around my nose. It was enough to make me snap my eyes open. The air felt damp as I was dragged down steps but the smell got worse. The dim light made it hard to see anything until I leaned my head back slightly to see a figure holding a torch. It was Snape, of course, as his blonde hair shined against the light.

My bottom and back screamed it pain from the uneven steps slamming against them. ”I… I can walk… ” My voice echoed weakly as we stopped moving. The knights holding my arms waited a moment before pulled me to my feet, almost causing me to fall towards Snape. Snape didn glance or say anything to me as I slowly walked down the steps.

”Be thankful that the doctor told me that you couldn take anymore pain or I couldve tortured you longer… ” Snape sounded sad and annoyed in the same moment as I slowly absorbed what he said.

”Why do you hate me so much…? ” Over the past few years Snape has been increasingly more aggressive towards me then ever but Ive never understood why. ”You act as if my existence threatens you. Why is that? ”

”You are a threat to me just by existing! I warned you countless times to stay in your place so it wouldn come to this and now I could lose everything because of you!!! ” His words didn make any sense to me but it was clear that my like posed a threat to him. I could feel his anger so I stopped asking questions just incase he decided to snap.

Silence stretched out as our footsteps echoed as we finally entered an area with iron bars lining the circular dome. The light made it seem a lot bigger since it didn show the whole place. ”Chain her in that one. ” He pointed to the farthest one where the light never reached. Liquid and bones laid scattered around as large rats scurried around.

As soon the door was opened hands shoved me inside as I fell into a disgusting puddle of grim. Something heavy pressed against my back as cuffs where placed on my wrist. As the pressure eased up on my back I managed to slowly pull myself out of the puddle. I heard the creaky door close heavily as the lock clicked behind me.

Turning slowly I saw Snapes shadow looming over me as a knight held the light behind him. ”Enjoy your new home. The guards will bring you ”food ” within the next few days. Unfortunately your cell mate seems to be dead so have fun talking to the rats! ” Cell mate? I looked at the dark corner of the cell to see bones laying on the ground. It appeared that the person died in that position a long time ago since the bones had nothing on them. Even the cuffs still resided on the wrist area and neck!

Ive only heard stories of this place but papa told me that once you
e here you won leave alive… ”What will happen to Erron? ” This might be my last sight but Id rather know that he is safe and now down here. No one deserves to be down here unless they commit an actual crime like murder or violating someone.

”He is with his ”owner ”, Caspian, who is meeting with the king. If you
e lucky King Quincy might spare them since they are royal guests. At least one of them is… ” Royal guests? Didn Snape mention something about a prince? I think it was about the Albertine Prince? My head throbbed as my brain worked to remember what was said.

”Who is the prince? The Albertine Prince? You said something about me being with him… ” Snape snorted as I slowly got onto my knees as my head throbbed painfully. ”Why do you snort like a pig? ” I leaned against the filthy stone wall as he glared at me.

”Why do you look like a filthy peasant? ” He mocked angrily.

”Because I am one. So that makes you a pig! ” Snape turned red as a knight snickered at him. He quickly turned around and backhanded the knight who fell to the ground. ”Didn your mother ever tell you that violence doesn solve anything? ” I chastised him as he snarled around at me.

”You don know anything about my mother! Keep her out of this you filthy swine! ” Snape grumbled grabbed the bars as he yelled at me. ”Youd better be thanking the gods that I can hurt you more than I have now but just you wait! I will make you suffer worse than you could ever imagine just for that remark alone!!! ” This threat left a sickening feeling in my stomach as he kicked the bars before marching out.

Clearly his mother was a very touchy subject since she was a commoner… Im not sure what happened to her once she disappeared from our village. Papa said it was a before I was born but that she was never seen again. I know the king was involved but Im unsure how. Most believed that she was executed for a crime of adultery which is sin against the church. She was always known as the village ”mistress ” for anyone who needed some help in the house.

It wouldn suprise me if she caught the attention of someone in the castle including the king. She was also know for her children disappearing after birth. Most believe that she abandoned her children to the church so God would forgive her sins. Though she commits more sins against young boys then anything from the rumors. Im honestly glad Ive never met her but it makes me wonder who Snapes father is…

Speaking of father he did say something about it being relieved soon. Probably at the spring festival which I most definitely won be attending… I hope Erron and Caspian are alright… The king is a known tyrant which means they might be in trouble… Looking at the cuffs I noticed how loose they were against my small wrists. I pulled my wrist out easily before putting it back on. ”Well then… Escaping this seems easy enough now the door might be another challenge… ”

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