Swords Of Resistance: Endless War

Chapter 1: \"The Failed Act of Terror\"

Saarbrucken, Prussian Federation

Three Paladin F-5 Freedom Fighter units belonging to Bavaria are flying into Prussian airspace from the east, in the Phalatine-Rhineland region to be exact. The three Paladin units were just provoking the Prussians.

[Paladin is a humanoid mecha approximately seventeen meters tall with a pair of jet engines behind it. The Mecha model in this story is taken from the Muv-Luv franchise series. The Paladin unit in this series is taken from TSF in the Visual Novel series from the Muv-Luv Franchise.]

The three pilots were happy to be able to carry out an insult to their mortal enemy. Prussia had poor relations with the German states, although Prussia and they had a common language, and after the end of the Great War, on the initiative of one of the Prussian officials, the German state was divided into several smaller states.

The Prussian government immediately responded to the provocation by Bavaria by sending a unit of MiG-23 Cheburashka Mecklenburg-Schwerin piloted by a woman from the Mecklenburg-Schewrin Clan named Maria Catherine Victoria von Mecklenburg-Schwerin.

The short-haired woman immediately contacted the three pilots from Bavaria in a video communication.

”You three go to avoid unwanted things and to maintain peace in the region, ” Maria ordered the three F-5 Freedom Fighter Pilots.

”Go, what are we going for? We just want to see the land that you guys have taken arbitrarily, ” he replied in a haughty tone. The man with long wavy blonde hair raised his middle finger. It was Hermann Heinrich, Captain of Team 19. ”Hey sweetie, how about we have sex. I really like Prussian girls who are pretty and sexy, ” he teased.

Maria was silent and ignored the insults from the three Bavarian pilots. For Maria, this insult is proof that they are immoral and have low morals.

”So the Bavarian people are immoral, ” said Maria. ”Im sure you must be the one who treated your mother so badly, considering you used to say obscene words to women, ” he continued. ”Especially when you say that to an eighteen-year-old woman. What immoral people, though not all Bavarians are. ”

The Paladin type MiG-23 Cheburashka Mecklenburg-Schwerin, stood on the riverbank, facing three F-5 Freedom Fighters that had descended from the air and stood across from him.

The three of them came out of their cockpits, three young men dressed as pilots, about twenty-four years old, tall and well built. The three of them then took off their helmets and held them beside their waists.

Maria came out of her cockpit. He wore a black military uniform with some gold ornaments and a sword on the left side of his body.

”You are beautiful, ” Hermann teased.

”So cosplayers like him are your taste, well, Herman, ” said one of his colleagues named Stephan Albert Wilhelm.

”Perhaps he really likes Altair, ” another of his colleagues, Hassan Mustafi, a Bavarian of Albanian descent, speculated.

”You two shut up! ” Hermann snapped at his two comrades.

”Can you guys leave our country, ” said Maria.

Hermann laughed heartily at Marias words. With all his arrogance, he said, ”Why did we leave our ancestral land. Whats wrong with us coming here, even though it is a violation of sovereignty. Don we also have the right to set our feet here. ”

”Do you have a passport to set your foot here? ” Maria asked, holding back her anger. ”Show me your passports, if you want to come here. ”

”Why show passports? Wouldn it be better to show our manhood in front of a sweet and sexy girl like yourself, ” teased Hermann.

Mustafi and Albert trembled slightly and were frightened as they watched Maria, who was silent while lowering her face slightly. The Albanian man felt that the atmosphere had suddenly turned cold, while Hermann was still teasing Maria with inappropriate words.

”Hey, Mustafi. Why is the atmosphere suddenly cold like this, ” whispered Albert.

”Don ask me, ” replied the man of Albanian descent.

Maria immediately pulled the Ruger-SR-1911-Pistol stored beside her right thigh. He drained ice elemental mana and said, ”Niffelheim. ” Maria shot Hermann, who was standing with all his arrogance.

The man with long blonde hair froze instantly, like an ice sculpture. Seeing their team leader freeze, made Mustafi and Albert fall down in fear.

They shouted in unison, ”Please. Don kill us! ”

The two men then froze like Hermann, with frightened expressions on their faces that looked beautiful enough to be made into memes on the internet.

Maria contacted the headquarters via telepathy, ”I have knocked out the three intruders and got the precious spoils of war. ”

”Alright, well be right there. ”



The Bavarian party sent a message to the Prussian government to immediately release its people who were detained by Prussia. The government of the Bavarian Republic claims that its people are being tortured by Prussia, even though all three of them are actually playing Xbox 360 in their respective cells, which are monitored for 24 hours non-stop.

But Prussia refused, and pressured Bavaria to help them free the Prussians and some of the public figures or politicians they had detained.

A man in his fifties pounded his desk. ”Bastards, Prussia. They always look down on us. ”

”We must not act rashly, we must agree to Prussias request, ” said Jean Wilhem Daendels, calming the Bavarian Chancellor, Wolfgang Albert, who was known to be a bit temperamental.

”Id prefer it if we had to fight against them. ”

”But our allies don necessarily help us, ” he replied quickly. ”We can suppress them with a win-win solution and use the Gray Wolves group to terrorize their people. ”

[Grey Wolves, the Turkish Fascist Group, which is the military wing of the MHP Party with the ideology of Turkish Nationalism aka Pan-Turkism.]

”Win-win solution. What do you mean? ”

”Freeing three people and saving three lives. ”

”Good idea, ” said the Chancellor. ”But before that, we will attack the church in Saarbrucken using the services of the Gray Wolves. ”

”We will attack them at the appointed time when Gaia rises from the east. ”

”Does it have time in such a tight time, Lord Chancellor? ”

”No, this is more than enough, consideri

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