Swords Of Resistance: Endless War

Chapter 11, Trapped In Another World


”Well, I used my familiar to wake up Searpent who was sleeping at the bottom of the lake. I said that your territory has been tainted by a bunch of drunks, ” Athena replied.

”Did you get any hints from him? ”

”He said if we want to return to the world, look for a large church located near the beach. Enter it and you will return to your world. ”

”I see, so everyone be patient. Soon we will return to our world. ” Beatrix immediately stepped on the gas, and the T-84 tank moved quickly through the vast expanse of grass.

The T-84 tank suddenly stopped and fired its cannon at Dunwich Horror, who was sucking the blood of several creatures that were shaped like cows with three pairs of horns and three pairs of legs, brown skin and bigger than a normal cow. The shot hit the ugly monsters right eye.

”Isn that the Dunwich Horror? ” Gustav said, pointing at a strangely shaped monster across from him.

The Dunwich Horror is a type of chimera with dozens of pairs of barrel-sized legs, each of which is filled with sharp-toothed mouths. It looks like a combination of a spider and an octopus, but the tentacles are filled with mouths with long tongues and teeth. These are sharp canines, ” explained Athena.

”Hasn Athena finished translating the Dunwich Horror into Polish? So she knows the ins and outs of the story? ” asked Anastasia.

e right, but this Dunwich Horror is different from any H. P. Lovecraft Ive read, ” Athena replied. ”It doesn matter what form it takes. All Dunwich Horrors are weak and we must defeat them as soon as possible ”

The Dunwich Horror immediately moved towards the T-84 tank that had shot it. The sound of his footsteps and his very scary growl scared the three twins and Charla.

Maximilian poured his magic energy into the tanks bullets, and fired his tank cannon at the humans head that was protruding between the two large eyeballs.

The tanks cannon fire, which was filled with magic, succeeded in overthrowing the Dunwich Horror. The eighteen meter tall monster immediately fell and its body melted.

”Dunwich Horror is one of the weakest Lovecraftian creatures, so its only natural that Maximilian could take him down with just one cannon shot with the bullets imbued with magic, ” Athena explained. ”Come on, lets follow the tank. ”

The BMW Jeep followed the T-84 tank in front of it. The grass in front looks withered due to the effects of the melted Dunwich Horror carcass, and the stench from the rest of the Dunwich Horror carcass is still very strong.

The T-84 tank and the black BMW Jeep pierced through the tall and thick weeds.

Maximilian and Beatrix wore the gas masks that were in their tanks, so they were safe, while those in the black BMW Jeeps just covered their noses, relying on the clothes they carried.

”It smells really bad, like Gustavs, ” complained Margaretha.

”Shut up, Margaretha! ” Gustav snapped.

”Can you two not fight! ” said Anastasya, who was annoyed with her twins.

Margaretha and Gustav fell silent for a moment when Athena grabbed their shoulders. ”If you can shut up, well throw you out here, ” Athena threatened her two cousins.

”Well, forgive us Princess Athena, who is kind and also beautiful, ” they pleaded to Athena.

The sound of the roar of the ocean waves sounded faintly in Athenas ears. Because the sound of the waves is still inferior to strange sounds, such as a monster growl, that sounds low but very disturbing. In addition, strange sounds like people asking for help from drowning were heard very clearly.

”Whatever happens, don mind the voice of the one asking for help. Is that the way the creatures in this world trap Humans? ”

”How do you know Athena? ” Charla asked.

”Ive read a note about something like this. The point is, focus on yourself, and don mind the strange noises if you want to survive in this world. Its the voices of the spirits who want you here trapped forever, ” Athena explained. ”Luckily we were in the vehicle, so the odds of survival were ninety-five percent. ”

”Is when we die, our spirits will be trapped here forever? ” asked Charlemagne after hearing Athenas explanation.

”No, this world is different. The spirits here only trap humans who are hypnotized by strange voices and also people who have sold themselves to devils, ” Athena replied.

”You seem to have quite an extensive knowledge of the supernatural world as well. Even though Maximilian says you
e not good at it, ” said Charlemagne jokingly.

”Don mention the mans name. I hate him so much! ” Athena snapped.

Charla immediately smacked her sisters head for five minutes and brought her lips to Charlemagnes ear.

”You really are insensitive. You know, Athena doesn like being compared to Maximilian. You still mention that annoying guys name, ” whispered Charla in an annoyed tone. Not only does Athena hate Maximilian, but Charla also hates him, considering Maximilian always insults him with the term plywood board because of his flat chest.

”Sorry, I missed it, ” Charlemagne replied in a low voice.

The three twins just glanced to the side and did not dare glance back because the atmosphere was not good at the moment. They prefer to remain silent and do not want to comment on the bad relationship between their brother Maximilian and Princess Athena.

”Athens, Im sorry, ” said Charlemagne.

”Forget it, Im very sleepy, and don make a noise! ” Athena snapped.

Charlemagne glanced through the nearby glass, where his half-sister fell asleep. In addition, the three twins, who are usually always noisy, prefer to be silent. For the three of them, if Athena had said don make a noise it meant that they had to be quiet, because the three of them had accidentally disturbed Athena, who was sleeping, and ended up being slapped hard in the face.

After penetrating the high and thick meadows, the T-84 tank and the black BMW Jeep finally arrived at a beach. On the seashore stood a Church of Byzantine architecture, but there were dozens of humanoid monsters that were a fusion of humans and Deep Sea Ads in front of the church.

Maximilian aimed his tank turret at them and shot the Deep Ones who were huddled together and chanted praise praising Dagon.

His shot kills and destroys the Deep Ones. The shocked Deep One immediately ran towards the T-84 Tank.

Maximilian stepped out of his tank and snapped his hands together. The black sparks immediately burned them all to bits of dust.

”The road is safe, now its time to go home, ” said Maximilian happily. ”Berlin, here we come. ”

Charla and Charlemagne clenched their fists, while the three twins hugged each other happily.

The two vehicles entered the gate of the church, and they passed through a place filled with various dark and dark colors, and at the end of it was a rainbow light. They penetrated the rainbow light until the T-84 tank ran over some plants. The two vehicles stopped at a park, and they all got out of their vehicles, except for Athena, who was still fast asleep.

Princess Juliana Victoria, who was teaching her students at the Schloss Bellevue park, was startled by the presence of her three twins running towards her. The students were whispering to each other about the sudden appearance of a T-84 tank and a black BMW Jeep from the flower garden.

The three twins immediately hugged their mother, who was teaching the students, while Maximilian and Beatrix walked behind the three twin sisters.

”Where did you guys come from? ” asked the tall woman (Princess Juliana Victoria) to her children.

”Thursday is after a short adventure in another world, ” said Maximilian.

”Another world, ” muttered the University of Berlin Physics Students.

”Probably like Urasekai Picnic, ” said one of the female students with short brown hair and glasses.

”That could be, ” replied the woman with long blonde hair and blue eyes.

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